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Friday, April 1, 2016
WND Goes All In Defending Trump Campaign Manager, Bashing Reporter He Allegedly Assaulted
Topic: WorldNetDaily

When the story first emerged of the alleged altercation between Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and reporter Michelle Fields, WorldNetDaily seemed at first to rush to Trump's side in an article by Cheryl Chumley that presented the side of Breitbart News, Fields' then-employer, in throwing its reporter under the bus. WND's reporting got more balanced, however, as videos supporting Fields' accusation that Lewandowski forcefully grabbed her.

But since the arrest of Lewandowski on a charged of battery over the incident, WND has totally gone in for Trump and Lewandowski, and against Fields.

Jerome Corsi declared that the Florida prosecutor who brought the charges "supports Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president." By contrast, Corsi and WND had no problem with Katherine Harris, the Bush supporter who just happened to be Florida secretary of state in charge of elections when the 2000 presidential election went all wacky in Florida -- to the point that the first book published under the WND Books imprint was a memoir by Harris.

Chumley played the distraction card with an article asserting that "when it comes to roughhousing reporters, Democrats, including one tied to President Obama’s years-ago CIA pick, seem to take the cake."

Another Corsi article takes stenography from the Trump campaign by repeating "his campaign’s initial suggestion that Fields had a history of such allegations against public figures."

Obama Derangement Syndrome victim Wayne Allyn Root, meanwhile, contributed a column in which he asserts that "The whole thing looks like a conspiracy to stop Trump’s campaign, while ruining the reputation of a good man" and slags Fields as a publicity-seeker who may be secretly paid by George Soros while playing the lame "I'm just asking the question" card:

Fields has a new book coming out. Did her attempt to turn a minor touch into an international incident have anything to do with boosting sales of her new book? Was she trying to claim her “15 minutes of fame”?

Could Fields have been paid to set up Trump and cry foul? Could George Soros or have made her an offer she couldn’t refuse? Could the Clinton Foundation have promised her a lucrative job? Could a lobbyist have offered her a bribe? After all, K Street stands to lose billions in government business if Trump is elected.

These are all questions that need to be asked.


Is there solid proof that the bruise on her arm was legitimate? Could it have been created with makeup after the fact? Could she have purposely bruised her arm after the fact to create a false picture?

Was this entire incident an exaggeration from a desperate attention seeker? A political set-up? Or just an attempt to sell books?

One thing it was not is pretty clear: It was not assault.

That attitude is joined by WND columnist andTrump fangirl (and apartheid fangirl) Ilana Mercer, who slags Fields further:

Look: Michelle Fields and her enablers are no conservatives. These women and their male helpers inhabit a solipsistic, narcissistic, decidedly progressive universe.

In “A Nation of Victims,” Mr. Sykes had described a lamentable process whereby America’s formative institutions had morphed from transmitting timeless values, to being propelled by a therapeutic ethos, a “social contract with The Self.”

A contract with The Self – or the selfie – better describes the new breed of badly bred, unprofessional, Michelle Fields millennials.

The woman’s claims-making is that of someone who sees herself as the center of a small universe, feminized and sissified by her ilk.

Mercer goes on to huff that "Mr. Lewandowski is being criminalized and his employer maligned for an infraction invisible to the naked eye" by "Ms. Fields and her coven of pseudo-conservatives," concluding: "The assault on Ms. Fields was as real as the ectoplasm said to spill from a medium’s mouth during séance (which is to say, as truthful as what comes out of Megyn Kelly’s mouth)."

That line of thought appears to be the official WND line.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:35 AM EDT

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