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Thursday, December 1, 2011
WND's Massie Attacks Colin Powell
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Mychal Massie's Nov. 28 WorldNetDaily column is dedicated to bashing Colin Powell for alleging going from "a conservative who saw the world as true conservatives see it" to an "Obama supporter and apologist." Massie ranted about one Powell interview:

Powell's praise for Obama's mythical economic recovery also failed to mention that, instead of focusing on jobs, he was focused on destabilizing the Middle East and squandering money on green technology companies that went bankrupt literally weeks after being given billions of dollars in taxpayer bailouts. He also failed to mention that Obama's was a manic pursuant to seize control of one-sixth of the economy, when the federal government has been unable to run the U.S. Postal Service competently and has mishandled Social Security to the brink of insolvency.

And even more deplorable, his reference to Obama not being "Superman" was code-speak to blacks who could later be told that told Obama hadn't been given enough time.

Massie then attacks Powell for not being as reactionary and close-minded as he is:

Where would Powell be today, and what are the chances that the black family in the White House today would, at best, be there as servants if Lincoln had decided to compromise and let the South and New Jersey have slaves? What would America be today if our Founding Fathers had worked a compromise on taxes and minerals with King George? Obama claims to be a Christian – where would Christianity and God's plan of salvation be if Jesus had decided to compromise on sin and the cross? What if Churchill had compromised with Hitler, telling him he could kill all the Jews he wanted if he didn't advance against England? What if Everett Dirksen had compromised on the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

In every instance above, the groups/persons leading the charge were called extreme right-wing and accused of being unwilling to compromise, but they held their ground and we are better off for it. Compromise has brought us nothing but a downward spiral of society. Compromise has brought us the homosexual agenda and abortion on demand. Compromise has brought to the very brink of destruction of our nation.

Maybe instead of fomenting racial and societal discord, Powell would be better served by remembering there is a reason the military has been inflexible in its training regimens. It's because the military understands that compromise is the surest way to disorder and defeat.

Powell worked his way through the military to become a general, secretary of state, and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Massie writes a hate-filled column for a fringe website. Whose opinion is more trustworthy?

Posted by Terry K. at 1:04 AM EST

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