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Thursday, November 8, 2012
Obama Derangement Syndrome Watch, Supersize WorldNetDaily Edition
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Obama’s lies about the Benghazi attack and the four American deaths are lies told to cover up not State Department “incompetence” but the predictable consequences of policies of denial, neglect and stupidity toward our nation’s enemy, radical Islam.

But here is the most damning aspect Obama’s behavior. Obama is unwilling even today to name the enemy that has declared war on the United States and to deal forthrightly with that imminent threat. Our pro-Islamist president will not name Islamism, the Muslim Brotherhood and the government of Iran as enemies of the United States even though they have declared war on us and are engaged in numerous plots to bring death and destruction to the American homeland.

Why are we so reluctant to call this by its right name – treason?

-- Tom Tancredo, Nov. 2 WorldNetDaily column

This column is not permitted enough words to educate readers on the many instances I have experienced in recent years where judges intentionally made either clearly wrong rulings (i.e., over Obama’s eligibility) or put cases on ice to avoid having to reach a determination on a politically charged issue or matter. 

-- Larry Klayman, Nov. 2 WND column

Are you like me? Are you sick of President Obama at every campaign stop bragging about how he saved GM, how he singlehandedly saved the U.S. auto industry? “Bin Laden dead, GM alive.” This is typical Marxist disinformation on a grand scale, or as Joseph Goebbels said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

-- Ellis Washington, Nov. 2 WND column

Is Barack Obama the “president,” or a narcissistic coward?

In a just world, he would be impeached and tried for treason; he would not be re-elected.

I hope you know that.

-- Barbara Simpson, Nov. 4 WND column

To put things into perspective, my neighborhood is racially diverse, and I hope it always will be.

In 2008, however, most of my black neighbors placed Obama campaign signs in their yards. Distressed by racial identity politics, I wrote an op-ed called “Christ, Obama and America.”

This year, Obama/Biden campaigners and self-proclaimed “community organizers” have been knocking on every door – including my family’s door – for months. But Obama/Biden signs weren’t yet on display, so we thought the majority of their 2008 supporters had changed their minds due to Obama’s and Biden’s record. Then, in mid-October, two black households near mine put out Obama/Biden signs.

These two neighbors declare themselves Christian. One declares herself Catholic and pro-life, but something is amiss in the thought process of many Christians.

For example, our Catholic neighbor has blamed the ills of Obama’s presidency on George W. Bush. And she asked me, “Do you not believe that the eternal God made Obama president?”

“No. God didn’t make Obama president,” I replied. “We, the people, made Obama president. There’s a distinction between God’s ordained will and His permissive will. God made us in His image with free wills to choose life or death. In the United States, voters like you and I are free to elect or reject Obama’s deadly agenda.”

-- Anita Crane, Nov. 4 WND column

I believe a second term of Obama will spell the end of real opposition to that agenda. With four more years and no future election to face, Obama and the Democrats will use their power to attack their political enemies and adversaries with more zeal and more certainty than they attacked Osama bin Laden.

It’s their nature. It’s in their DNA. It’s what they do. They’ve already done it in Obama’s first term – in the form of politically motivated audits, Internet regulations and efforts to kill freedom of speech on talk radio. What do you think they will do if returned to power?

-- Joseph Farah, Nov. 5 WND column

Barack Hussein Obama carried the state of Ohio in 2008 with 206,800 votes, but he won Cuyahoga County by 245,467 votes. Without these Cuyahoga votes the state would have gone to John McCain by 38,667 votes. The Obama victory in Ohio came from that one county alone, which is the home of Cleveland, one of the most politically corrupt cities in the United States. 


Cleveland is an active area for thugs associated with the Black Panthers. I am very sure they will be at polling places in Cuyahoga “reminding” voters to vote for Obama. The real purpose of the presence, which will be permitted by the mayor of Cleveland, is to intimidate and scare off white voters.

-- William Murray, Nov. 6 WND column

We are at a tipping point in history. The core question before us in the Obama vs. Romney election was whether we would pull back from the edge of the abyss and preserve and defend the unprecedented American idea of individual rights and freedom, or succumb to the apathy and intellectual laziness that has infected the body politic.

Not only was defeating Obama and his gang critical to the preservation of our unalienable rights guaranteed under the Constitution, it was also essential to national security. In Afghanistan, for four years he has pursued attempts to partner with the anti-human Taliban, despite the fact that the death toll in Afghanistan under Obama far exceeds that of all the Bush years combined, and the fact that the Taliban’s savagery and brutality toward girls and less devout Muslims is monstrous.

-- Pamela Geller, Nov. 6 WND column

As I write, it is not yet clear who has won the presidential election. Win or lose, though, Mr Obama was not and is not the president. The Hawaiian long-form “birth certificate” he publicly endorsed and posted at the White House website last year as proof that he was born in the jurisdiction of the U.S. and is thus constitutionally eligible to be president is a forgery.

I can prove it.


The investigators are closing in. When prosecutions begin (and it is “when,” not “if”), those who failed to honor their oaths of office will be in the crowded dock alongside Obama as accessories after the fact of forgery, fraud and – let us not mince words – high treason.

-- Christopher Monckton, Nov. 6 WND column

The exodus of tomorrow’s American exceptionalists will not even be noticed. The nation and its political parties are now gearing up for the fight over who gets how much of a slowly dwindling pie – until it’s gone, and we begin consuming one another.

So the next time you are pulled aside to be searched or fondled before boarding an airliner (it’s the terrorists, don’t you know), look at the kid who walks past you with a one-way ticket out of Obama’s America. Perhaps she carries within her mind – and to another country – one of the last remaining creative sparks of American exceptionalism. No alarm will sound as she walks through the screening area for the last time.

-- Craige McMillan, Nov. 7 WND column

Posted by Terry K. at 3:31 PM EST
Updated: Thursday, November 8, 2012 3:34 PM EST

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