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Saturday, November 5, 2016
WND Won't Tell Its Readers About Actual Conservative Candidate Evan McMullin
Topic: WorldNetDaily

There's a conservative presidential candidate out there who wants to rebuild the military, supports homeschooling and the Second Amendment, wants to repeal Obamacare, and opposes abortion: Evan McMullin.

But WorldNetDaily doesn't want you to know about him.

A search of WND's archive reveals that it has never done an original news article on McMullin's independent campaign. It has run just four articles purloined from other news operations that reference him.

The only WND-original articles that mention McMullin are an Oct. 6 column by Bradlee Dean that includes him in a laundry list of candidates and two columns by Burt Prelutsky.

On Aug. 22, Prelutsky huffed that McMullin "some dodo" who is "pretending to run as an independent," adding that "anyone entering the race because he hates or fears Donald Trump, knowing he himself has no chance of being elected, is clearly out to help Hillary Clinton get across the finish line." He went on to rant: "Mr. McMullin claims he’s an independent at this point, but in his opening statement declared that Trump is 'inhuman and doesn’t care about anyone but himself.' One is left to conclude that McMullin believes, against all existing evidence, that Mrs. Clinton is in fact human and does care about someone other than herself."

In an Oct. 24 column, Prelutsky mocked McMullin's Mormon faith:

I understand that Mormons would have a soft spot in their hearts for a fellow Mormon, but someone should remind them that they’re not electing a church elder. No matter how regularly Mr. McMullin tithes, he is not going to be the person deciding what America does about ISIS, open borders, sanctuary cities, EPA regulations and whether we continue to allow Mexico and Vladimir Putin to push us around.

A Republican vote for Mr. McMullin, no matter how nice a guy he may be, is a vote for Hillary Clinton.

That's it. That's the complete extent of original WND coverage of McMullin.

Why? It's not as if WND is opposed to third-party or independent presidential campaigns. For instance, WND thought enough of far-right candidate Howard Phillips, who ran in 1992, 1996 and 2000, to promote him through its now-defunct speakers bureau, it published a fawning profile of Phillips for his 2000 bid, and WND editor Joseph Farah put Phillips on a list of the candidates whose support of "the U.S. Constitution, the principles of self-government, freedom,
truth, justice and the American way" he likes.

It appears the reason is that WND made its deal with the devil to back Donald Trump -- managing editor David Kupelian embarrassingly sold his soul to back Trump, even though McMullin is a much closer fit in terms of personal morality to Kupelian's self-proclaimed far-right-Christian views -- and will not let a less immoral candidate get in the way of that.

Further, backing third-party candidates doesn't bring in the money it might have in the past. And with WND circling the financial drain, Farah and Co. may be strategically clinging to Trump as a lifeline to a hopefully better monetary fortune.

WND's financial near-bankruptcy is a reflection of its moral bankruptcy. It put crass monetary and political calculations ahead of the principles it claimed to hold -- and that may ultimately accelerate the speed of WND's drain-circling. Readers can spot a craven phony, after all, and WND has unambiguously demonstrated it is one with its near-total blackout on McMullin.

Posted by Terry K. at 1:25 AM EDT

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