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Saturday, April 20, 2013
WND Columnists React to Boston Bombings With Muslim-Bashing, Obama Derangement
Topic: WorldNetDaily

WorldNetDaily columnists have reacted to the Boston Marathon bombings and the revelation that the suspects were ethnic Chechens the way you'd expect -- with Muslim-bashing, immigrant-bashing, and Obama derangement.

Joseph Farah wrote:

Despite the collective hopes of the Big Media and government at all levels, the perps in the Boston Marathon bombings turned out to be … Muslims.

It’s almost impossible to list all those who speculated and conjectured that this was the work of “right-wing extremists.” It would even be more difficult to chronicle all the wishful-thinkers who hoped and wished out loud that the terrorists would be “white guys.”

What is the psychology that drives people to think in these terms? Or can it even be characterized as thinking?

There are conflicts all over the world, and the vast majority of them involve radical Muslims victimizing non-Muslims. That’s just a fact.

You could even go further and make the case that these conflicts have, with a few notable exceptions defined the history of the world for the last 1,300 years.

Farah added: "Right-wingers and Christian fundamentalists don’t use terror tactics. They’re not at war with America. For the most part, they’d like to preserve what’s best about America." We suspect that Barnett Slepian, Atlanta Olympics spectators and the former workers at the Murrah Federal Building have a different view.

Tom Tancredo, meanwhile, rants about immigration:

Americans not infected by the common disease Potomac Myopia can connect the dots. Ordinary folk assume that a successful immigration system should afford protection against jihadists, not a welcome mat. When citizens say they want our broken immigration system fixed, they think that means securing our borders, real enforcement of immigration laws and better screening against jihadists gaining legal status by way of a green card.


We granted asylum and eventual citizenship to young Muslim men who harbored a secret hatred for the United States. Does the FBI or anyone at Homeland Security know how many more terrorists-in-waiting there are among the thousands admitted through our humanitarian asylum policies?

Tancredo overlooks the fact that the two suspects came to the United States as children, have lived here more than a decade, and there's no evidence to date that  the suspects "harbored a secret hatred for the United States" at the time they entered the country.

And as usual, Larry Klayman is in his own league, spewing his usual Obama derangement:

It is now clearer than ever that the pro-Muslim actions and non-actions of our “First Muslim President” are coming home to roost – with a vengeance. After over four years of his administration, here is where we find ourselves today with regard to attacks and threatened attacks by terrorists and terrorist nations.


At first, Obama administration officials, as has become the norm, refused to implicate a possible Muslim terrorist plot, Obama himself describing the attack as a mere “tragedy.” Indeed, given the latent and actual claims of persecution of Muslims in this country by Obama and his allies, like the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), even conservative channels like Fox News shied away from using the “M” word until it was crystal clear who had perpetrated the bombing. For example, Bret Baier of Fox News almost choked Friday morning when he broadcast the names and backgrounds of the bombers and sheepishly revealed their Muslim roots. This politically correct sensitivity, orchestrated and furthered by Obama and his minions, has contributed to the rise of Muslim extremism in our country. Terrorists like Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, to avoid even the appearance of prejudice against Muslims, are even given scholarships to prestigious schools and entrees into other venues of American society, which they can use as cover for their plots. In short, Obama has set the tone and led the way in giving this green light to his fellow Muslims bent on terror.

Klayman is eager to blame Muslims forthings they clearly had nothing to do with, such as the ricin-laced letters to politicians and the Texas fertilizer plant explosion:

Nor was there hardly any mention on any station or other press entity of even the possibility that Muslim terror was involved in the huge explosion that occurred in West, Texas, where a fertilizer plant blew up Wednesday, just days after the Boston Marathon bombing.

Klayman asserted that West, Texas, where the explosion occurred, is "the former home of none other than former President George W. Bush." False -- Crawford, Texas, near which Bush's ranch is located, is more than 40 miles away.

Klayman also claims that  the ricin-laced letters have an "apparent similarity in timing and method to the Sept. 11, 2001, anthrax terror attack, which to this day have never been 'solved.'" In fact, officials agree that Bruce Ivins perpetrated the attacks (even if Cliff Kincaid still thinks the Muslims did it).

It's this level of attention to facts that make Klayman the failed lawyer that he is.

Posted by Terry K. at 9:51 AM EDT
Updated: Saturday, April 20, 2013 10:09 PM EDT

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