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Saturday, January 16, 2016
Obama Derangement Syndrome Watch, Supersize WorldNetDaily Edition
Topic: WorldNetDaily

McCain is no conservative, and Romney brought a doily to a gunfight, blowing his opportunity for victory over the glaring crimes of Obama and his gang of Saul Alinsky henchmen. Mr. Rogers would have kicked more a– than Mitt Romney did in those debates.

Now after nearly eight years of scamming, lying, fraud, deceit and the blatant criminal dismantling of the America we love, we cannot afford the luxury, or better stated, the stupidity of waiting for our favorite boat to transport the life-saving medicine to a dying America.

-- Ted Nugent, Dec. 16 WorldNetDaily column

The Obamas have turned being in the White House into the greatest welfare benefit in the history of subsidized living. Now, as they take their taxpayer-funded separate jets to Hawaii, to tack millions more onto the hundred million or more taxpayer dollars they have already misused living high on the old hog, Ryan makes sure Obama gets the Christmas gift of sticking it to the American people “one mooorrrre time.”


The Obamas eschew faux couture such as “swaddling clothes” in favor of suits for him by Hartmarx of Chicago (interesting that Obama would find a way to incorporate “marx” into even a clothing line) and Michael Kors, Jason Wu, Narciso Rodriguez and Isabel Toleda, to name but a very few clothing designers for her.

-- Mychal Massie, Dec. 21 WND column

Indeed, 2015 has been for all practical purposes the “Year of the Muslim.” So I will satirically recognize the most influential “Muslim of the Year,” someone who has cleverly through various means, radically changed the world order and most furthered the Islamic caliphate based on the death of all infidels to Allah.


But when the card at the award ceremony for “Muslim of the Year” announcing their victory was double checked and inspected by independent experts on terrorism, it was revealed that the prize was, in reality, meant for our own supreme leader, Barack Hussein Obama.

No other Muslim has done as much, particularly given his power as president of the United States, to further Allah’s goal of a Christian and Jew-free world. The Holy Quran, as Obama likes to call it, teaches that this false god’s will must be obeyed and that all infidels must perish from the earth. As the inscription reads on a ring the “Muslim of the Year” has worn since college, “There is no god but Allah,” his actions and non-actions have paid homage to his real and only “deity.” Indeed, Obama can issue all the Christmas messages he falsely utters to the American people and the world – pretending to be a Christian for political expediency, subterfuge and dastardly cover – but after seven years of his presidency, “We the People” are no longer fooled. You do not have to be Donald Trump to see reality at this point. 

-- L:arry Klayman, Dec. 25 WND column

Keep in mind that Rice not only graduated from Stanford, but Oxford, where she was a Rhodes scholar. For his part, Obama graduated from Columbia and Harvard Law School. Anyone still think affirmative action is a good thing?

-- Burt Prelutsky, Dec. 31 WND column

Blackism is designed for the Barack Obamas of the world, those who are at least partially black biologically but for whom black culture is a foreign language. The ideology is a simple method that, being a method, is comprised of a few principles that need only be affirmed in order to achieve “racial authenticity.” One of these principles is that ultimate reality is comprised of collectivities, primarily racial collectivities. Another principle is that non-whites are perpetually oppressed by whites. It isn’t that Obama or any other Blackist would think to deny that whites (and others) can and have been harmed and killed by blacks and Muslims. It’s only that they must see such violence as stemming from “root causes” – “racism,” a “legacy of slavery and Jim Crow,” “the Crusades,” “imperialism,” “poverty,” etc. – that, ultimately, whites should have rectified.

-- Jack Kerwick, quoted by Ilana Mercer, Dec. 31 WND column

Political correctness has a hero, and in the absence of Hillary Clinton’s hero and mentor, the great scammer Saul Alinsky, president Obama takes the Oscar.

In his most recent charade, the president performed flawlessly for the dumbed down clueless sheep that blindly worship him and his America-hating agenda.

If our Founding Fathers had access to a crystal ball, they could have replaced the words “shall not be infringed” in the Second Amendment with “shall not be Obama’d.”

This guy is a real piece of work. The mind scrambles furiously to grasp how stupid anyone could possibly be to listen to this scammer in chief with his never-ending lies about so-called “gun violence.”

-- Ted Nugent, Jan. 6 WND column

With regard to those unarmed Americans who will be maimed or killed the next time Islamists execute a terrorist attack employing firearms, in Obama’s putrefactive, twisted mind, the victims will deserve it for partaking in the fruits of America’s serial pillaging of undeveloped nations and oppression of the little brown people of the world.

-- Erik Rush, Jan. 6 WND column

Remember, America, Barry cannot go a day without thinking about the first graders of Sandy Hook Elementary, yet no administration to date has advocated the murder of innocent children in the womb more than this criminal (Proverbs 6:17).

In other words, America, “Do as I say, and don’t pay attention to what I do!”

-- Bradlee Dean, Jan. 7 WND column

Having established that President Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim under Shariah law thanks to his Muslim father and by virtue of his actions, and thus as the winner of the “Muslim of the Year” award, it now appears that our ineligible “leader” can be more precisely defined as a Shiite.


While I really like Cruz and see him as a true patriot – I feel otherwise with regard to Rubio who is in my view a two-faced phony – it is indeed ironic that they would now undergo intense scrutiny by Democrats and some Republicans alike such as Sen. John McCain, who hates Cruz, while our black Muslim president effectively escaped all scrutiny, despite having likely been born in Kenya to only one American parent. We now have confirmation that indeed the concept of affirmative action is embedded in our living Constitution.

-- Larry Klayman, Jan. 8 WND column

Well done, Mr. President. There is nothing quite as heart-warming as an enemy too stupid to believe his own tactical failings who then stands up there in front of a nation foolishly thinking we will continue to allow you to get away with your oath-violating nonsense.

And for yet another opportunity in your Big Scam State of the Union lie-fest to see right through your glaring anti-American agenda, we the people thank you.

We have all the painful evidence and documentation any thinking person could ever demand to prove once and for all that the dumbing down of America has been on the fast track for many, many years. But never before could it have been more volatile and painfully obvious than Tuesday night in that room full of brainwashed Pavlov’s dogs/sheep as they mindlessly cheered your lies.

I’m sure Frank Marshall Davis, Cloward, Piven and Saul Alinsky are so very proud of you and Valerie Jarrett.

-- Ted Nugent, Jan. 13 WND column

Posted by Terry K. at 10:40 AM EST

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