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Saturday, December 5, 2015
Obama Derangement Syndrome Watch, Supersize WorldNetDaily Edition
Topic: WorldNetDaily

When I wrote the syndicated Nov. 16, 2004, column, “Darth Democrat” exposing Obama’s reprobate commitment to the systematic extermination of the most defenseless among us – I knew he was evil and godless. When I wrote “Nero in the White House” Aug. 8, 2011, I detailed his unmitigated disregard and dishonesty for the American people. And when I wrote “Why I do not like the Obamas,” Feb. 23, 2012, I provided specific details pursuant to why I felt as I did.

From the beginning I was not fooled by Obama nor was my objectivity blinded by his skin color. But of all the heinous things Obama (and his wife) has done since he was elected in 2008, I am stunned at his unbridled commitment to place the American public at the mercy of those sworn to destroy us.


It is criminal negligence for this presidential family to have Michelle Obama shuffling and staggering around in the White House dancing the conga, as Americans outside their taxpayer-secured confines are placed in peril because of her husband’s contumacious dismissiveness.

-- Mychal Massie, Nov. 23 WorldNetDaily column

How could America have twice elected a president who not only can’t stand America but also won’t perform his constitutional duty of defending it?


It will be a sheer joy when we have a new president, God willing, who genuinely loves this nation and sees it as a force for good throughout the world and begins to return it to that path. No, this nation is not over, but it needs to turn back to its founding principles and believe in itself again.

-- David Limbuagh, Nov. 23 WND column

I have noticed that whenever Barack Obama approaches a microphone for a press conference or other speech he sounds like a programmed, unfeeling college professor bored with his job. His lack of passion or anger is apparent whenever he is forced to talk about things he feels he must address in order to appease the American people. However, his anger, disgust and passion do emerge every time he speaks about the Republican Party, when he can’t hide the vitriolic sarcasm and contempt he feels.


It has become obvious that Obama and the Democratic Party do not want competition or opposition anymore, so they are risking the safety of America to wipe out their most hated adversary – the Republican Party.

-- Morgan Brittany, Nov. 24 WND column

It is widely known among those who do not get their news from the alphabet TV networks that Obama has been clandestinely importing Muslims from Syria, Iraq, Somalia and other destabilized Muslim nations for several years. Now, on the pretext of humanitarianism, he intends to prey upon Americans’ sympathy to import tens of thousands more.

-- Eric Rush, Nov. 25 WND column

In the 50 or so years the left has been dictating the rules of racial etiquette, the life chances of the average black person have cratered, and race relations, if recent campus rumbles are any indication, have collapsed.

Seven years ago, millions of white Americans voted for Barack Obama in the hope of reversing this trend, but by design Obama has only aggravated it. Progressives, after all, progress. It’s in their nature.

-- Jack Cashill, Nov. 25 WND column

The important lesson here is that America has moved closer to tyrannical dictatorship through the last seven years. I fully expect that to be even more true during Obama’s last year in office. In other words, there will be a lot of work to do beginning January 2017 to get our Constitution back.

-- Joseph Farah, Nov. 25 WND column

While the presidential race is well under way and all of the candidates are promising what they will do when, and if, they become the president of the United States, not one of them has stated that he will right all of the wrongs concerning the past and present administrations.

If you look and listen closely (Jeremiah 5:21-23) to what these candidates say and contrast what they do, you will see that things just do not line up. Instead, they simply stand in direct contradiction (Matthew 23:3).

There is not one of the candidates, not one, who has drawn up Articles of Impeachment (Article II, Sections 4, of the United States Constitution; Jeremiah 5:1). Nor have any of them stated they would seek to prosecute the current occupant of the White House for his treason and crimes. Not one! Yet, they would have you believe that they are going to right the wrongs when they become the president – but not in their current position!

-- Bradlee Dean, Nov. 26 WND column

It’s also part of Obama’s agenda to “fundamentally transform America” before he leaves office in January 2017 by bringing in as many likely Democratic voters as possible.

But, also, you need to understand that Obama doesn’t care about the national security threat and the risks to public safety that his plan, in conjunction with the United Nations, spells for America. He doesn’t even consider it. It’s simply collateral damage as he sees it. If you want to make an omelet, as Josef Stalin explained, you have to break a few eggs.

Obama wants to make an omelet out of the greatest and freest nation in the history of the planet – a really bad, poisonous omelet.

-- Joseph Farah, Nov. 26 WND column

First, there are the cases I (and others) brought challenging the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to run for and be elected president of the United States. Despite the strong election laws in Florida, my home state, where any taxpayer or voter can challenge a candidate on the basis of fraud or misconduct, the courts there, in three successive cases going all the way to the Florida Supreme Court, dismissed all challenges without nary writing a coherent word explaining why. A similar result occurred in Alabama, although the chief judge there, Roy Moore, had the integrity to write a dissenting opinion agreeing with me. The hard fact: No judge in this country, other than Moore, would make such a ruling against an African-American president like Obama, who has spent his career, a la Al Sharpton playing and using the race card to destroy anyone of a different color who gets in his way. While judges are supposed to adjudicate cases and controversies regardless of political, economic and social pressures, it is revolting at best that they have bent over to this despot and his black and white leftist racist allies and apologists in the media. The result: The country has been sold out to foreign and Muslim interests, including the terrorists Obama refuses to even call Islamic, lest he offend his own bloodline.


The Founding Fathers clearly inserted this [eligibility] requirement into the Constitution to avoid a president being too close to foreign influences – a tragedy if not a disaster we have seen played out and foisted upon us by one President Barack Hussein Obama, our first and hopefully only “Muslim president,” born to a Muslim father, educated in Islamic schools in Indonesia, and likely birthed in Kenya and not Hawaii. 

-- Larry Klayman, Nov. 29 WND column

Here’s what Obama actually said: “Groups like ISIL cannot defeat us on the battlefield, so they try to terrorize us at home – against soft targets, against civilians, against innocent people. Even as we’re vigilant, we cannot, and we will not, subcumb (sic) to fear. Nor can we allow fear to divide us – for that’s how terrorists win. We cannot give them the victory of changing how we go about living our lives.”

I don’t know if the “subcumb” was a Teleprompter glitch or a Freudian slip.

Was he about to say “we cannot submit to fear” and switched verbal gears in a split second? Is succumb not in his vocabulary? Did he misread the word and place the “b” in the wrong place?

I don’t know. I do know that the actual meaning of the word “Islam” is submission. Is that significant? Or am I reading too much into a simple verbal gaffe?

-- Joseph Farah, Nov. 29 WND column

Nothing has ever happened to the United States that is worse than the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama. A committed Marxist collectivist, he has stood throughout his presidency against that very principle of individual rights that made America great. In abandoning our allies and aligning with the Muslim Brotherhood and other sinister groups, he has aligned with the most evil forces of the 21st century and overturned the order of the world. In abandoning and even actively turning against our allies (most notably Israel), he has made the United States of America, for so long the beacon of freedom in the world, into an untrustworthy ally, a nation that cannot be taken at its word.

We will be paying for Obama’s presidency for decades to come. The full dimensions of the damage he has caused – the gutting of the economy, the new polarization of the races, the Iran nuclear deal and more – is likely only to be known once he is out of office. And America may never recover from this catastrophe.

-- Pamela Geller, Nov. 29 WND column

Posted by Terry K. at 10:34 AM EST

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