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Wednesday, November 11, 2009
Kupelian Fearmongers About Islam, Shills for WND Legal Defense Fund
Topic: WorldNetDaily

David Kupelian's Nov. 9 WorldNetDaily column is a big ol' pile of Islamic fearmongering, kicking off by describing alleged Fort Hood shooter Nadal Malik Hasan as "a certifiable, America-hating, jihadist "ticking time bomb" waiting to go off."

Kupelian then goes on to willfully mislead about what other news organizations have reported about Hasan:

Kupelian states that "Time magazine moronically blamed posttraumatic stress disorder – even though Hasan has never been deployed in a war zone." In fact, Time pointed out that  "Cases of posttraumatic stress disorder quadrupled from 2005 to 2007, and PTSD affects even those — like Hasan — who haven't gone off to war" adding: "Hasan had spent six years dealing with the mental wreckage of war at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington and, since July, at Fort Hood's Darnall Army Medical Center. His own susceptibility to mental problems was likely heightened because he was pretty much a loner: he wasn't married or in a relationship."

Kupelian wrote, "According to the Washington Post, the problem was that Hasan was lonely. That's right, the newspaper's report, titled "The lonely life of alleged Fort Hood shooter," was subtitled: "'He was mistreated. He didn't have nobody. He was all alone,' says neighbor." But the Post never blamed Hasan's actions on loneliness; the article in question merely described Hasan's life as seen by his neighbors in Fort Hood.

Nevertheless, Kupelian insisted that the "news media always torture themselves and their readers with the most wildly improbable explanations in their attempts to avoid the obvious truth." You know, like how WND portrayed DC sniper John Muhammad and accomplice Lee Boyd Malvo as "homosexual lovers with ties to the al-Qaida terror network," citing the National Enquirer as an authoritative source.

Kupelian went on to rant that anyone who says anything nice about Islam is suffering from Stockholm syndrome because "Being intimidated by Islam (or by anything, for that matter) actually causes some of us to mysteriously grow sympathetic toward it, to defend it, to side with it, even to convert to it." In case that was too subtle for his readers, Kupelian restates his argument: "Bottom line: We're intimidated, bullied, threatened, terrorized – and so we capitulate, not just in word and deed, but in thought. Get it?"

Kupelian concludes by doing some old-fashioned cynical shilling for the WND-published anti-CAIR "Muslim Mafia" book: "One last point: If you really want to do something besides complain about the spread of Islamic radicalism in the United States – a level of infiltration already far more advanced than you can imagine – then make a donation to WND's legal defense fund." But given WND's historical lack of accountability in the use of its legal defense fund and even its own defense of "Muslim Mafia" -- not to mention WND's lousy track record in lawsuits in which the legal defense fund has been used -- people are better off withholding their money from WND until it comes clean.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:29 AM EST

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