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Saturday, April 2, 2016
Obama Derangement Syndrome Watch, Supersize WorldNetDaily Edition
Topic: WorldNetDaily

This week, a United States president was humiliated on the world’s stage by an aging, insulting Communist dictator.

Our feckless U.S. president appeared unfazed by the message he portrayed of American incompetence and historic irrelevance.

In fact, the president appeared pleased with himself and seemed to revel in his infallible cleverness.

-- Michele Bachmann, March 22 WorldNetDailiy column

This week, our illustrious president, Barack Hussein Obama, visited the communist island nation of Cuba. This of course gave rise to much contention, as the visit sort of symbolizes the success of the pernicious Obama agenda.

Since he’s an America-hating, socialist swine, Obama eagerly entertained criticism of America from Cuban President Raul Castro on the issues of race relations and economic inequality. In a sense, it is amusing that the tin-horn dictator of this Third World latrine would have the temerity to criticize America on those points, since race relations and economic inequality in Cuba are handled with the same heavy hand as other concerns.

-- Erik Rush, March 23 WND column

It is now even more apparent that Obama, being in his last year of an arrogant, belligerent, divisive and highly destructive presidency, believes that he can do whatever he wants, regardless of appearances. He is consciously disparaging the United States as his final payback for what he views as hundreds of years of continuing racial discrimination toward African-Americans and, more recently, his fellow Muslims.

-- Larry Klayman, March 25 WND column

Within the ivory towers of America’s Ivy League colleges, where theories are equated with real-life experience, leftists like Obama are taught that dictators like the Castro brothers are a byproduct of America’s dominance around the world; therefore, they’re worthy of praise in a morbid sort of way, despite oppressing their citizens for decades. 

-- Carl Jackson, March 25 WND column

At the same time, like so many around the world, we have felt profound contempt toward ISIS and are even more resolute than ever that the U.S. government needs to do everything within its power to eradicate Islamic jihadists from the planet.

Unfortunately, with the present regime in our White House, it’s never going to happen, for it was instrumental in creating ISIS, continuing to downplay its threat, and even aiding and abetting its growth. I’ll prove it.


Is Obama enabling the diminishing influence of Christianity and Easter itself in the U.S.?

Do you see why we need a strong, conservative, commonsense leader?

-- Chuck Norris, March 27 WND column

Does any of that mayhem have anything to do with this country or with our security? Does Obama – or anyone in his administration – care about the ongoing experience of Europe in dealing with the massive refugee problems, the crime, the inundation of its societies and the effect on the people, and the imminent and very real threat that among the migration of people are those who are, indeed, terrorists?

Judging by his non-reaction, any logical person would conclude Obama doesn’t care and doesn’t think it’s a problem, especially for Americans.


However, if anyone has any question as to why Donald Trump has the support he does, this is the reason.

Barack Obama has created Donald Trump’s support.

Donald Trump is saying what average Americans want to hear: Protect our country, our future and our heritage, and the bottom line is immigration. Stop it and fix it.

-- Barbara Simpson, March 27 WND column

Barack Obama reaffirmed his determination to remain at war with the country he leads until Jan. 20, 2017, by admitting 100,000 predominantly Sunni Muslims from the Middle East whom he calls “refugees.”


It’s past time Congress, the press, the Republican Party and every 2016 presidential contender recognize what we are up against – not just a committed and brutal foe who seeks our destruction, but an appeaser in the White House either oblivious to the threat he is increasing or secretly accommodating it.


Remember who Obama is. He is a subscriber to the Marxist Cloward-Piven strategy of orchestrated chaos at home. He’s practiced it with his economic policies. He’s practiced it with his health-care policies. Why does anyone not believe he would practice it with national security policies?

He’s doing it in plain sight.

-- Joseph Farah, March 28 WND column

Finally, I suspect that Barack Obama is such a sissy boy when it comes to armed conflict that he won’t even watch war movies or John Wayne Westerns.

-- Burt Prelutsky, March 28 WND column

One of the most noteworthy examples of this phenomenon has been our scurvy knave of a low-born, treasonous scoundrel president, Barack Hussein Obama, as he attempts to characterize Muslim populations as benign and assimilable. Specifically, I refer to Obama’s recent rhetoric in light of the massive uptick in terror attacks by Muslims over the last several years. He’s found it necessary to admonish Americans not to hold animosity nor suspicion toward “America’s Mooslims” as a result of their worldwide terror attacks, their ongoing invasion of Europe and the tinderbox they have made of the Middle East and parts of Africa. Presumably, this is toward strengthening his argument for allowing untold numbers of Muslim “refugees” into the United States.

It bordered on hysterical (as in outrageously humorous) a couple of days ago when Obama reminded us once again of the “many contributions” Muslims have made to the rich history of our country. I defy anybody to name one significant contribution Muslims have made to this nation – with the qualifier that it is a positive contribution.

-- Erik Rush, March 30 WND column

Posted by Terry K. at 10:16 AM EDT

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