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Monday, November 19, 2012
Obama Derangement Syndrome Watch, Supersize WorldNetDaily Edition
Topic: WorldNetDaily

There are only two ways a president with Obama’s record could win. The one, of course, to have massive election fraud take place. The other is to run against him a candidate worse than he. Karl Rove, Reince Preibus and those who view Jeb Bush as the savior in 2016 chose the latter of the two options.


The next two years are critical. As a close friend and colleague wrote this morning, for the next two years we must: “Fire and fall back. Inflict maximum damage on the enemy, but fall back on prepared positions, and repeat this process until reinforcements arrive” This include Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Obamacare and the economy.

-- Mychal Massie, Nov. 12 WorldNetDaily column

Never have we had a leader who can be so spooked-out by one-word attacks! “Solyndra!” Benghazi!” “Video!” “Fast-and-Furious!” (Oops! That one ran a little long!)

And this is the president you have re-elected, America. And you expect me to stand hunched over and look at my shoe-tops and mumble apologies for opposing him! Don’t wait without lots of Thermos fluids and sandwiches.

All of my voting life I’ve been able to say either, “My man won!” or “The other man won!” This is the first time I can say with clear conscience, “The wrong man won!”

What in hell has happened to you, America? Your major media have abandoned you, let you down completely, and you don’t emit a whimper of complaint. I suspect you’re not even aware. I suspect you think, “Well, if it ain’t there it ain’t news!” And you caused and rejoice in the victory of this thunderously inadequate president! And I’m supposed to show some kind of shame and contrition for being for Romney! In a pig’s eye, America, as radio’s Jean Shepherd used to say. “In a pig’s eye!” Well, Benghazi wasn’t in the news, but it was newsworthy. big-time newsworthy. Now that there’s a sex-angle, the major media have no choice but to pay attention.

I don’t think JFK would mind me stealing his construct.

“Ask not what’s wrong with Romney. Ask what’s wrong with America!”

-- Barry Farber, Nov. 13 WND column

How is it, people wonder, that Obama could be re-elected with an economy that’s barely breathing; a foreign policy that led to the Benghazi massacre and a cover-up that puts Watergate in the shade; soaring prices at the gas pump; a war on the oil and coal industries; a diminished military; increased taxes; Obamacare; handing GM over to a labor union; and an unemployment rate that’s worse than the one he’s spent four years complaining he inherited?

How, indeed? Well, for openers, Hispanics see the federal government as one big piñata, filled with goodies. Likewise, blacks, single women and immature males think that Uncle Sam is really their Sugar Daddy.


If America had been invaded by foreign enemies, we could have fought back. But this wasn’t a foreign invader. It’s as if America had died of cancer or a self-inflicted bullet to the head. The fat lady sang, and it wasn’t the National Anthem. We have all heard about criminals who, having been cornered, refuse to be captured and incarcerated. Instead, they choose to go out in a blaze of gunfire. It’s called suicide by cop. What happened on Nov. 6th was suicide by voter.

I see America as a nation in ruins. The difference is that, unlike the ancient cities of Rome and Athens, tourists won’t be showing up to take pictures.

-- Burt Prelutsky, Nov. 13 WND column

When Barack Obama was re-elected on Nov. 6, 2012, I was momentarily sad for my nation; then, the only reaction I felt was anger.

Those Americans who are hardworking and believe that less government intervention and involvement in their lives is the surest way to prosperity (both individually and for the community at-large) were defeated by a voting base that believes the exact opposite.

-- John Rocker, Nov. 13 WND column

I’ve said for a long time, fomenting widespread civil unrest has been part of President Obama’s game plan from Day 1. This, I have asserted, he will do in order to implement martial law or something resembling it, at least initially. Once this has been done, like so many government constructions, it becomes an entanglement from which it is damnably difficult, if not impossible, to extricate ourselves. 


What better way to coalesce the aforementioned complete power than by enacting so many oppressive policies within a short period of time, and amidst charges of misfeasance and fraud, that Americans who do have a sense of what America represents finally determine they’ve had enough? All the while, the press maintains the deception that Obama is just Joe President trying to do the right thing amidst radical factions reacting to circumstances brought about by George W. Bush in the first place. Thus, Obama’s actions, no matter how tyrannical, will be validated.

-- Erik Rush, Nov. 14 WND column

So, what were these 6.4 million evangelicals who voted for Obama thinking or were they thinking at all? How did they square this circle?

How could they vote for a candidate who supports the wholesale killing of the most innocent among us when the Bible condemns the shedding of innocent blood?

How could they vote for a candidate who wants to dilute marriage by including unions between two men or two women when the Bible calls this practice an abomination?

No, you cannot legislate morality. However, in the last few decades, in our states and in this nation, we have legislated a lot of immorality.

-- Jane Chastain, Nov. 14 WND column

There has been much talk of late about America’s “fiscal cliff.” As troubling as our impending (Obama-spurred) economic collapse may be – and it is more troubling than even our most pessimistic economists are willing to admit – I’m even more concerned about fast-mounting tensions worldwide.

-- Matt Barber, Nov. 16 WND column

I am a proud Jewish Christian and feel that Israel and its survival is synonymous with my American heritage. I am one with my people and will never forsake them. And, I am in Israel also on my professional and personal mission, to do whatever I can – particularly in light of the destructive and anti-Semitic policies and actions of President Barack Hussein Obama (our first and hopefully only “Muslim” president) and the ignorance if not stupidity of the 70 percent of the clueless American Jews who just voted to put him back in the White House for another four horrifying years. In my opinion, Obama is as much a threat to Jews and Christians as is Hamas because he enables Hamas and those other Islamic groups bent on destroying us. 

-- Larry Klayman, Nov. 18 WND column

Posted by Terry K. at 9:30 AM EST

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