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Thursday, October 11, 2012
Vox Day Laments That Marriage No Longer Means 'Expectation Of Regular Sex' For Men
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Vox Day's issues with women are fairly legendary, so it's no surprise he'd go there again, which he does in his Oct. 7 WorldNetDaily column.

Day begins his column by declaring, "When gasoline prices are rapidly approaching $5 per gallon, it is no secret that U.S. money does not buy what it used to." He seems not to have noticed the fact that this is happening only in California and is due to supply disruptions, not regular inflation; elsewhere in the country, prices are slowly declining.

This led to a complaint about the Federal Reserve, which led to Day likening "monetary debasement" to supposed debasement of marriage. Day quotes somebody named "Dalrock," whom he calls "an influential Christian writer on intersexual relations" even though he appears to be just a blogger hiding behind a pseudonym, lamenting about what "marriage for men no longer means":

  • being the legally and socially recognized head of the household
  • an expectation of regular sex
  • legal rights to children
  • lifetime commitment

Day doesn't quote the rest of "Dalrock's" post, but he goes on to complain that a woman who becomes a "career gal" becomes "older and less attractive" and also "omes with even more feminist attitude," adding, "She also now has a legal incentive to divorce in the form of cash and prizes and nearly guaranteed child custody.  Oh, and we also have some new laws which assume you are an abuser if your wife decides she needs some drama or extra leverage against you."

"Dalrock" also grumbles about being unable to find a virgin to marry:

There’s just one more small thing.  It took her so long to find you that you can’t reasonably expect her chastity to be perfectly in tact.  I mean, it’s mostly there, but it suffered a ding or two.  Her virginity was gone to her first boyfriend, but don’t worry it was very romantic and she still has fond memories of that special time.  Not too long after that those jerks at the frat house did a number on her pride, but you can’t hold that against her.  She’s a bright gal, and after that she learned how to hook up smart.  There were, I think, a few other clips along the way.  Nothing too serious, but after all remember it did take her forever to find you.  Your little bird may not be quite as young and innocent as she would have been had she found you sooner, but there is always hope.

If this sounds familiar, it should. Day devoted a column last year to warning men not to marry "career women" because they have a bad habit of thinking for themselves. Earlier this year, Day complained: "In college, we were told that women were just as interested in sex as men, but that having sex with them while they were drunk was rape, having sex with them when they regretted it the next day was rape and not having sex with them was also rape if they felt sufficiently spurned."

Day spends the rest of his column grumbling about "government recognition of homosexual relationships," adding: "The government overvaluation of homosexuality is why 4.4 percent of the characters on U.S. television are now sexually abnormal, more than double their actual percentage of the general population."

Yep, the boy's got issues.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:34 AM EDT

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