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Wednesday, November 30, 2016
WND Columnist Buys Into 'Pizzagate' Hoax, Libels Podesta As Pedophile
Topic: WorldNetDaily

The headline of Jesse Lee Peterson's Nov. 27 WorldNetDaily column reads, "Dear America, stop putting up with evil." We've been putting up with Peterson's evil for some time now, and he takes it to a new level in this column.

His particular brand of evil this time around is promoting the "Pizzagate" hoax and, then, libeling former Clinton campaign manager John Podesta by suggesting he's a pedophile:

The media and social media establishments are attempting to suppress investigation into “PizzaGate” – alleged pedophilia and Satanism practiced by political insiders and elites. These suspicions were bolstered by WikiLeaks’ “Podesta” emails.

Investigative journalist David Seaman says WikiLeaks has not released a fraudulent email in its 10 years of whistleblowing.

Seaman is leaving Twitter over apparent censorship and bias by CEO Jack Dorsey. Prominent conservative actor James Woods also famously quit Twitter over its attempts to suppress Trump supporters, prominent “alt-right” personalities, conservative opinions and anti-Hillary hashtags.

Seaman urges people to search terms like “Podesta pizza” on WikiLeaks (“cheese pizza” is apparently a commonly known code word for “child pornography”) – sick stuff that makes Anthony Weiner’s disgraceful issues seem almost innocent in comparison.

Remember when everyone was shocked by the cover-up of homosexual Catholic priests having sex with little boys? Early on, many of us did not know what to believe.

Now we have a liberal media quick to cover up for powerful people we all know are corrupt, and who may be affiliated with the sickest cruelties against the most innocent human beings.

We'll say it slowly so Mr. Peterson can understand. There is no "cover up" because there is no story. It was based on a fictional post on Reddit that snowballed into making false claims not only about Podesta but the completely innocent owner of a Washington, D.C., pizza restaurant.

It is irresponsible for Peterson to spread such false and malicious rumors. Peterson ranted that "If our country is to survive, if we want to restore freedom, We the People must return to eternal vigilance within," but it's obvious he exercised no vigilance, let alone due diligence, in choosing to publish claims he should know to be false. He urged his readers to "fight for good in your own lives" while his hate and lies are apparently exempt.

We're guessing he (and WND) may be hearing from Podesta's lawyer in the near future. Podesta shouldn't have to put up with Peterson's evil, after all, and he has an actionable claim to pursue.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:07 AM EST

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