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Tuesday, March 1, 2016
WND Columnist Cheers Trump's Appeal To Whites
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Kent Bailey is another WorldNetDaily columnist, like Theodore Roosevelt Malloch, who is in the tank for Donald Trump in a weirdly disturbing way -- made even more disturbing by his use of authority to push it (not unlike another friend of WND, Andrew Hodges). He's a retired college psychology professor who has written a textbook on "human paleopsychology," and he makes sure we know he has a Ph.D.

He has touted Trump as "the unapologetic, quintessential warrior male of yore capable of vanquishing any and all opposition in his way." A few weeks later, he slobbered over his own mythology-making, declaring that "It is encouraging that my paleopolitical analysis of Trump’s sudden and amazing rise touched so many people" and that Trump's "daddy party" approach beats that of Hillary Clinton and the "mommy party." He has also favorably likened Trump to robber baron Cornelius Vanderbilt while denigrating President Obama as among "fem-thinking girly girls and girly men" and "the fluffy baby chicks of the Democratic Party" who purportedly "offer little help at all in a world overrun by warrior hawks."

Bailey has gone on to defend Trump's anti-immigrant zeal by asserting that "xenophobia is one of nature’s most natural and adaptive traits. These are normal traits, and to depict them as 'evil' or 'immoral' is downright silly. Had those traits not existed, then there would be no human race." He followed that with a column actually titled "In defense of conservatives' xenophobia," in which he sneers that its opposite, xenophilia, "is a biologically superficial but intoxicating cultural invention of the liberal mind that serves as the conceptual foundation for affirmative action, diversity, multiculturalism, open borders, mass immigration and on and on," adding: "liberals begin to look like xenophobic conservatives when under 'survival stress' due to terrorism. That is, liberals tend to 'phylogenetically regress' toward conservatism after major instances of terrorism!"

But Bailey manages to top himself in Trump-worship by inadvertently foreshadowing Trump's inability to distance himself from the racist (and Trump-supporting) likes of David Duke and the KKK. In his Feb. 22 column, he outlines Trump's racist appeal:

It all has to do with race, friends, and if you are one of those brain-dead whites who thinks we are past race, then go ahead and sit helplessly by as Caucasians of European Descent (COEDs) race to minority status by 2041 and probable extinction by the end of the century. Not only is the Internet ablaze with postings on the “end of the white race,” but the tone is often one of great joy, as if to say “why has it taken so long?” For example, Noel Ignatiev argued in an issue of Harvard Magazine that “abolishing the white race” is so desirable that only “committed white supremacists” would oppose it.


Then in walks Donald Trump, the tall, blond and Nordic “warrior extraordinaire” who apparently has to resort to the tanning booth to keep from looking too white! He is the imposing, loud, profane, Viking warrior who is simultaneously a rich and powerful celebrity and a vicarious hope for the legions of struggling white guys out there.

I am often turned off by Trump’s pettiness, girlish tweets and brash New York style, but I am his fan when, like ISIS with sledge hammers in a museum, he destroys the cherished artifacts of political correctness and annihilates their high priests in the media. Indeed, he speaks for the “silent majority” of working-class white males out there who have been shushed and marginalized for the past 70 years.

Also important is the stark contrast between the racial jingoist, globalist and socialist demigod of the left, Barack Obama, and the Nordic capitalist, entrepreneur, builder and playboy, Donald Trump. If Barack Obama is matter, then Donald Trump is anti-matter, racially and in just about every other way.

I believe that much of Trump’s amazing success is based on the vast difference between him and Obama. Obama set out to transform America from a “colonialist” superpower to a multicultural and diverse version of a failing, immigrant-ridden Europe. This required that white and Christian America had to be shoved, by all means possible, out of the way. By contrast, Trump, as the slogan goes, wants to “Make (white and traditional) America Great Again.” Viva la difference!


Whites in America like to think they are “post-racial” – in fact, we are becoming just “post” as a race and as a people. This is what happens when a particular people – Caucasians of European Descent – have no protective warrior class to fight for them in the Oval Office, the Congress, or anywhere else in our feminized American society. And now with the great Supreme Court warrior Antonin Scalia no longer with us, it seems that only Donald Trump and Franklin Graham are left to take on the pagan cultural forces of the ideological left.

The Washington Post’s Kathleen Parker suggests that Donald Trump just may be the beleaguered white guys’ long-awaited “white knight” and, ultimately, the “White Man’s last stand.” Donald Trump knows the country is in serious trouble and that we have no time for political correctness and, implicitly, for gratuitous social experimentation. This is music to the ears of many Americans and the last vestige of hope for the working-class white male.

We can't wait to hear how Bailey will explain how Trump really isn't that kind of racist, and we hope it will be more creative than Trump'sown attempt to blame a "lousy earpiece."

Posted by Terry K. at 12:45 AM EST
Updated: Tuesday, March 1, 2016 12:51 AM EST

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