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Monday, April 6, 2009
WND Tees Up Gay-Bashing By Its Readers
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Alyssa Farah concludes her April 1 WorldNetDaily article looking disdainfully at the dating site eHarmony for launching "a matching service for homosexuals" (as the result of a lawsuit by "Eric McKinley, a homosexual, who alleged eHarmony's heterosexual-only matching service violated the state's anti-discrimination law") by asserting, "There are currently thousands of homosexual dating sites available on the Web. "

According to who? Farah doesn't tell us. What does she define as a "homosexual dating site"? She doesn't say. Are they all like the one eHarmony set up? we doubt it.

Farah seems to be broadly, if clumsily, framing the issue to claim that eHarmony shouldn't have been forced to create the "gay" (their scare quotes) dating service in the first place. Indeed, the top response to WND's related poll is,"Given eHarmony's Christian beginnings, the owners should have shut it down rather than agree to promote homosexual behavior." (Depiction-Equals-Approval Fallacy FTW!)

Judging by the comments, it seems that the real purpose of this article and poll is to give WND readers an excuse to engage in gay-bashing. Sample comments from the comments thread on the poll:

And by the way why do people call them gay, why not refer to their lifestyle as it really is queer! I disapprove of it and think eHarmony Which now is called eHOMOny should shut down!

With this in mind, why would ANYONE think this is an appropriate lifestyle much less promote it as eharmony has done. Please people, get the facts, homosexuality KILLS young people. If a person was going to commit suicide by sleeping pills, many people would try to stop them, and nobody would question that. When anyone tries to stop suicide, by homosexuality they are called politically incorrect and homophobic. What gives?

People make free choices in life and they are not all mentally ill. I call it Moral Decay. These people like the excitement of the forbidden. They use to keep it behind closed doors but now they like to flaunt their life style for all to see. These people funtion and hold down jobs.

Agree with you 100%. The gays agenda is to infiltrate as many christian places as possible so they turn around and proclaim "See, see all the acceptance, see even the christians accept us". That's why they went after eHomony. It would not have accomplished anything to start their own gay dating service, they already have them. They don't need to start new things, they need to invade the one's they are not in to prove their acceptance.

The gays are more than spoiled brats.... they can correctly be called the Pink Swastika movement... They want nothing less than a total embrace of their filthy, sick, immoral and unhealthy lifestyle. [...] That sound you hear is the prancing of Gucci jackboots.

the homosexuals are cancer on a society that cannot be cured except for complete eradication and that isn't going to happen...not now in the world we live in that is why God said donot conform to this world. but we sure have to suffer through it. even so hurry your ass up jesus!

Obama wants his own youth corps to brain wash and the gays want to corrupt our children into an ungodly homosexual lifestyle. If we allow this to keep happening this world will be full of a bunch of ungodly freaks doing anything they want. They don't care who they contaminate because they are like a bunch of dogs in heat. I am tired of these perverted reprobates trying to destroy the true meaning of the word Love. It is not Love that they feel it is Lust and it is from the pits of hell.

And there's even a bit of old-fashioned racism mixed in as well:

You're using fallacious reasoning. The bible makes abundantly clear that people are to marry/procreate within their own race (which is natural). Half of the entire bible is in regard to both the spiritual AND ethnic/racial purity of the Hebrews. Just because Moses sinned in taking a Cushite wife (which was for political/strategic reasons), doesn't nullify the numerous biblical teachings and precepts against race mixing. Your logic is faulty. Since Moses committed the sin of miscegenation, then everyone can now? Poor logic.

Posted by Terry K. at 1:25 AM EDT
Updated: Monday, April 6, 2009 1:27 AM EDT

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