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Saturday, November 23, 2013
Obama Derangement Syndrome Watch, Supersize WorldNetDaily Edition
Topic: WorldNetDaily

There are plenty of grounds for impeachment. A best-selling book by a Texas congressman spells some of them out. Curiously, he is silent on the central ground of impeachment: that Mr Obama continues to display a bad forgery of a Hawaiian birth certificate on the White House website.

I call Hawaiigate the central ground of impeachment for two reasons. First, the dishonesty is shameless and in your face. Mr Obama’s advisers, once they realized the “birth certificate” was as bogus as a $3 bill, knew that if they simply went on pretending that $3 bills are legal tender the hard-left-dominated news media would carefully and continuously look the other way, pausing occasionally to sneer at anyone who pointed out that, in this constitutionally crucial respect, the “president” has no clothes.


Contrast this shoddy, lying administration with that of the first man to grace the office that Mr. Obama now occupies. George Washington “could not tell a lie.” Barry Soetero, or whatever his real name is, cannot tell the truth. That observation is a measure of how far America under the “Democrats” has fallen from the high ideals and the noble example of the founding president of the United States.

On any objective test, Mr. Obama should not merely be impeached: he should be imprisoned. But no one will do anything to bring him to book. Corruption by inaction is the most corrosive corruption of all.

-- Christopher Monckton, Nov. 5 WorldNetDaily column

The political stench of Obamacare is just getting started. As the pain of Obamacare broadens and deepens, Democrats will soon be referring to right now as “the good old days”! One reason exposed liars don’t do well in politics is, we don’t like liars. This is worse. These Obama lies are heavy with pain for the voter. Did any Watergate lie cause real public pain? Did Iran-Contra cause any voter to lose his health insurance? The difference between the lies of Obama and the lies of any other president is the difference between a harmless snake and a poisonous snake, or summer lightning and streak lightning. Or, as Mark Twain most famously said, it’s the difference between lightning and the lightning bug.

-- Barry Farber, Nov. 5 WND column

Speaking of the imposter in the Oval Office, it wasn’t that long ago that liberals used to insist that George W. Bush was avenging his father by going after Saddam Hussein. And yet they never even mention the far likelier scenario that Barack Hussein Obama is avenging himself on his drunken, communist, father’s sworn enemies – namely, the white race, Western civilization, Christians, Jews, all non-Muslims and capitalists.

-- Burt Prelutsky, Nov. 5 WND column

What America needs is a shadow government. A single place where the “outside the beltway” party sets its own policy and with that policy drives the news agenda. (Remember, there are only two political parties.)

When John Kerry sets down Obama’s golf clubs while the Hawaiian performs the Kenyan sandbox dance and tosses the ball back out onto the fairway, and then issues a foreign-policy pronouncement, swings into action.

They immediately announce a pro-American policy, issue a statement as to why the Kenyan’s policy is bad for America, and urge him not to cheat at his golf game.

-- Craige McMillan, Nov. 8 WND column

Well, it’s finally happened. We have reached the point where it has become so evident that President Barack Hussein Obama is just this side of evil incarnate and that his administration and radical leftists in Congress are constitutional criminals that those who continue to support them and their policies are either ideologically kindred (and thus, enemies of the republic), or so pitifully dim that they may not merit rescue from a burning building. No … I think I’ll save that dog over there; at least he may wind up being of benefit to humankind someday …

Thus, I believe that these supporters – whether politicos, press, or rank-and-file voters – have forfeited the right to be taken in any way seriously.

-- Erik Rush, Nov. 13 WND column

When does a national tragedy become a national embarrassment, then a national disgrace and, finally, a national joke? When its name is Barack Hussein Obama.

-- Tom Tancredo, Nov. 15 WND column

If what you’re looking for is impeachment or resignation or a president who dares not leave his bunker, hatching time is a ways off and potatoes are still underground and not on the menu yet. My aspirations are a little more grab-able. I’ll gladly settle for an end to President Obama’s ability to inflict further damage on America.

Over here, waiter! This is the table that’s ready for the champagne.

-- Barry Farber, Nov. 19 WND column

As those folks see it, if something good happens, it’s because of God. But when something terrible – such as the Holocaust or childhood leukemia – occurs, they explain that God moves in mysterious ways, and we mere mortals can’t hope to divine His motives.

Well, OK, He’s God, and if He created the heavens, the stars, the earth and all of its inhabitants, including dogs, elephants and giraffes, it might be expedient to cut Him some slack. But when we’re talking about an arrogant narcissist whose major achievement was being a shill for ACORN, which is a lot like being a union organizer but without the requisite muscle, why would anyone fawn over this lying jackass?

-- Burt Prelutsky, Nov. 19 WND column

Here we have two men (Obama and Holder) of the same ideological bent and operational modality facing the greatest challenges of their tenure of their offices. Both employ the imperious autocracy that occasionally meanders into the area of tyranny in Obama’s case. Unfortunately for them, these traits no longer appear to be serving them as well as in the past. With regard to Obamacare, the president’s lie was so monstrous and its effects so lingering that he may never live it down.

It is an even bet that behind the scenes, given Obama’s newfound vulnerability, his past transgressions – some of which are indeed criminal – are now being considered in a very different light by his heretofore timid political opponents.

While the current furor over Eric Holder’s alleged actions had its genesis some time ago, it is arguable that the recent decision of congressional Republicans to move forward with their case against him is largely political opportunism. If Republican lawmakers are looking toward Obama’s impeachment or other methods by which they might effectively render his position untenable, then Holder would certainly be a good man to have out of the way prior to initiating such effort.

-- Erik Rush, Nov. 20 WND column

Posted by Terry K. at 1:35 AM EST
Updated: Saturday, November 23, 2013 10:29 PM EST

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