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Wednesday, December 26, 2012
WND's Kupelian Keeps Pushing Obama 'Tribulation' Theme
Topic: WorldNetDaily

WorldNetDaily has published David Kupelian's theme-setting essay from the current issue of WND's Whistleblower magazine, which portrays President Obama's re-election as an "American Tribulation." Indeed, Kupelian is quite butt-hurt about Obama's victory, blaming it on voters being too stupid to figure out the truth:

My 23-year-old daughter called me mid-evening on Election Day, right after it became apparent that the unthinkable had occurred – that Team Obama would have another four long years to transform and dismantle all that Americans loved, all that we fought for, all that we “built.”

“Dad,” she said urgently, “what the hell just happened?”

I confirmed the bad tidings she was hearing on Fox News and explained the vexing electoral math. And then, after dialoguing briefly about the implications of this election, I was moved to more-or-less apologize to her: “I always wanted to leave behind a good country for you and your brother to grow up in, but it isn’t looking that way right now. This is really bad. I’m sorry.”

“It doesn’t matter so much for me,” I added. “I’ve lived most of my life in the real America. It’s for young people like you that I’m heartsick.” And of course, I reassured her that all was not lost, that there was hope, and that I would continue to “fight the good fight” as a journalist – though I couldn’t promise what the outcome would be.

Since the election, every right-thinking American has been asking the same sorts of questions: How could this have happened? What do we do now? Is there even a way back to the America of our youth?

As a nation – and I’m speaking now of the voting majority, not all of us, obviously – we have squandered the priceless inheritance of our forefathers. We have wandered off into a far country and wasted our substance on immorality and profligate spending. We mock the faith of our fathers. We ignore the Constitution they bequeathed to us. We spit on the moral code they gave us, on which America and Western Civilization were founded. Our wealth – once the natural reward of the mighty engines of industry and innovation that thrive in a free country – is largely an illusion today, based on debt.

America is broken.

And yet, in this strangely wondrous world of ours, the Good Lord seems to bring us back to Him – back to understanding and repentance, to redemption and salvation – by breaking us. He brings us to our knees and allows us to suffer the consequences of our own folly until, as the “prodigal sons” we all are, we too come to our senses and look for a way back to our original estate.

Remember, America’s problem is not Barack Obama. Our problem is that half of our population, after watching a lying, supremely demagogic president methodically unravel America for four excruciating years, could see fit to elect him a second time. Our problem is that millions of us think it’s perfectly fine to rip apart innocent children before they’re born, and to steal from those who work hard and “redistribute” their goods to others. Our problem is that millions of us think it’s wonderful and proper for men to marry men and women to marry women and to persecute those who rightly point out that this is both immoral and mad.

Our problem is that millions of us – and more to the point, virtually the entirety of government, academia, popular culture and “mainstream media” – embrace the most absurd, preposterous and destructive lies as though they were great and enlightened truths.

Millions of people living in American today are, quite literally, madly in love with lies, deception and selfishness.

That’s our problem. Electing Obama is just a symptom.

Like his boss, Joseph Farah, Kupelian apparently has not considered that Obama's re-election may be God's judgment against him for the lies and the libel and the smears he has caused to be published at WND. Perhaps, like Farah, he doesn't want to face up to his own culpability in trying to personally destroy a man with lies and hate. Perhaps he is too blind to see that the "preposterous lies" are coming from his own "news" organization.

Kupelian keeps up the increasingly apocalyptic tone WND has adopted since Obama's re-election by referring to it as an "American tribulation," just like his magazine:

The coming tribulation in America requires, more than ever, that we discover and practice something Jesus commanded of us, and which he exemplified with his life and death: “Love your enemies.” That commandment isn’t quite as inscrutable and paradoxical as we sometimes think. “Love your enemies” just means don’t hate your enemies – don’t resent them, don’t be upset, enraged, fuming and bitter over their outrages. That’s what they want, that’s how they win – think about it. As the popular Christian saying goes, “Hate the sin, but not the sinner.” Remember, on the deepest level, “they know not what they do.”

Really? WND has been spreading nothing but hatred for Obama for the past four years. It has been the very definition of "upset, enraged, fuming and bitter."

Is Kupelian so far in denial that he can't help but delude himself, or does he understand he has to change the subject away from the evil he and his website has perpetrated?

Posted by Terry K. at 3:20 PM EST

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