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Monday, November 21, 2011
WND's Mercer Likens Liberals to Holocaust Deniers
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Ilana Mercer is unhappy that views she doesn't agree with are presented to her on Fox News. She kicks off her Nov 17 WorldNetDaily column: by insulting those liberals she doesn't agree with:

The one parallel universe is represented on Fox Business by the likes of Nancy Skinner, Caroline Heldman, Tara Dowdell, Carl Jeffers, Joe Sibila, Erika Payne and others.

Skinner is a Democratic talk-show host. The description is self-explanatory. Heldman is a professor at Occidental College whose considered opinion is that "the "private sector" put us in "the economic position we are in." Heldman, who resembles the popular caricature of Marie Antoinette, calls regularly for the heads of business people. Dowdell is one of many fast-talking Democratic strategists to plump for every imaginable assault on private property issued by Washington. Sibilia is a successful CEO who – in his monumental ignorance of the benefits that redound to society when "both capital and labor are … permitted to make their own free choices" – is demanding that corporations "be designed for the common good." Erika Payne, among other evils, is the author of what Jonathan Alter of Newsweek endorsed as "a blueprint for a progressive conspiracy to help save the country."

The philosophical filth spewed by such characters – almost nightly on freedom-promoting programing, no less – is that government can spend and lend to good effect; that it can tax without discouraging and disrupting production; and that our overlords in D.C. can regulate "better" (read energy-squandering) industries into being by steering capital and labor away from bad (energy-efficient) industries (oil and gas).

You expect such illusionary presentations in the liberal media. But those whose fidelity is to reality, the founders' Constitution, and the natural laws of economics should not have to vie for precious seconds with central planners and thieves-by-proxy on magnificent libertarian programs like the John Stossel show or the Judge's "Freedom Watch."

Mercer declares that "there is but one economic reality": that government is bad and its spending is worse. Anyone who doesn't agree with that is just like a Holocaust denier.

No, really. She did indeed go there:

The truth is that truth is immutable, never relative. The little truth there is in mainstream media should not be diluted or presented by its adherents as dueling with untruth.

The above Fox News fixtures no more represent truth or promote it than does your average Holocaust denier.

With an exception: Libraries have long since engaged in a robust debate as to how to classify Holocaust-denying literature. While admirably advocating for unfettered free access, Professor of Library Services John A. Drobnicki has suggested moving Holocaust denial out of the History section in U.S. libraries and closer to the "Bigfoot books," so that Holocaust denial's Dewey Decimal designation is with "hoax materials."

Indeed, hacks are not historians. Although the dueling-perspectives panel format would suggest it is – the economic bunk spewed by the likes of Skinner, Heldman, Dowdell, Jeffers, Sibila and Erika Payne is no version of the truth, but a perversion of it.

Mercer also believes that Michael Vick had the right to do whatever he wanted to with his dogs, so maybe she isn't the best judge of what truth is.

Posted by Terry K. at 10:26 AM EST
Updated: Monday, November 21, 2011 10:27 AM EST

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