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Thursday, August 9, 2018
WND Columnist Mansplains Why 'Bad Boys Love Pro-Choice Women'
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Carl Jackson's July 16 WorldNetDaily column starts off in a rather dumb, hateful fashion:

Radical feminists are sadly mistaken if they think pro-choice men have some deep philosophical understanding of their “reproductive rights,” otherwise known as abortion. They don’t. I contend that if the left would spend less time demonizing males and paid more attention to understanding them, they’d realize most men would say just about anything to “date a girl.” Yes, we’re that shallow.

Ironically, left-wing feminists are partially to blame for the shortage of real men we see in society today. They’ve helped turn men into boys and shamed little boys into rejecting their natural masculine attributes – consider their systematic deconstruction of the organization formerly known as Boy Scouts of America. As a result, many of our boys have grown up learning what to say to tickle a woman’s ear, rather than knowing what to do to become a lifelong partner who complements her differences. In effect, feminists have some blame in producing the very chauvinist pigs they claim to despise. Sadly, they’ve created a social environment in the U.S. where the Harvey Weinstein’s of the world can thrive, and the Billy Graham’s of the world are shunned.

How does demonizing women counter the alleged demonizing of men Jackson is decrying? He doesn't explain. Given that he apparently doesn't understand that "reproductive rights" extend far past abortion, that's not surprising.

Jackson then goes on to mansplain why "bad boys love pro-choice women," which basically boils down to pro-choice women being sluts:

The 3 reasons bad boys love pro-choice women are as follows:

  1. They don’t have to grow up. We’ve all seen the 45-year-old wannabe Drake and Justin Bieber bachelors driving their fancy cars with their “Save the Tatas” bumper stickers, dressing like they’re 20 years old, with their garages stuffed with toys and posters of rock bands from the ’80s. They date multiple women and talk about their body parts like teenagers because they’re too paranoid to grow up and commit to one woman. The average person can’t stand to be around them for more than five seconds because they’re too conceited and believe they have all the answers to the world’s problems. Why? Because this kind of “man” never been challenged by a mature woman that forces him to think through his positions and rip down the Tears for Fears posters.
  2. They don’t have to take responsibility for their actions. Be honest, guys. Pro-choice women give you an excuse to avoid responsibility. Even if you’re serious about a woman but not quite ready to have a kid with her, you can always play the pro-choice card. That way you can pretend like you’re supporting a “woman’s right to choose” when she kills your baby. You get the benefit of the doubt of being some feminist hero in tune with today’s modern woman – a cultural intellectual – when the truth is you’re a fraud that just dodged a bullet.
  3. They can use pro-choice women for guilt-free sex, and they’re glad feminists don’t get it. All things being equal, it’s important to remember that men and women are built differently. Feminists think they can use men, when in fact they’re being used. Any male at any given time is capable of having multiple sexual partners without ever feeling any connection whatsoever, and pro-choice women have greenlighted this behavior! Furthermore, both unborn babies and naive women are victimized by men who have been trained that women are only good for one thing. The men walk away relieved and happy they’ve gotten the sex they wanted with no strings attached, and ultimately with a deeper disrespect and disregard for women. The women walk away physically and emotionally scarred. Sometimes they’re unaware of these scars for years. Who’s getting the better deal?

Radical feminists who are pro-choice aren’t helping their sisterhood of peers; they’re ensuring they’ll be used and abused for years to come.

Yeah, no, that's not the way "guilt-free sex" works. One can have a committed relationship while keeping mindful of "reproductive rights." It's not the responsibility of women to make men mature -- the guys have to bring something to the table as well to make a relationship work.

Also: Today's men have "Tears for Fears posters" in their bedrooms? From what decade is Jackson writing us?

Posted by Terry K. at 12:19 AM EDT

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