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Thursday, November 3, 2011
WND Not Exactly Rushing to Cain's Defense
Topic: WorldNetDaily

The Cain-gasm at WorldNetDaily has suddenly ground to a halt.

Given Herman Cain's close relationship wtih WND, you'd think that, in the wake of the sexual harassment claims against Cain, WND would making a full throated defense of their favorite Republican presidential candidate, conspiracy-mongering the heck out of it, and mindlessly atacking those making the accusations against him (you know, like Dan Gainor, Brent Bozell and the Media Research Center). Instead, WND's ostensible "news" side has mounted no defense whatsoever.

WND's initial original coverage consisted of cribbing a few paragraphs from other, more aggressive news outlets, then sticking a link to the original article at the end, as it did here and here. Another original news article simply rehashed Cain's denial of the charges.

However, it wouldn't be WND if it didn't trying to exploit a news story to make money off it. Thus, we have an Nov. 1 article plugging Aaron Kleins new guilt-by-association book, which quotes Klein as opining, "If Obama was hit with the same sexual harassment charges as Herman Cain, much of the news media would be working overtime to minimize the damage while investigating the backgrounds of the women who made the claims," Klein told WND today.

Meanwhile, WND's opinion side has been just as quiet, with just three columns so far. Two are syndicated -- Ann Coulter's column repeated her eariler statement that thecontroversy shows that "our blacks are better than her blacks," and Larry Elder cried double standard because the media didn't report on Jesse Jackson's "alleged numerous and rampant instances of infidelity" during his1988 presidential campaign.

The lone non-syndicated WND column on the subject is an Oct. 31 column by Floyd Brown:

One of the ugliest of racial stereotypes is that black men have large and uncontrollable sexual impulses. Many a hanging tree across America silently testifies to the unproven allegations that a black man made unwanted advances to a local white girl. Alleged rape or unwanted sexual contact was a constantly used tool by Southern elites to unburden their communities of black men they didn't like or feared.

Now, the liberal elite in the media have decided the Cain Train has gotten too long. They fear that the plainspoken business executive with a genuine American success story to tell threatens their power. They fear Herman Cain, so they are launching a high-tech, Internet-based lynching.

The goal is to embarrass Herman Cain, yes, but even more importantly, their goal is to create fear in the hearts of women. Politico, the publication that published its unfounded story should be ashamed. The story alleges that two unnamed women were paid off to keep silent about sexual advances made by Cain some 20 years ago. Despicable journalism, no documents presented, no firsthand testimony, just unnamed sources offering disgusting vile allegations.

We have been doing research of our own, and here is what a woman who has worked with Herman Cain for the last 12 years, and will go on the record, says: "I've been around Herman now for 12 years, and he has never done or said anything inappropriate around me or any other female I know, so … I think he may have run into a couple of gold diggers."

Of course, Brown offers no evidence that the "liberal elite" is behind the highlighting of these allegations, an increasingly absurd notion giving that the Cain campaign is blaming his Republican challengers for it. And if Brown was so concerned about debunking the stereotype that "black men have large and uncontrollable sexual impulses," we would have seen him by now denounce efforts by WND's Jerome Corsi and D.J. Dolce to link President Obama to gay sex. He hasn't.

Interestingly, WND editor Joseph Farah -- who has described Cain as "my friend" -- has not weighed in on the Cain controversy at all. Wonder why that is? 

Posted by Terry K. at 12:13 PM EDT

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