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Tuesday, October 16, 2012
WND's Farah Is STILL Wondering Why Nobody Beleives His Website
Topic: WorldNetDaily

In Joseph Farah's world, being (justly) ignored means you make the same argument again, only more shrill.

Farah already devoted an Oct. 6 column to complaining that the rest of the world is ignoring Reza Kahlili's WND-published claim that  President Obama purportedly cut a deal with Iran to stop its uranium enrichment as a pre-election "October surprise." But everyone ignored that too, so Farah is trying again in his Oct. 11 column:

Last week, WND reported the breathtaking story, based on impeccable Iranian sources, that Barack Obama sent an emissary to Qatar to meet with a representative of the ayatollah to offer a secret deal – one that would help Obama win his re-election bid.

It was a shocker – even by Obama standards.

The White House was offering Iran a deal to reduce international sanctions against the rogue, terrorist-supporting nation developing nuclear weapons if it simply agreed to suspend uranium enrichment for two weeks before the U.S. election – allowing Obama to announce a phony “diplomatic coup.”

As the story pointed out, this could well be the “October Surprise” Obama planned to overcome his fading support among the American public.
It was quite a story, indeed. But it was not picked up by a single news agency in the country – therefore leaving open the possibility Obama can still pull it off.


To say the least, this kind of reporting is expensive and risky. How did the rest of the media respond? With another collective yawn.

In other words, the word is not getting out. Despite the precision and grainy detail offered by WND’s reports, the rest of the media simply ignored these startling revelations, as if they never happened.

As we pointed out last time, Kahlili's sources are anonumous, so there's no way anyone can judge how "impeccable" they are. Further, Kahlili's fearmongering claims -- he's best known for his discredited claim that Iran was planning nuclear suicide bombings with "a thousand suitcase bombs spread around Europe and the U.S." -- are treated with skepticism by actual Middle East analysts.

In other words, Kahlili can't be trusted. But that inconvenient fact isn't stopping Farah from going into full conspiracy mode:

Could it be that important national security stories are taking a backseat to the fluff and celebrity gossip spewed out by the media on an hourly basis?

Could it be we don’t have a free press in America any longer – only a state-sponsored, controlled media?

Could it be that even the so-called alternative press in America – which doesn’t do this kind of investigative reporting itself – is guarding its own franchises and businesses by failing to acknowledge the one independent, alternative news agency, the original, I might add, that is kicking butt and taking no prisoners in its efforts to seek out and sort out the truth?

Of course, Farah ignores the elephant in the room: WND has so beclowned and discredited itself with its near-pathologiclal obsession with smearing President Obama with all manner of sleaze and untruths that nobody believes what's published there.

Led by Jerome Corsi, WND is so invested in the idea that Obama's birth certificate is fake -- even instigating Sheriff Joe Arpaio's cold case posse "investigation" of the issue and sucking up to Arpaio so hard that Corsi was a de facto member of the posse -- that it has refused to acknowledge all evidence (and there's a lot) that contradicts Corsi's conspiracy theory.

Just in the past week, Corsi's  big "scoop" that blurry, blown-up photos prove a ring Obama wears contains the statement "There is no god except Allah" in Arabic was shot down by one of his own birther buddies, Mara Zebest. And yes, Farah wrote a column wondering why the media was ignoring this too.

It's simple -- nobody believes WND. Even birthers have stopped believing it. Farah has nobody but himself to blame for that.

Posted by Terry K. at 6:24 PM EDT

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