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Friday, October 5, 2012
Molotov Mitchell Laughably Claims He's The 'Best Friend' of Gays
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Molotov Mitchell is still trying to spin away his hatred of gays.

Reading a letter from a critic who reminded him of his tacit endorsement of a proposed anti-gay law Uganda that permitted the execution of people for committing homosexual acts, Molotov responded in an Oct. 2 WND video:

Fact: Molotov Mitchell has never called for the execution of "the gay" in Uganda. Years ago, in an episode of "For the Record," I defended Ugandans' right to make their own laws concerning homosexuality. In the video, I referenced Uganda's cultural and historical sensitivity, and applauded their willingness to stand up to the mounting pressure of European political correctness. And as a Ron Paul, freedom-loving conservative, I thought and still think that white people in America should stop trying to control black people's lives in Africa. If Ugandans wants to ban homosexuality, as a white American, frankly it is none of my business.

And for taking that radical libertarian position, liberals still sling mud at me, calling me a hatemonger, a Nazi, a guy who wants to kill all "the gay." These people clearly have no idea what a real Nazi or a real hatemonger looks like.

He then dismissed his critics as "limp-wristed American liberals," concluding, "I may not want to hold hands with you, but I'm one of the best friends you've got."

Let's go back and look at what Mitchell actually said in that 2009 video. As we noted at the time, Mitchell justified the proposed Uganda law by claiming that "our founding fathers also made homosexuality a capital offense" adding that "don't think that our founding fathers wouldn't support this legislation all the way." Mitchell falsely claimed that Ugandans "don't want to kill the homosexuals" -- even though the proposed law at that time would have permitted exactly that. Mitchell also declared that "If gay Ugandans don't like the law, they are more than free to leave," ignoring the fact that the law also could be applied to Ugandans living outside the country, even in countries where homosexuality is legal.

Would Molotov be so vociferously defending Uganda's "right to make their own laws" and their "cultural and historical sensitivity" if it involved a law that permitted killing Christians? Doubtful. And if Molotov wanted to back up his statement that "white people in America should stop trying to control black people's lives in Africa," shouldn't he be criticizing people like white Americans like Scott Lively, who reportedly played a role in inspiring the law?

Ol' Molotov 's history shows that he believes that the execution of gays is  perfectly acceptable to him. He's a self-proclaimed "zealot" -- even has the word tattooed on his arm -- and has stated that he favors the "abolition of homosexuality." 

Molotov's claim that he is the gays' "best friend" rings as hollow as his "some of my best friends are gay" video that he produced  in response to his original defense of Uganda's proposed law. Anyone who so eagerly invokes anti-gay smears as "limp-wristed" is no friend of gays -- or anyone, really.

Posted by Terry K. at 2:47 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, October 5, 2012 2:48 PM EDT

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