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Tuesday, March 20, 2012
WND's Vox Day Still Has Issues With Women
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Vox Day uses his March 18 WorldNetDaily column to further expound upon his longtime issues with women:

In high school, we were repeatedly instructed by our mothers and female friends that girls only wanted nice guys, real gentlemen who would treat them well and put them on the pedestals they deserved by virtue of their sex. Then we watched them uniformly ignore those nice young gentlemen in favor of the socially dominant and the athletic. In college, we were told that women were just as interested in sex as men, but that having sex with them while they were drunk was rape, having sex with them when they regretted it the next day was rape and not having sex with them was also rape if they felt sufficiently spurned.


This is the new societal reality, and it is not only one that women created, it is one that women demanded. While our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers made it possible, they only did so at the instigation of women who sought liberation from the oppression of patriarchy.


While it is not true that all women are sluts, in a recent anonymous survey, I found that 31 percent of women reported cheating on a serious boyfriend and 24 percent of married men reported that their wives had been unfaithful to them. Men have long understood that instinctual male behavior was barbaric at heart and needed to be suppressed in order for civilization to prevail. What was forgotten was that instinctual female behavior was even less civilized. What Noonan decries is little more than an abandonment of the philosophy of Wollstonecraft, Sanger and De Beauvoir in favor of a return to the recognized wisdom of vastly superior philosophers such as Aristotle, Aquinas and Schopenhauer.

Led by a small cadre of practical game theoreticians, most notoriously the brilliantly dour Roissy, more and more men are taking the red pill and rejecting the pretty lies they have been told throughout the entire course of their education and upbringing. Some are choosing to go their own way. Others are improving the quality of their marriages, and still others are using their new-found knowledge to plow through the opposite sex like Visigoths and Vandals sacking Rome. What Peggy Noonan does not realize is that whereas men once assumed that a woman was a lady until proven otherwise, increasing numbers of them assume women are shallow and superficial until they are provided with credible evidence to the contrary.

As we've noted, Day has previously argued against women being allowed to vote, considers women's rights "a disease that should be eradicated," and has advised men not to marry "career" women  because they have a bad habit of thinking for themselves.

Posted by Terry K. at 3:58 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, March 20, 2012 3:58 PM EDT

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