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Monday, October 29, 2012
David Kupelian's Obama-Hating Crystal Ball
Topic: WorldNetDaily

WorldNetDaily managing editor David Kupelian begins his Oct. 22 column -- headlined "My crystal ball" -- by stating, "I’m not a prophet. In this world of wall-to-wall deception, it’s hard enough for a journalist to figure out what’s going on right now, let alone predict the future."

We'll agree Kupelian is not a prophet. We'll also argue that he's not a journalist -- these days, he's nothing but an anti-Obama propagandist.

And Kupelian does a fine job of delivering on the propaganda in his column, which argues that "should Obama be re-elected, some things are almost certain to happen, in my view."

Among them, he writes, include political violence:

If Obama in a second term accelerates his relentless assault on the American system, there may be some who conclude all is lost and that their only response is to commit violent acts in the misguided belief they are channeling America’s founding generation – refreshing “the tree of liberty,” as Jefferson said, with “the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

Of course, such miserable actions will fail to achieve any good result, innocent people will suffer, the perpetrators will rightly be reviled (along with millions of others), and the net result will be a level of government repression unprecedented in the modern age.

Of course, Kupelian doesn't mention that the type of person who would be prone to anti-Obama violence is also likely an avid reader of the anti-Obama propangada at WND.

Another purported consequence is "Depression and mental illness":

One could jest that another four years of Obama is enough to give anyone a case of depression, but it’s no laughing matter. Presidential character is enormously important, especially during difficult times. While things were very tough during the Great Depression, America was basically unified and citizens respected and looked up to their president (first Hoover and then FDR). Today’s president, in contrast, is neither a unifying nor inspiring figure, but quite the opposite – a grossly unqualified, polarizing, ideologically driven and jarringly narcissistic politician widely perceived as dragging the nation downward.

Let’s remember that a president of the United States is a lot more than chief executive of a gigantic “corporation” and commander in chief of the armed forces. He is also, in a very real sense, the “father of the country” during his time in office. Just as fathers exert an immeasurable, almost cosmic, influence on the well-being of their family, so is the national family similarly influenced by its presidential “father.” During Reagan’s presidency, for example, more Americans became pro-life, because he was pro-life; they became confident, because he was confident; and they became more hopeful (“It’s Morning in America”), because he was hopeful. And it was all real: Unlike Obama’s “hope” campaign slogan, Reagan exuded genuine hope and confidence – rooted in a deep understanding of, and love for, America and an enlightened determination to enact policies that would lead to greater freedom, prosperity and security.

The influence of a good presidential “father of the country” is like sunshine; though far away, it warms everybody with its life-giving rays. Likewise, a troubling father figure like Obama – who himself has never matured, but rather is a profoundly broken person and has developed into a ruthless and deceitful Chicago politician with a winsome persona – exerts a malignant “radiant” effect on the American mind and culture. Thus, while ours is already a nation of drug-takers, with approximately one in 10 adults currently taking dangerous anti-depressant drugs, I believe psychiatric drug dependency – and much more to the point, the mental-emotional conditions that lead to their use – will increase under a second Obama term. He’s one stress Americans really don’t need.

Recall that Kupelian baselessly blamed antidepressants for Andrea Yates killing her five children, ignoring that she and her husband were in thrall to an ultra-fundamentalist Christian preacher who believed that women should be subsurvient to men and who berated her Catholic upbringing.

This would apparently be followed by "de facto secession":

By de facto, I mean that actual, legal secession will not happen. We fought the Civil War over this issue and the secessionists lost, costing over 600,000 lives (and recent authoritative research shows the number of Civil War dead was probably closer to 750,000). Secession from the union is extremely unlikely simply because the national government won’t allow it.

However, the Internet plays a crucial role here. Just as commerce, communications, recreation, education, the news and information media and many other areas of life have been revolutionized by the Internet, the same amazing technology – which allows unfettered free communication with basically anyone on earth, without middlemen or gatekeepers – will enable society to re-align over new lines of force: common values. In other words, people of like mind, who believe in traditional American constitutional values, will be able to find each other over the Internet – and if they wish, move to a common geographic location. They can pick a state – Texas, South Carolina, North Dakota, wherever – and do what the Mormons did in moving en masse to Utah. Utah didn’t secede, but the massive influence of the LDS church there sure made it a great state to live in if you’re a Mormon.

Kupelian doesn't mention that WND has promoted actual efforts at secession.

What Kupelian is peddling here is not "crystal ball" thinking but more anti-Obama paranoia.

Posted by Terry K. at 3:43 PM EDT

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