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Tuesday, September 6, 2011
WND's Erik Rush Invents Obama Race Riot Tweets
Topic: WorldNetDaily

WorldNetDaily columnist Erik Rush may have called President Obama a prison rapist, but he's not even saving his best Obama derangement for WND.

Here he is at something called The Daily Pledge creating fake Obama tweets:

Hey, BHO, you and I both know it…

You're the Incredible Shrinking President; shrinking, shrinking, before America's eyes.

Your arrogant minions and most of the press still carry the water for you, but that’s about it at this point. You’ve been deserted faster than a discourteous leper with body odor and halitosis.

But wait! The Incredible Shrinking President still has fingers, right? Maybe you can use them to send out some more tweets!

From @barackobama: "Obama n trubl. Take 2 streets"

Like anyone will listen, as you brandish the last weapon in your psychological warfare arsenal - The Race Riot.

Oh, yes – the prognosticators are already saying that the 2012 election cycle is going to be Race Card City, even though you already played that one. The faithful few are following your lead and trying to drum up some anger among blacks, but their rhetoric has already worn thin... Career race-baiters like Maxine Waters painting patriots as new age klansmen, hiding in the bushes with nooses at the ready. Members of the New Black Loser Party spewing ignorance and vitriolic hate…

Are you serious? The blacks and liberals you’re trying to incite to revolt are the same black folks you’ve led into 20-plus percent unemployment. A few of the really stupid ones might congregate on a few corners, but they’ll be more or less alone – except for the riot police who show up to arrest them.

America’s streets aren’t going to swell with outraged citizens, ready to do battle with nonexistent armies of Tea Party racists; they’re more likely to swell with outraged citizens as you're exposed and deposed.

Like anyone will think you aren't being treated exactly as you deserve…

From @barackobama: "America deposes 1st blk Prez! Riot in streets!"

Get real. Who in America is willing to lay down his life for you? You're just not worth it. By now, everyone knows you'd never do that for them.

Well, if there's anyone who knows firsthand about spewing ignorace and vitrolic hate, it's Erik Rush.

Posted by Terry K. at 1:29 PM EDT

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