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Saturday, May 21, 2016
Transgender Derangement Syndrome, Supersize WND Edition
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Instances of cross-dressing men invading women’s privacy illustrates how such obscene conduct threatens the survival instincts of girls and women – normal, real men know this and will protect women and girls at all cost. At this time, the rates of rape of college girls and women in “higher” education is shocking! It is just such mean-spirited men who eventually run major businesses, sports groups, banks, become entertainers and politicians, and demand that females receive all male sociopaths who “feel” they are women. Really?!

Ivy League professorial elites charged that their reputations are damaged by wrongheaded claims of a campus “rape culture.” This resulted in a Title IX federal discrimination complaint. Title IX was designed to protect women and girls from discrimination due to their sex. Now, however, Title IX is used as a sledgehammer by government bullies to enforce aggression against girls and women, forcing females to abandon safety for the benefit of aberrant transgender guys.

-- Judith Reisman, April 26 WorldNetDaily column

At issue seems to be the idea that there is a biological basis for transgender identity. Thus, the refrain becomes, “It’s normal, because of SCIENCE!”

The problem here is that there is a biological basis for a great many things. If science identifies a specific gene, or a specific neurological basis, for being homosexual, for being a child molester, for being left-handed, for being Republican, for whatever, this doesn’t mean all behaviors we can thus identify are equally worthy of social sanction. There are two genders. These are male and female, XY and XX. Being able to identify, biologically, why some people feel the urge to be what they are not does not make this less a mental or psychological disorder. Yet in our reluctance to call these things what they are – deviant, weird, or simply mistakes of biology – we now seek to normalize and mainstream anything, real or imagined, that might make a single person feel better about him-, her-, or itself.

In the process, we’ve relegated to the status of ignorant bigots all those who grew up believing that there was such a thing as “normal.” Regardless of what your social media contacts say, it’s the burden of the weirdos to conduct themselves with a little consideration when traveling among the squares. Believing that isn’t hate. It’s just common sense.

-- Phil Elmore, April 27 WND column

Lately, the news has been replete with how the civil rights of transgendered people are being trod upon by narrow-minded state governments and the bigoted straight majority. In a truly perverse turn of events, even the term “transgendered” has become nebulous; it is no longer employed to reference pre-operative transsexuals, but people who have chosen to represent as the opposite of their biological gender. The term “transvestite” doesn’t fit the bill, either; these are people who claim to literally identify as the opposite gender – at least at present.

While this liberally lubricated political football (again, no pun intended) defies logical interpretation and has given rise to truly bizarre and inane grandstanding on the part of everyone from chain stores to rock stars, it is nothing compared to what is next coming down the pike: legitimizing and then ultimately decriminalizing pedophilia, or child molestation.

-- Erik Rush, April 27 WND column

Just think: Target has declared war on gender.

Last year, Target announced that it was doing away with boys’ toys and girls’ toys.


Now Target has gone even further, imposing the struggles of less than 1 percent of the population on the rights of the other 99 percent.

To add insult to injury, a Target rep on Facebook suggested that those who had a problem with this could use the handicapped bathroom!

So, rather than telling the less than 1 percent who struggle with their gender identity to use the handicapped bathroom, Target is telling them to use the larger, mens’ and ladies’ bathrooms, while telling the 99 percent to use the single handicapped facility.

This is just plain insanity.

-- Michael Brown, April 27 WND column

President Obama’s done lost his mind. He’s just flushed the civil rights of men and women, boys and girls, to pee in peace and shower without having naked, sexually confused or sexually predatory members of the opposite sex ogling them, or intentionally exposing their genitalia for a cheap thrill.

-- Matt Barber, May 13 WND column

You might expect me to be very upset about Barack Obama’s mandate on public schools across the country to accommodate sexually confused students and, presumably, non-students alike, from using the restroom of their choice, regardless of their biologically defined sex.

After all, I opposed such ideas when they were first proposed in California and some Maryland school districts years ago.

But I actually want to thank Obama for doing a service to the nation – perhaps his first since entering White House.

I’m thankful because I believe this action will awaken millions of American parents to rethink their decision to place their children in public schools.

-- Joseph Farah, May 13 WND column

What we’re witnessing is total lawlessness and a meltdown of civil society. The safety and protection provided by our laws are unraveling right before our eyes. So it’s important to know why, and it’s vital we see hope in the midst of it all.

First, we have to realize the issue has nothing to do with transgender people. These are folks for whom Christ died and loves dearly. They are humans, precious in God’s site and created for His purposes. They need the truth spoken in love so they can find hope and healing in the arms of Jesus.

Rather, this has everything to do with the revolution – the radical sexual revolution bent on removing God’s moral boundaries, redefining God’s moral values and reshaping a new godless America. The transgender community just happens to be the easiest group to exploit for the political ground needed to make the revolution happen.

-- Jason and David Benham, May 15 WND column

The so-called “rights” of transgendered people – of which statistics show represent barely 0.3 percent of the total population – are now deemed to be more important than the rights of the majority.

There’s a whole variety of problems with this latest so-called equality that’s being foisted on us – “us” meaning mainstream – read that normal – people, who through centuries have recognized there are two sexes, male and female, and that there is a difference between little boys and girls and adult men and women.

-- Barbara Simpson, May 15 WND column

America must say NO to the gender manipulation of minors. Both physicians and parents need to be held civilly and possibly criminally liable for taking vulnerable children down these roads.

Gender-troubled youth themselves are victims, yet not of conventional male/female sex distinctions, but of adults who enable them to embrace the demonic delusion of being the opposite sex.

It’s mental illness, and some of the top experts in the field are not afraid to say so. It’s also deep spiritual oppression.

But if we let Obama and Loretta Lynch get away with this abuse of power – which is worthy of impeachment – it will enshrine deviance as a new civil right and subject those who disagree to an unprecedented wave of judicial and legal persecution.

-- Linda Harvey, May 17 WND column

In the meantime, the press and other media dutifully advance the idea that a boy who thinks he’s a girl represents normalcy. News pieces celebrate this aspect of societal malaise, showcasing “proud trans teens” and the deluded adults who feed their neurosis. These reports seldom draw any causality whatsoever, stemming from such things as having been raised in notoriously liberal enclaves, highly dysfunctional families of origin, or having one parent (usually the father) who is conspicuously absent. Lighthearted television dramas and comedies about everything from doctors to private detectives invariably find ways to gratuitously interject the importance of gay and transgender rights and “global gender parity” into nearly every episode.

It’s brainwashing, plain and simple – and it is manifestly evil.

-- Erik Rush, May 18 WND column

It’s good that dozens of members of Congress have penned and signed a letter to the Department of Justice and the Department of Education, pressing for explanation about President Obama’s carrot-stick demand for schools to open all bathrooms to both sexes, else face loss of federal funding.

Among their requests for clarity: Address what happens to teachers, administrators and others who don’t comply and explain whether feds will also “accommodate rights of conscience and privacy in an individual’s or institution’s non-compliance,” the letter states.

But their letter doesn’t cut to the chase of all that’s wrong with the transgender madness sweeping America right now – and that’s the subtle drive to destroy the traditional family.

-- Cheryl Chumley, May 20 WND column

Posted by Terry K. at 10:06 AM EDT

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