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Saturday, January 7, 2017
Obama Derangement Syndrome Watch, Supersize WorldNetDaily Edition
Topic: WorldNetDaily

I want Obama to linger around like the stain on American history he has been – so he can have his nose rubbed in the success of a true leader, the way some used to rub a dog’s nose in its feces to teach it the error of its ways when house-breaking it.


I want Obama to stay around so he can personally witness President Trump institute change Americans want, expect and deserve. Obama’s idea of change is cross-genderism on the battlefield and men in girls’ bathrooms. President-Elect Trump views change as better schools, cheaper more plentiful energy, health care we can afford and the right to make our own decisions on providers by increasing competition in the insurance marketplace.

I want Obama to stay around so he can see our military supporting and applauding a President Trump juxtaposed to disrespecting and attacking him as Obama encouraged them to do.

I want Obama to stick around and “speak out against [President] Trump” as he has boasted he would do if he thinks President Trump’s “policies breach certain values or ideals.”

American “values” and “ideals” are not stabbing Israel in the back by orchestrating betrayal vis-a-vis a United Nations resolution. And I want “Judas” Obama front and center in public view when President Trump works with Israel to overturn the resolution.

I want Obama to understand that when we elected Donald J. Trump, We the People of America rejected him and everything he stood for and represented.

-- Mychal Massie, Dec. 26 WorldNetDaily column

Remember when President Bill Clinton was called “America’s first black president”? Obviously, it wasn’t because he was black. But Clinton had an affinity for black people, and his actions were beneficial to blacks (or so they thought). Hence the branding as “America’s first black president.” The tag stuck.

Well don’t look now, but I believe Obama has earned the right to be called, “America’s first Muslim president.”


Obama was obsessed with disarming Americans, at the exact same time he armed Muslim terrorists. Remember he recently handed back to the terrorist state Iran $150 billion PLUS interest (they didn’t even ask for) to buy weapons that will be used to murder Americans, Israelis and other Westerners.

Obama actually claimed that terrorists have “legitimate grievances.”

Obama refused to use the word “Muslim” at a terrorism summit.

But remarkably Obama opened that same terrorism summit with a Muslim prayer.


You couldn’t make this stuff up in a fiction movie. You’d be laughed out of Hollywood.

Obama’s actions are revolting, embarrassing and insulting. But more importantly, they’ve been telling.

Obama’s actions qualify him to be called …

“America’s first Muslim president.”

-- Wayne Allyn Root, Dec. 28 WND column

Now, after 16 years of failed presidencies, under George W. Bush and later Barack Hussein Obama, we are about to embark into a new era. This new era was triggered by the prejudices and reverse racism of Obama himself. Pitting black against white, Muslim against Jew and Christian, illegal immigrant against legal immigrant, woman against man, and atheists against people of faith, with the aid of the likes of self-hating Jew and Nazi collaborator George Soros and his ilk at Media Matters and with allies in the leftist press, Obama sought to deconstruct the nation and build it back up in his ultra-leftist, socialist, “Black Muslim” image and vision. After Obama’s rule, one might have thought that George Washington, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were not just the Founding Fathers, but also the founders of the Nation of Islam and that he sought to follow in their wake.

-- Larry Kayman, Dec. 30 WND column

The reality is that the American people recognize how inept the Obama administration has become, and the outcome of the election reflects that.

We know Obama is a failure who has put this country in great jeopardy, and the election proves that. Americans want a change and voted for it. Regardless of the point of view of the media or of the politicians who are more concerned with protecting their turf, American citizens want to get their country back and want it to be a safe place to raise their children and live their lives.

Now, 2017 is the beginning of a move toward that, and they are putting their faith in Donald Trump to help us along that way. If Vladimir Putin is part of that, so be it. It can’t be any worse than what we’re facing now.

Obama continues acting like the president – commuting prison sentences, declaring new national monuments, ignoring the chaos his policies have caused in the Middle East and, of course, taking another of his extravagant family vacations charged to the American taxpayer. In fact, these latest presidential decrees and actions are made from Hawaii, while he is supposed to be vacationing and relaxing but really while he continues his steamrolling through our country and our future.

It’s clear he doesn’t care. He has his own agenda and plans to carry it out regardless of the effect it will have on Americans now and in the future.

-- Barbara Simspon, Jan. 1 WND column

With less than three weeks from the inauguration of the new president, God only knows what further destruction Obama will wreak. We need to stay in prayer, be vigilant and give our full support to President-elect Trump as he dismantles Obama’s mess. Thank God for His mercy upon America.

-- Jesse Lee Peterson, Jan. 1 WND column

It’s not just a new year, it’s a new era in the United States. The Trump era is beginning, and it is fun to think about how history will record the end of Obama and the beginning of Trump.

If you ask a leftist academic or a Hollywood liberal, they will tell you the greatest president in history is Barack Obama.

Ask any American who has (or formerly held) a real job, and they will tell you that after eight years of Obama, Jimmy Carter is now only the second worst president in American history.


It’s going to be a great year as we watch President-elect Trump dismantle the Obama legacy. The only thing history will record of Obama’s presidency will be the persistently poor Obama economy and that Obama helped usher in the era of Trump.

As we look back on this year and the end of his presidency, President Obama deserves congratulations for knocking President Carter off the bottom of the list. That is an accomplishment that will be remembered throughout history.

-- Gina Loudon, Jan. 1 WND column

In the speech announcing the sanctions, deportations, etc., Obama claimed that Russia had been hacking for 10 years. A logical question then would be: Did Russia help get Obama elected? I remind you of Obama being caught on an open microphone telling Russian President Medvedev that he would have more flexibility after he was re-elected. What was he promising Medvedev? Was it a quid pro quo for Russia’s help to get him re-elected? Why would we believe one thing today and not the same thing from that incident?

-- Mychal Massie, Jan. 2 WND column

After jetting off to Hawaii for another luxury vacation, costing taxpayer millions of dollars, it became obvious that Obama left land mines for his successor, hoping they will blow up during some portion of Trump’s initial stay in the White House. Between rounds of golf, he gave orders to throw Israel under the bus at the United Nations. He expelled 35 Russian diplomats. He used an arcane statute to block oil drilling in much of the Arctic and portions of the Atlantic Ocean in an obvious attempt to keep Trump from making good on his promise to use all available fuel reserves and allow more off-shore drilling. He used another arcane statute to grab 1.6 million acres of valuable land in Utah and Nevada, two states that helped put Trump over the top.

Obama is going to extreme lengths to make it difficult for Trump to roll back job-killing federal regulations that have been crippling economic growth by releasing hundreds more in the waning days of his administration. Word is that this administration is eyeing $44.1 billion in midnight regulations, in addition to the $150 billion in regulatory costs already published, as he goes out the door.

-- Jane Chastain, Jan. 4 WND column

I understand there are people reading this who will be put off by that headline.

I get it.

You don’t really think people who are not serial killers or genocidal maniacs are evil.

You would rather just attribute actions to differences of opinion.

So let’s start with why Barack Obama and John Kerry took one big parting shot against Israel at the United Nations by not only refusing to veto the resolution labeling the Jewish state an occupying power but for orchestrating the introduction of this assault on a peace-loving, liberty-loving, self-governing nation – the only one, by the way, in the Middle East.


That’s why Obama and Kerry and wrong. Now let’s look at why I say they are evil.

-- Joseph Farah, Jan. 4 WND column

Most prominent among Obama’s actions has been his harrying of Russia vis-à-vis accusations that her government somehow influenced the November election in Donald Trump’s favor through digital means despite any evidence whatsoever of this having taken place. Relying as always upon the complicit establishment press to back him up, Obama took punitive steps against Russia in the form of sanctions and the expulsion of some of its diplomats from the U.S., a futile but insulting move calculated to antagonize rather than penalize.

Would Obama be perfectly happy to catalyze World War III through these antics? Probably – but if there’s anything the left’s radical icon Saul Alinsky stressed, it was patience. Chances are that Obama is looking forward to his days as a celebrated elder statesman and the opportunities this will present for furthering his destructive mission.


The widespread baseless accusations, fearmongering and despotism in which Obama has engaged since the election underscore who he is at his core: An ill-bred, horribly maladjusted and arguably psychopathic low-level street organizer and catty, vindictive bath-houser who has been allowed to believe his own publicity for far too long.

-- Erik Rush, Jan. 4 WND column

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been hearing much of Barack Obama and his legacy. In other words, we have been hearing about what state he has left America in.

I can sum up his legacy for you in short order here:

  • He is a narcissist, usurper-in-chief, (Isaiah 14) dictator wannabe;
  • He is a liar-deceiver-fraud-impostor (2 Corinthians 11:14);
  • He is a thief (John 12:6);
  • He is a racist;
  • He is a sodomite (Romans 1:24);
  • He is a communist-Muslim sympathizer, a Marxist and a devil worshiper (See “Rules for Radicals”).
  • He is a terrorist.
  • He is, literally in every way, America’s enemy!

But American already knew this (Leviticus 26:17).

-- Bradlee Dean, Jan. 5 WND column

Posted by Terry K. at 10:40 AM EST

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