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Wednesday, June 14, 2017
Obama Derangement Syndrome Victim Lectures on Trump Derangement Syndrome
Topic: WorldNetDaily

David Kupelian feels the need to devote an entire June 10 column to "understanding Trump Derangement Syndrome." First, he lectures:

Well, what’s “absolutely true” would be one of two opposing propositions: Either Donald Trump is a modern Hitler and his supporters the equivalent of Nazis, slave-owners and Klansmen as depicted in this colorful but basically accurate characterization of the left’s view of Trump’s presidency – or else the people claiming this are not just staggeringly delusional, but reckless as well.

First, let’s agree on what is indisputably true: The left frequently compares Trump to Hitler, and I’m not talking about just Facebook rants and anti-Trump protest signs. The Washington Post, as I documented last October in a pre-election article titled “5 Washington Post writers liken Trump to Hitler,” spent 2016 explicitly and continually comparing Donald J. Trump to one of history’s most evil and universally reviled genocidal monsters.

Specifically, five different Post writers, one after the other, cited Trump’s “Hitlerian thinking,” claimed his rise was “uncannily reminiscent” of Hitler’s, evoked “Nazi sympathizers,” called Trump a Hitler-like “megalomaniacal demagogue,” and, of course, pegged him as a dangerous “sociopathic liar” in the tradition of Hitler.

In reality – and I wish I didn’t have to keep pointing this out – Hitler murdered 11 million innocent people, while Trump, a billionaire New York real estate developer who wrote one of the best-selling business books of all time and got himself elected president, has never killed anyone.

Let's agree on another thing that is indisputably true: WND -- of which Kupelian is managing editor -- frequently compared President Obama to Hitler.

But Kupelian is not in a self-reflective mood, nor is he even remorely self-aware:

But why quibble over details? Those on the left – including the Democratic Party, its propaganda wing (the “mainstream media”) and many in the permanent federal bureaucracy (the “deep state”) – feel so threatened by Trump’s presidency they are engaged in an ongoing do-or-die campaign to destroy him in multiple ways, including by spending almost a year falsely accusing him of being a traitor who colluded with Russia to rig the election.

To accomplish all this, they must seriously demonize him.

But constantly likening Trump to Hitler (and his supporters, administration, policies and political party to Nazis, Klansmen and slave-holders) is not merely totally insane. It’s also extremely dangerous to American society. Not only does it further polarize and divide a once-unified nation, but worse, it gives implicit permission to members of “the resistance” to commit whatever lawless and/or violent acts might occur to their enraged minds in hopes of overturning, at all costs, what they see as America’s new Nazi regime.

And so on. Basically everything Kupelian accuses "the left" of doing to Trump, he and WND did to Obama.

Engaging in "ethnic cleansing"? Check.

Setting up "detention camps"? Check.

Trying to overturn the will of the electorate "in hopes of crippling, imeaching and prosecuting" him? Check.

Kupelian finally compains that the left's "unwilling to face the truth," and that "can easily generate seething hatred and violence." You mean like how mass murderer Anders Breivik's manifesto cited WND six times? And how massacre perpetrator Dylann Roof's white-nationalist rhetoric was reflected in WND columnists' love for apartheid South Africa?

It's also amusing how Kupelian is lecturing us on Trump derangment when he and his website was invected with a virulent case of Obama Derangement Syndrome. As we've documented, Kupelian thinks Obama is an actual Manchurian candidate, falsely accused him of suppressing military votes, seemingly blamed military suicides on Obama and lamented that his re-election meant that "Team Obama would have another four long years to transform and dismantle all that Americans loved, all that we fought for, all that we 'built.'"

We also remember that Kupelian wrote a 2010 column headlined "Obama and the date-rape of America."

So a guy who thinks Obama is date-raping an entire country is going to warn us about Trump derangement? Oh, please. He's just projecting -- and hoping that people don't remember what WND has been publishing the previous eight years.

Posted by Terry K. at 1:29 AM EDT

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