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Sunday, October 25, 2015
WND Hopes to Cash In Again On Jonathan Cahn
Topic: WorldNetDaily

WorldNetDaily and editor Joseph Farah have been enamored for years with "messianic rabbi" Jonathan Cahn since he came out with his book "The Harbinger," which posited that the Bible contains a prophecy of 9/11 -- something that isn't quite true and is based on Bible verses taken out of context.

It helps that Cahn despises President Obama as much as Farah does; WND even tried to manufacture a mystique about an anti-Obama speech Cahn once gave.

Now, after having already made a film about "The Harbinger," WND is hoping to make some more coin off of Cahn by producing a documentary about his life, "The Harbinger Man." WND's self-promotion of the film has bordered on the ludicrous.

One article declares that Cahn is "known by many as 'America’s prophet,'" but doesn't identify any of those "many" who purportedly say that. But a later article gives us a clue that one of them is Cahn's own hype man, Joseph Farah: “He doesn’t like to be called a prophet, but if he is not a prophet for our time then I don’t know the definition of a prophet.”

Another article, by house propagandist Bob Unruh, lays the myth-making on thick:

The exploding gas tanks of the 1970s Ford Pintos are the reason Popular Mechanics designated the vehicle one of “The Top Automotive Engineering Failures.”

“Ford neglected to add reinforcements to protect the easily ruptured fuel tank, endangering drivers while earning the Pinto a reputation for catching fire that persists today. The automaker’s public relations black eye lasted for years,” the magazine said.

The problem, as PM explained, was that tests revealed that in low-speed rear-end crash testing, the fuel tank, just in front of the back bumper, was subjected to a series of potential problems that “combined to create a serious risk of fire.”

They exploded in even low-speed crashes with other cars. But the company opted to pay damages to victims rather than pay for the fix.

“The Harbinger Man,” messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn, whose life story is told in a new movie by that name, was in one of those Pintos.

He wasn’t hit by a car.

He was hit by a train.

And he emerged without a scratch.

Of course, Unruh kinda had to undercut his story by admitting that "the train hit the car from the side," which would not have created the normal Pinto explosive impact.

Bu never mind the facts; yet another article tells us how "Cahn feels he was destined to serve as a kind of watchman" and "doing what he was meant to do," which appears to involve serving as a cash cow for Farah and WND.

The fawning culminates in Farah's Oct. 11 column, in which he declares there's "something supernatural" about Cahn's story, and he felt some sort of "burden" to tell it:

In 2012, I had a burden to make a movie version of “The Harbinger” story. “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment” became the biggest faith movie of 2013 and 2014. It touched the lives of millions. Likewise, in 2014, I had a burden to make a movie version of Jonathan Cahn’s life story. My hope and prayer is that “The Harbinger Man” will be used by God to strengthen and embolden the faith of millions in 2015, 2016 and beyond.

Of course, Farah wouldn't be telling us that his previous Cahn film was "the biggest faith movie of 2013 and 2014" if he wasn't hoping for a similar performance from his new one, and that strongly suggests that Farah was feeling another "burden" as well: to make money. WND is a for-profit business, after all, not a ministry.

Farah insists that "a righteous transformation of America " can only come from "individual transformations of the hearts of people devoting their lives to the one and only Savior of the human race," and that "Nobody is a more effective witness to that urgent need than Jonathan Cahn." It probably doesn't hurt that he and Cahn see eye-to-eye on their vicious hatred for President Obama.

Or that Cahn is so agreeable to becoming a basis of revenue for Farah and WND.

Posted by Terry K. at 10:33 PM EDT

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