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Saturday, August 20, 2011
Obama Derangement Syndrome Watch, Supersize WorldNetDaily Edition
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Really?! A man who still has not proven he is a "natural born citizen" and therefore constitutionally eligible for the presidency and who released a definitively fraudulent birth certificate after years of stonewalling? Is that consistent with a fair democratic process? More importantly, we have seen what this "mullah in chief" and promoter of Islam has done not just to our country but our most important ally, Israel.

-- Larry Klayman, Aug. 6 WorldNetDaily column

Generally, I wouldn't put Barack Obama in the same category as Queen Marie Antoinette.

You remember her: the queen of France who famously lost her head – literally – as the French Revolution tore that country apart.

How could she – female, pampered, royal, wealthy, aristocrat – have any comparison to the man who is president of the United States at this pivotal time in history?

I never would have connected them, but the events playing out in Washington and in world politics have made me change my opinion.

I'd not been a scholar of the French Revolution – blame that on gaps in my education – but as time passed, I've learned a lot.

-- Barbara Simpson, Aug. 7 WorldNetDaily column

As I have said before, the happiest man in America must be James Earl Carter. Soon, hopefully as soon as November 2012, he will be replaced by Barack Hussein Obama as the worst president in America's history.

Once again adding to his list of "firsts," Obama will take the mantel of the "worst" from a man who allowed America to be taken hostage and who presided over 16 percent inflation, prompting his famous malaise speech. He was a president America could not get rid of fast enough.

The only other "first" many of us would welcome would be a change of direction by the ideologue known as Barack Obama. That would take a first from Mr. Obama's repertoire: bravery and humility.

-- Craig R. Smith, Aug. 7 WorldNetDaily column

As Richard Weaver cautioned us in his 1948 classic, ideas do indeed have consequences. Weaver's description of the "spoiled-child psychology of the urban masses" sheds light on the tactics of today's radical left, especially the recent actions of our Spoiled-Child-in-Chief, whose ideas have led to catastrophic consequences at home and around the globe.

-- Tim Daughtry, Aug. 9 WorldNetDaily column

King Obama, who had never run so much as a lemonade stand, has surrounded himself with tax cheats and economic "yes" men like Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, who admitted that he has "never had a real job." The same holds true for most other members of his royal court. The notable exception is his chief of staff, Bill Daley, the token businessman – a sop to "diversity."

The dearly departed include such notables as Council of Economic Advisors Chairwoman Christina Romer, National Economic Council Director Lawrence Summers, budget chief Peter Orszag and Jared Bernstein, the economic adviser to the business-challenged veep. The latest to go is recovery guru Austan Goolsbee. All but Orszag came from academia and returned to academia, giving new importance to the adage: "Those who can do: Those who can't teach."

-- Jane Chastain, Aug. 10 WorldNetDaily column

Thus, it is not out of character for Marxist thugs to engage in Marxist thug techniques to win hearts and minds, albeit by intimidation, fear and deceit. Although we've not seen this sort of thing in America previously, it's all boilerplate stuff. Such methods as planting fake news stories and using social media to launch the crudest attacks upon their enemies are old, tried-and-true Marxist devices for tipping the scales of popular opinion in their favor, despite their utilizing relatively new technology and venues. It also should be no surprise that their tone is often profane, since this has always been the level at which many of their number operate.

And it is completely consistent that despite his flowery (if decidedly insubstantial) oratory, everything our precious First Black President Barack Hussein Obama does appears to be calculated to drive us deeper into the pit of economic ruin - because it is.

-- Erik Rush, Aug. 10 WorldNetDaily column

The constant PC reaction that what the dead did was to sacrifice their lives is simply disgusting.

They did (and do) no such thing!

Our military, all of them, are trained to fight and win and those men were there to do just that. They were not there to "sacrifice" their lives.

If Barack Obama, or anyone else in government, sees our military injured and dead as sacrifices, they ought to be thrown out of office immediately for basic, insulting stupidity, at the very least.

When the bodies were returned to Dover Air Force Base, Obama ordered there be no media coverage - so, no pictures for the public to see.

Well, not exactly. At least one picture was taken: Obama in profile, saluting, along with a line of other officials.

Then, it just happened to be posted on the White House website.

It should make great, re-election campaign propaganda.

But we know he cares - that's why he ordered flags to be flown at half-staff to honor the dead.

Oh, that's right. He didn't do that.

What a guy, and he's the president.

-- Barbara Simpson, Aug. 14 WorldNetDaily column

We had no business knowing they [SEAL Team 6] exist. Their glory should be in knowing that they serve silently, secretly, and lethally. They should carry out their tour of service in complete anonymity. There's a reason spies don't wear nametags -- it's because it endangers them. And the fact that we have heard a steady drone about the tragic loss of ST6 special ops in a helicopter crash, along with soldier photos, interviews with their families, etc., puts them all at risk.

The media aren't blathering on about them because they care. They're doing it for ratings. Obama used their heroism to elevate his nothingness. And Biden, in typical Biden fashion, made sure the world knew whatever he knew.

-- Mychal Massie, Aug. 15 WorldNetDaily column

There's the rub. Much to the consternation of far-left power players, Obama moved so hard and so fast that resistance coalesced. Though the tea party was forming before he took office, it would never have marshaled the forces it did had Obama only pretended to be the centrist he was advertised as being. Many of the maneuvers this president made that outraged conservatives also terrified beltway liberals due to their scope and audacity. It was Obama's narcissism that necessitated autocratic action toward actualizing his Marxist dream. The problem was that not all liberal leaders wanted to move that far left - or at least, not that fast. Certainly not so fast as to trigger a resistance movement.

-- Erik Rush, Aug. 17 WorldNetDaily column

Posted by Terry K. at 10:02 AM EDT

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