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Friday, February 19, 2010
Jackie Mason Tells Evan Bayh To Leave the Country
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Hate-filled "comedian" Jackie Mason spent his Feb. 18 WorldNetdaily video ranting against retiring Sen. Evan Bayh for not being the moderate he claims to be:

This is the biggest lie ever told. This goes down in history together with the whole fraud that Abraham Lincoln was never a president or Hitler was never a Nazi. What, are you gonna tell me that this man is not a leftist? He went along and voted for every leftist bill that Barack Obama and every other Democrat wanted. He voted almost practically and completely and totally the Democratic Party line. He diverted once or twice for security issues, but on every other issue, he was a total Democrat with a leftist program who went along with every part of those programs while he was claiming he doesn’t believe in it, he was against it, and he voted for it. So he’s not only a leftist, but he’s a leftist hypocrite, and it was pretending he’s a moderate and he never was.


He went along with the stimulus bill, which was the biggest fake in the world, with 800, 900 billion dollars that went nowhere, which was supposed to create all kinds of employment, that created nothing but misery all over the country. Everything is 10 times worse than it was before, except for the fact that it cost us 50 times the money. Then he went along with the estate tax, they were trying to cut the estate tax and make an exemption for the estate tax, and he went along with the vote to vote against the cut in the estate tax. There’s nothing more unfair in the history of the world than the estate tax.


Why is the whole press taken in by the fraud of this man? He’s a liar and a fake, and he putting on a pretention and a posture that has nothing to do with him. And the truth of the matter is, he made a whole speech – he loves America, he loves the people, but he doesn’t love Congress because Congress is not working. The problem is Congress is working, and it’s working his way, and it’s exactly the opposite of what it claims. If it was not working, it would be a great gift to America, and we would have saved the economy and saved the country.

You are a fake, a fraud and a liar. And stop blaming anybody else. It’s your fault, and you walked out of there because you’re a hypocrite and you’re posturing as a pretention of principle. You got no principle. You’re creating a fake and a fraud for the whole company. Everybody is buying it because the rest of the country must be idiots or stupid or it serves their purpose to believe it. I know the difference. You can’t fool me, and you can’t fool anybody else who has any intelligence. So stop lying to the people and put on that fake act in another country.

Yes, he told a sitting senator to leave the country.

Posted by Terry K. at 10:32 AM EST

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