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Friday, June 17, 2011
WND's Corsi Is Out To Destroy Those Who Ridiculed Birthers (Like Him)
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Apparently, Jerome Corsi's disdain for people who ridiculed birthers like himself is exploding into all-out war -- and, it seems, libel.

In a June 16 WND article, Corsi declares war on one such person:

At the center of the network of Obama radical activists who forged and distributed a fraudulent Kenyan birth certificate in August 2009 was former California lawyer William L. Bryan.

Bryan posts as an Obama operative under the username "PJ Foggy" and lives in Raleigh, N.C., where he runs a flower shop.

Under the cover of his username, Bryan and his associates have engaged in an aggressive campaign to disrupt any and all attempts to pursue legal challenges to Obama's eligibility, while seeking to ridicule in vile and abusive terms those who dare advance or support publicly such legal efforts.

In a manner reminiscent of Donald Segretti's dirty tricks during the Watergate era, interfering in the 1970s with the political campaigns of such Democratic Party presidential hopefuls as then-Sen. Edmund Muskie of Maine, Bryan and his associates have utilized the Internet to plan and promote their disruptive name-calling efforts.

Just a couple problems with Corsi's vengeful attack. Bryan says "There was never any time in which the State Bar of California even suggested disbarment as a punishment." Further, according to a Facebook response by Bryan at the end of Corsi's article, Corsi also apparently violated Bryan's privacy by including a picture of his children in the article, as well as "called for his 4560 Facebook friends to harass me and gave them enough info to find the phone number and address of my flower shop, where several innocent women who work there are terrified."

All this, by the way, seems to stem from Corsi and WND getting suckered by a fake "Kenyan birth certificate" for Obama. Corsi, by the way, has yet to explain how he and WND went from claiming that Kenyan documents proved the certificate was real to claiming that Kenyan documents proved it wasn't. But that's the kind of thing that happens when you publish something bothering to confirm its veracity beforehand, which WND did here.

A June 17 WND article (curiously unbylined but will be presumed to have been written by Corsi until proven otherwise) attacks "A radical leftist sidekick of Bill Bryan." As with Bryan, Corsi provides no evidence that this person is "radical" other than opposing Corsi's birther agenda.

Corsi even slips in a plug for Larry Sinclair, who "claims in a book entitled 'Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder' that Obama, when he was an Illinois state senator, committed homosexual acts with him while the two were using cocaine" -- even including a link to Sinclair's book at Sinclair is a WND darling whose claims (which, like the fake birth certificate, WND made no attempt to verify before publishing) have been utterly discredited, though that has not stopped Corsi from hinting that they are true.

Does Corsi's war against his critics mean that we are his next target? After all, we've exposed his buffoonery in exposing the fraud of documents he obtained in Kenya in an attempt to smear Obama, as well as his ignorance about economics and the personal vendetta he waged in WND against a co-author who endorsed a presidential candidate Corsi didn't like.

So, yeah, using WND to settle personal scores is very Corsi (not to mention very Joseph Farah). We'd be a bit more worried about this unhinged vengenace if we didn't know WND's track record on libel lawsuits.

Posted by Terry K. at 1:48 PM EDT

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