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Monday, July 6, 2020
WND Columnists Serve Up Rioting Conspiracy Theories
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Lowell Ponte wrote in his June 4 WorldNetDaily column:

Co-mingled with law-abiding protesters in the wake of George Floyd's murder by one rogue Minneapolis policeman, instigators are causing massive violence.

Who are these mostly-white masked men dressed in black, and why are they attacking and killing police, looting and torching black-owned stores, and spreading terror?

This is Antifa, whose name ironically means "anti-fascist." This terrorist coalition arose in Europe to fight Adolf Hitler – not to save democracy or freedom, but because – then as today – these Marxists want Stalinist-style Communist totalitarianism to dominate the world.

Their aim, says their Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement, is to "destroy the state, police, military, corporations and all those who run the American plantation … by any means necessary."

"In a crowd you can pick [these professional instigators] out," says Lara Logan, veteran investigative reporter formerly with CBS.

But as we now know, there's virtually no evidence Antifa has been involved in the unrest -- in fact, there's more evidence that right-wing extremists are fomenting violence. And given that Logan has fallen for numerous Antifa-related hoaxes, she's hardly an authoritative source on the issue.

Ponte went on to accuse right-wing bogeyman George Soros of having ties to Antifa, citing the research of Matthew Vadum of the Capital Reserarch Center, a guy who onced accused up of inciting civil unrest for fact-checking him.

Barbara Simpson repeated the false Antifa claim in her column the next day in the midst of ranting about other conspiracy theories:

There has been a tsunami of hate directed at the police, the military, all white people and, of course, President Trump. Add to that the people who have established and grown successful businesses. The looting of businesses and destruction of their premises is a clear indication that there was intent to loot and destroy and it had nothing to do with George Floyd. His death was a good excuse to unleash the devastation. 

It was a directed and planned attack on all that makes this a free country. It is no accident that the attacks were coordinated across the country in so many states – and in Europe, of all places. Rioting in Europe over this death? That isn't an accident.

Many of the people involved in the rioting were not residents of the states where they did their damage. Who coordinated that, who were they, why were they there, and who paid for it all? They were equipped with clothing and radios and weapons. None of that is free. No matter how you look at it, it was a planned and coordinated attack on the United States. Any American who does not see that is a fool.


We have been attacked by anarchists – people who want to create disorder and revolt against the established laws. We have seen up close and personal, as they say, exactly what that means, and it isn't pretty. They have an intent to bring us down, and we must not allow that to happen.


The bottom line is that the movement behind all this is Antifa and the monied people funding them. Their goal is to destroy all things American, but it can only happen if we allow it. The Democrats' attacks on Donald Trump are part of the plan because they feel if they prevent Trump from being reelected, they will have control of the country – on their terms.

Think about it.

We did, Barbara, and we know you're just fearmongering.

W. Scott Magill -- who we caught advancing coronavirus conspiracy theories at WND -- tried to do the same for the unrest in his June 12 WND column, hitting the usual conspiratorial name-checks of the last decade or so:

What we have been watching the last few weeks is not merely protests or even riots. Rather, it is the continuing Revolution to utterly overthrow America and permanently suspend our Constitution by the Domestic Enemy. As explained by '60s domestic terrorist and Obama booster Bill Ayers, "Always remember the issue is never about the issue; the issue is always about the Revolution." Like Ayers, both Antifa and Black Lives Matter are firmly rooted in the Communist Party with reported ties to anti-American socialist billionaire George Soros.

Do not be hornswoggled into believing this is about George Floyd, or "words that work" such as "systemic racism," "police racism," or "police brutality." America is the least racist nation on earth. Those racist terms were first listed in Ayers' book, "Prairie Fire Manifesto," (dedicated to Sirhan Sirhan) and the "Black Panther 10 point plan," as "words that work" to be weaponized by the left. The wrongful and indefensible death of George Floyd has provided the operatives on the left, less interested in justice than revolution, the hoped-for trigger to fire off a well-engineered and organized domestic battle plan against America and its current top defender, President Trump. Only through such distractions can our domestic enemies finally achieve their Maoist-Marxist "Long march through the institution" – a 125-year march that, if successful, will kill the "last best hope for mankind on earth" and replace it with a new dark age for humanity of absolute tyranny under the rule of despots.


We are witnessing the coming to fruition of Bill Ayers' "Prairie Fire Manifesto" and the "Black Panther 10 point plan." Conjointly, they have converted "words that work" from weapons on the invisible battlefield of ideas into weapons used within the unconcealed Revolution against the American culture.

When in doubt, invoke Bill Ayers and George Soros. it's the WND way.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:08 AM EDT

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