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Saturday, January 30, 2016
Obama Derangement Syndrome Watch, Supersize WorldNetDaily Edition
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Barack Obama is either a consummate liar, or he truly believes the American people are stupid.

Or both.

Considering that he got elected not once, but twice, the latter has more than a modicum of truth.

-- Barbara Simpson, Jan. 17 WorldNetDaily column

It’s time to let fly with an American “Huzzah!” What used to be called a “white paper” or a “manifesto” is a way a nation can tell the world something it ought to know. The American manifesto I have in mind should be signed by everybody not surgically connected to Obama or his team. Round up the old Democratic patriots, Republicans left to right, every American who’s an elected official to state legislatures and all the mayors willing to join.

This manifesto will tell the world, “You may be wondering what happened to America. The good news is, we’re still here, albeit no longer audible or visible, smothered underneath the most self-destructive leadership in our history. You have every right to think we’re over-with and done-for. But dismiss us at your peril.


“If any of you, anywhere, harbor any plans for pushing America out of the way so as to crush the hope of freedom for oppressed peoples or to extinguish democracy in countries that have achieved democracy, we advise you to wait until our election next November. If the candidate being inaugurated one year from today – Jan. 20, 2017 – is not one who was recommended by Barack Obama, your adventuresome plans will not be worth the risk.

“You are not seeing the real America at this time. Sorry, but we regard our current leader as a kidney stone who will take one year to pass. Iran has proven we can stand the pain.”

-- Barry Farber, Jan. 19 WND column

To an extent, I am somewhat surprised to see the issue of eligibility for the office of president of the United States rearing its head at this point in time for reasons that shall become evident presently. On the one hand, in light of the fraud perpetuated by Barack Hussein Obama and his surrogates in this area, it is easy to understand that those for whom the rule of law still carries weight would want to to ensure that such a thing never occurs again.

-- Erik Rush, Jan. 20 WND column

Perpetrating another one of his Saul Alinsky scams on an ever-increasing dumbed down American public, the president of the United States and his gang of America-hating cronies are overly confident that there are enough Americans clueless to his freedom-hating agenda and his intentional deception on the relationship between crime and guns that he can actually get away with more and more criminal oath-violating infringement.

-- Ted Nugent, Jan. 27 WND column

But, frankly, listening to the most divisive president in American history prattling on about returning civility to political discourse was sheer torture. This is the man who based his re-election campaign in 2012 by lying about a video, insisting that al-Qaida was on the run, and creating divisions among the electorate between rich and poor, white and black, young and old, men and women – scapegoating half of us and sliming a decent man like Mitt Romney – all in order to win a second term. To me, it was a lot like listening to King Henry VIII deliver a lecture on table manners.

-- Burt Prelutsky, Jan. 28 WND column

It’s not exactly news that President Barack Hussein Obama harbors a deep-seated disdain, if not hatred, for Jews and Israel. While keeping a few ultra-leftist Jews around him in the White House for the last seven years for political cover, he has done everything possible to harm the Jewish state and advance the cause of Islam both at home and abroad. 

-- Larry Klayman, Jan. 29 WND column

Stalin used bullets and the gulag to eliminate his class enemies. Today’s executioners rely on Obamatrade, alcohol, drugs and suicide to do the job.

-- Curtis Ellis, Jan. 29 WND column

Posted by Terry K. at 10:52 AM EST

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