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Monday, June 28, 2010
WND Also Promoted Homophobic Rabbi
Topic: WorldNetDaily

We've detailed how promoted attacks on Elena Kagan by rabidly homophobic rabbi Yehuda Levin. CNS is not the only ConWeb component to have promoted Levin, and you will not be at all surprised to learn who it is.

WorldNetDaily -- which is presumably comfortable with Levin's views given its own anti-gay agenda -- has promoted Levin's anti-gay attacks, most recently on June 16, in which it approvingly quoted Levin bizarrely claiming that repealing the military's don't-ask-don't-tell policy would be a rebellion against God:

"Decent Bible-believing family people have been increasingly outraged by the cravenness of many politicians in their mad dash to turn timeless values on their heads, by advancing homosexual adoption, domestic partnerships, civil unions, 'marriage' and 'Heather Has Two Mommies,'" [Levin] wrote.

"The next slice of the salami – the koshering of volitional homosexual activity, along with all aspects of the homosexual culture, throughout the U.S. military – constitutes a rebellion against G-d and demoralizes both military and civilian society," he added. "We condemn the inherent antipathy, intolerance and even belligerence toward the essential religious liberties of Bible adherents."


"Passage of such evil legislation would expedite our hurtling towards Sodom and Gomorrah," he wrote. "It would also threaten to repel Divine Grace from our military's struggles and beyond. We call upon the Senate to unapologetically filibuster this legislation. We also ask all people of faith to adhere to our previous declaration that it is forbidden to vote for office-seekers who support the homosexual agenda."

This is not the only anti-gay attacks by Levin WND has promoted. A March 2005 WND article by Aaron Klein quotes Levin -- then head of something called Jews for Morality -- attacking the mayor of Jerusalem for not opposing a "world homosexual event" scheduled to take place in the city: "Your 'tolerant' behavior only emboldened the homosexuals, and now radical activists from all over the world are preparing to come to Jerusalem in massive numbers to publicly desecrate the city with their abominations."

In 2006 Klein, in the midst of uncritically promoting claims that "Israel's troubles in the Gaza Strip and Lebanon and the Hezbollah rockets slamming daily into major Israeli population centers" were caused by Israel's "tacit support for a homosexual parade slated for next month in Jerusalem," highlighted Levin's anti-gay activism:

Meanwhile, Yehuda Levin, a member of the Rabbinical Alliance of America, has come to Israel specifically to prevent the homosexual celebration from taking place. He said a homosexual parade is akin to a parade of "prostitutes promoting prostitution, or adulterers encouraging others to try adultery at least once in their life."

"Israel is the Holy Land, not the homo-land," Levin told WND.

Levin has been posting signs across Jerusalem urging citizens, politicians and Israel's chief rabbinate to use all legal means to prevent the festival.

"We'll use our bodies if we have to," Levin says.

WND has practically been Levin's PR agent (though it curiously has not yet reported on Levin's attacks on Kagan).

  • An October 2000 article promoting the "excommunication" of Sen. Joe Lieberman, quoting Levin claiming that "many Jews are embarrassed by Lieberman's comments" on abortion and homosexuality "but are unsure of what to think or do since he is part of their community." The article did not explain by what authority the group that excommunicated Lieberman (the New York Torah Court) had to do so, from exactly what it was Lieberman was excommunicated from, and how binding that "excommunication" was.
  • in October 2000, WND quoted Levin defending the Vatican from claims that it shouldn't be in the United Nations, playing the Nazi card in the process: "Half a century ago, my family was the victim of a movement which wanted to rid the world of Jews, and Jewish teachings and Jewish values. Today, the extremists seek to disallow and disenfranchise the Catholic community and their ideas. Often it is the Catholic presence which reflects our traditional Jewish teaching on respect for life and family. I call upon the U.N. and her members to reject this censorship, reject the bigotry, and reject this hate of the Vatican and of the Jewish pro-life and family [traditions] it expresses. Sixty years ago our people asked, 'Where were you for the Jews?' Today we ask the world, 'Where are you for the Catholics?'"
  • In 2003 it highlighted Levin's support of Roy Moore, then the chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court who was under fire for placing a monument with a copy of the 10 Commandments on the grounds of the Alabama Supreme Court building.

Levin has consistently promoted right-wing talking points and is as extreme as WND (if not more) on the subject of gays, so it's completely unshocking that WND would embrace him.

In 2004 it touted Levin's attacks on the idea of Arlen Specter being named chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee as "he wrong man, in the wrong place, at the wrong time": "Specter will not look kindly on judicial candidates who do not toe the line on his liberal ideas. He wants judges on the bench who will advance his degenerate agenda of abortion-on-demand, radical homosexual rights, rapacious lawyers, tax increases and the rape of America's constitutional liberties."

Posted by Terry K. at 9:18 AM EDT

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