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Friday, July 17, 2009
Mason Falsely Smears Sotomayor, Claims White People Need Affirmative Action
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Jackie Mason directs his hate toward Sonia Sotomayor and the group she once served as a board member -- and, of course, gets his facts wrong in the process -- in his July 16 WorldNetDaily video:

I want to ask you a question: Did you ever hear of Latino Justice? Do you know what that is? it's an organization called Latino Justice PRLDEF. Do you know what that stands for? That stands for protecting Latin people to make sure they get jobs whether they deserve it or not.


You know what she did? She vetoed, under the name of this organization, PRLDEF Latino Justice, she was one of the members who vetoed Miguel Estrada from becoming an appellate judge.

Where to begin? First, Sotomayor was on PRLDEF's board from 1980 to 1992; Estrada wasn't nominated until 2003. Second, while PRLDEF -- not Sotomayor -- opposed Estrada's nomination, it cannot be logically argued that the group "vetoed" it, since only the Senate, of which the PRLDEF is not a member, can approve or disapprove federal judicial nominations. Third, nobody "vetoed" Estrada's nomination, not even the Senate; Estrada withdrew his nomination after Senate Democrats blocked it for two years.

Nevertheless, Mason rants on:

So a Latino judge is the most important thing in the world only when she gets the chance. When somebody else gets a chance, it's not important. So why is it so important to everybody in America that she become a judge? She must be on the Supreme Court but this guy didn't even belong on the appellate court. She wouldn't have even voted for him if he wanted to be a cop or a lawyer or an -- or an attendant in a men's room, anything. If he's a Latino, she was ready to destroy him, and it meant nothing to her.

Actually, Estrada is a lawyer.

Then, Mason taps into his inner Pat Buchanan (with a dash of Floyd R. Turbo):

She said a lot of intellectualized, phony things -- this is not the only one. But the Republicans are so intimidated, and affirmative action became a part of America now. The mentality of the white people of America is affirmative action. You don't have to pass affirmative action. The white mentality now is affirmative action. If it's a Latino, if it's Hispanic, if it's a black, if anybody who's a minority if a woman, they deserve the job above a white person. And the white person is the one who now leads -- who now positively needs affirmative action. There should be affirmative action, but it should be for the white people. The white people in America are the only ones who can't get a job no matter how well they're qualified.

Like she deserved it -- remember the justice system that she observed, that the white firemen couldn't get the job when they passed the test because black people somehow failed the test and you have to protect them? You have to protect the black people from ever getting ahead. You know why? Because you have to stop the white people. So if the black people happened in this case be too stupid to pass the test, that doesn't count because the white people passed the test.

So what does that mean? That's affirmative action in reverse. That's discrimination in reverse. That's hate in reverse. And that's what she wants. And all her answers to these questions that Republicans asked her are all reverse discrimination answers. But it's an intellectualized version of reverse discrimination so nobody noticed it and the Republicans are too intimidated to follow up on it and they don't want to trap her.

So everybody says now that she deserved the job because she was never intimidated and she was never rattled. The answer now is that you deserve a job because you were never rattled. Serial killers very often are not rattled either when you catch them. Does that mean she deserves the job because of the fact that she makes no sense on any issue and believes abolutely in reverse discrimination in every case? And she defends it with intellectualized answers that go nowhere and mean nothing, they just camouflage cover-ups. She's covering up her racial discrimination, and we need now affirmative action for the white people of America. Thank you.

That's right -- Jackie Mason likened a Supreme Court justice-to-be to a serial killer. That, apparently, is what passes for humor in his world.

Posted by Terry K. at 1:49 AM EDT
Updated: Friday, July 17, 2009 2:44 AM EDT

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