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Tuesday, November 2, 2010
WND's Election Day Scaremongering
Topic: WorldNetDaily

It's election day, so WorldNetDaily has one last change to scare people into supporting its far-right agenda. So today's WND commentary page is littered with such scaremongering:

Though thoroughly trained in Marxist theory and tactics in his early career as a community organizer, Barack Obama abandoned the strategy of gradualism and turned the Long March into a headlong charge. Aided by Reid and Pelosi, he staged a frontal assault, above the radar and in full view, on any remaining vestiges of constitutional constraints. As a result, in an irony so sweet as to suggest divine intervention, the proud community organizer was responsible for the organization of a new and vibrant political community: the tea-party movement. Named for the original Boston Tea Party of 1773, these grass-roots organizations provided a vehicle for political action for mainstream Americans who are not by nature political animals.

-- Tim Daughtry, Nov. 2 column

Barack Obama will hug Hugo Chavez, meet with Ahmadinejad, bow to the king of Saudi Arabia, but he calls freedom-loving Americans "enemies."


This is not new. Barack Obama's Department of Homeland Security refuses to use the word "terrorist" when referring to Islamic groups that have declared war on us. No, Obama's administration reserves the word "terrorist" for American citizens who oppose his agenda. The Obama "terrorists" include Americans who are pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-Second Amendment, pro-Constitution citizens, including veterans in the line of fire for our freedom. The Department of Homeland Security exists to defend us from our enemies. Instead, Obama has used it to declare us – freedom loving Americans – as the enemy.

-- Janet Porter, Nov. 2 column

In 2008, many tried to warn voters that Obama was not remotely close to what he was portrayed. We tried to warn voters that he would be a disaster and that the damage his administration would wreak would be calamitous to the fabric of our nation. People didn't listen – they bought the lie – they bought the creation. They bought the feel-good fictional account because to buy the truth would have first meant confronting the truth.

People who voted for Obama are like those who have an opportunity to get a real job or make something productive of themselves, but instead choose to languish in a nowhere job and make excuses for never climbing out of the basement of life. People could have made different choices separate from Obama or McCain before it came down to them being the only choices, but they chose not to. Now, the nation will be paying for his agenda for generations to come.

Election Day isn't the candidate's day – it is our day to have our say, and either we treat it as such or we buy into a theatrical production, and stay mired in the same dead-end position we're in.

-- Mychal Massie, Nov. 2 column

Posted by Terry K. at 1:57 PM EDT

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