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Saturday, April 11, 2015
Obama Derangement Syndrome Watch, Supersize WorldNetDaily Edition
Topic: WorldNetDaily

I want to express sincere apologies to any country or people across the world who consider the United States their ally and friend – people who believe they could trust the U.S. to keep a secret, to support treaties, to encourage freedom, to be a peacemaker yet lead the free world, to maintain the military strength to support freedom.

I apologize because since the inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama as president, all that has changed, and we are all at risk.

-- Barbara Simpson, March 22 WND column

So a cornerstone of Obama’s agenda is to create an authority higher than the Supreme Court – secret, unelected U.N. tribunals with the power to overrule American lawmakers and courts. What part of this is consistent with the oath he swore to preserve protect and defend the Constitution?

This is a clear attack on our national sovereignty and our Constitution. Is this what Obama meant when he promised to fundamentally transform America?

Is he Andreas Lubitz in the Oval Office, setting the nation on a steady, gradual yet deliberate path to oblivion?

-- Curtis Ellis, March 27 WND column

The silence from the U.S. government regarding the above atrocities is shameful. Barack Hussein Obama has long ago chosen his side. His quick condemnation of any alleged persecution of Muslims, and utter silence as Christians are slaughtered like animals, tells us all what we need to know. And his outrageous sellout of Israel both before and after its recent elections should have awakened every Jewish person.

We as Christians need to adjust to a new reality – our “leaders” will not save us. A new era of self-reliance must begin, and it must start now!

-- Jesse Lee Peterson, March 29 WND column

Now it is up to Republicans to stop Clinton and keep Obama’s legacy in check.

After all, his is a “glorious” legacy that mocked and ignored the Constitution.

A president who used the power of government to thwart his enemies.

He transformed a once optimistic people into fearing for their nation’s future while racking up more debt than all previous U.S. presidents combined.

His legacy will show that he polarized a nation using race and class warfare.

He will be remembered for opening the borders and welcoming whomever walked in.

He weakened and demoralized the military.

He comically refused to accept any blame for anything that went wrong.

He was adept at telling half truths and bald-faced lies.

His was a legacy unable to distinguish allies from enemies and incapable of calling our greatest long-term enemy by its real name.

Unfortunately, his legacy is still in progress … ripping the fabric of America asunder.

-- Myra Adams, March 31 WND column

Liberals point out that Fox News is always looking for trouble in the Obama administration. Liberals fail to add how good Fox is at finding it! Only Fox, that I know of, emblazoned in a headline position in its coverage the story of Obama snubbing the secretary-general of NATO.

-- Barry Farber, March 31 WND column

With something like a dozen different political parties fighting for supremacy in Israel, there is very little that Israelis ever agree about, but one thing they know for certain is that Obama hates Jews and has a soft spot for Islamics, even for the demented likes of the Ayatollah Khamenei.

-- Burt Prelutsky, April 2 WND column

President Obama has announced a “deal” with the government of Iran that allows the mullahs openly dedicated to our destruction to proceed on their path to develop nuclear weapons. No one is really surprised by the sellout, as it follows a long train of pro-Islamic policies and a willful blindness to Iran’s jihadist activities and ambitions.

The jihadist gun is loaded and pointed at our head, and soon those bullets will be nuclear warheads. Yet, none dare call it treason.

-- Tom Tancredo, April 3 WND column

The alliance between leftists and Muslims against Christians may be more apparent in Britain than it is in America, since the process has advanced much further in the U.K. – but not to worry; President Barack Hussein Obama has been moving the course of Islamist infiltration handily along.

-- Erik Rush, April 8 WND column

What if Obama isn’t looking to his “legacy”? What if the threat of nuclear devastation he helps to arm with this agreement (an America-hating Iran with nuclear bombs) is to be brandished, along with a related threat from ongoing terrorist uprisings on U.S. soil, to create the exigent circumstances needed to justify imposing martial law throughout the United States and a plausible excuse for demanding that Obama remain in office until the emergency passes?

There it is. The unthinkable scenario predicated upon the thought that Barack Obama and those who lifted him to power are precisely what they appear to be – the enemies of America’s power, its prosperity, its constitutional liberty, its moral strength, indeed of everything about America except their own boundless ambition. Why is it at all inconceivable that people willing to collude with and arm our boldest enemies may be doing so for the sake of their own power? Why should we be unwilling to ponder the possibility that the Obama faction has agreed to help Iran achieve hegemony in the Middle East in order to help themselves to dictatorial control over the United States? What certainty do we have that, in some secret, back-channel codicil, this agreement is not already in place?


You may believe a coup d’état “could never happen here.” But the danger we face is not some beer hall putsch. It’s is more like the consolidation of tyrannical power Hitler’s faction completed after he was appointed chancellor of Germany. But if such a denouement is already in view for the United States, isn’t it urgently necessary to begin doing what must be done to prevent its completion? As food for urgent thought, I will propose such a strategy in the next article to be published on my blog. Are you willing to think about it yet?

-- Alan Keyes, April 9 WND column

Posted by Terry K. at 10:51 AM EDT
Updated: Saturday, April 11, 2015 9:07 PM EDT

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