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Thursday, November 21, 2013
Jack Cashill's Soft Spot for Killers Continues With Zimmerman
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Jack Cashill is making it clearer than ever that George Zimmerman has a free pass to do anything and Cashill will not find any fault with him.

Following up on his earlier book-sales-driven absolution of Zimmerman's latest crime, Cashill doubles down in a Nov. 20 WorldNetDaily column, blaming not only the media but also Zimmerman's now-estranged wife and soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend for his current condition:

Between April 2012 and July 2013, Zimmerman’s life fell apart. He showed up at the trial dead-eyed, grossly overweight, and financially and emotionally bankrupt.

The local NAACP, with which he had worked on a civil rights case a year earlier, had betrayed him. The state of Florida had sacrificed him to the mob.

His president denied him. The media had rendered the mid-Florida ether so poisonous he could scarcely leave the house. His wife no longer loved him and was eager to tell the world about it.

Zimmerman’s acquittal settled nothing. The death threats amplified. The attorney general continued to hound him despite full clearance by the FBI more than a year prior. And the media cried “Injustice!”

“I still see sadness in his eyes,” said his brother Robert soon after the acquittal. “He was definitely not the same person I had seen a few days before the incident.”

In the last two years, Zimmerman has experienced more betrayal on more levels than most of us will in a lifetime.

Now, it appears that his latest “victim,” girlfriend Samantha Scheibe, was soliciting national media interviews weeks before their well-publicized dust-up.

Regardless of the circumstances, each misstep Zimmerman has made post-trial has left the media giddy. They seem to think it vindicates their utterly subversive rush to judgment.

The fact is that the Zimmerman they now happily trash is the Zimmerman they helped create. Whatever happens going forward, the blood is on their hands.

Apparently, Zimmerman has no responsibility for his own behavior. 

But then, Cashill has always had a soft spot for murderers. he penned a seven-part series at WND asserting that anti-abortion activist James Kopp was being framed for the 1998 death of New York abortion doctor Barnett Slepian -- a conspiracy inconvenienced by the fact that Kopp eventually pleaded guilty to the murder. He also falsely suggested that Eric Rudolph was similarly being framed for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics bombing and another bombing at an abortion clinic.

More recently, Cashill championed the cause of a Navy sailor convicted of killing a man who paid him to perform oral sex on him, insisting the sailor killed in self-defense while ignoring the fact that the sailor lied to police and admitted he choked his victim for five minutes.

In Zimmerman, Cashill has found another killer whose only supposed crime is killing someone who deserved it. As before, it's blowing back on him.

This time, however, the publisher of his pro-Zimmerman, anti-Trayvon Martin book, WND, is feeling the pain as nobody wants to buy a book about someone with serious anger management problems (at the very least) being portrayed as a civil rights martyr. Indeed, at this writing Cashill's book is at a miserable No. 35,910 on Amazon's sales list -- pretty low for a book on a hot-button subject that came out less than a month ago.

Cashill is clearly misguided on many things, but he's wrong about this: If Cashill continues to make excuses for Zimmerman's behavior and makes no effort to get him the help he obviously needs, Cashill will be the one with blood on his hands.

Posted by Terry K. at 1:53 AM EST

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