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Monday, October 20, 2008
WND Laughably Pretends To Be Moral Arbiter of News Media
Topic: WorldNetDaily

The new issue of WorldNetDaily's Whistleblower magazine has the theme, "The Day the Media Died." It's ostensibly about how "America's 'mainstream media' have finally, during 2008, dropped the façade of fairness and impartiality" -- a rather hilarious argument from a "news" outlet that never bothered with the pretense and tells outright fabrications to its readers.

Indeed, the entire issue appears to be an in-kind contribution to the McCain campaign (like much of WND's news coverage). Among the featured claims:

The pregnancy of Sarah Palin's teen daughter is national news, as is the presence in the Alaska governor's mansion of a tanning bed (which Palin paid for herself). But Obama being mentored and nurtured for years by terrorists (William Ayers), communists (Frank Marshall Davis) and America-hating racists (Rev. Jeremiah Wright), which helped shape him into the most left-wing, America-blaming, radically pro-abortion and tyrant-appeasing presidential candidate in U.S. history, is not news.


"It doesn't matter how dangerous the reality of Obama is – a hardcore leftist whose intended tax-and-spend policies would, experts say, plunge American into a full-bore depression," said WND Managing Editor and best-selling author David Kupelian. "It doesn't matter how surreal and creepy his campaign gets – enlisting sheriffs and prosecutors to intimidate voters, exploiting children into singing 'Obama's gonna lead us' songs stunningly reminiscent of Chinese Maoist indoctrination. The mainstream press ignores it all, because, very simply, they just really want Obama to be president."

Of course, at WND, it's a steady diet of Obama sleaze, hate, lies, and fake documents while refusing to report anything negative about McCain. And Kupelian curiously fails to mention his own partisan affiliation -- he has endorsed McCain, and WND's news coverage is a direct reflection of that endorsement.

In other (italicized) words, WND ignores all negative news about McCain because, very simply, Kupelian just really wants McCain to be president -- making a mockery of boss Joseph Farah's claim to support "none of the above."

Kupelian is also quoted as saying, "By pushing so unashamedly and openly for Obama, the Old Media are throwing away what little is left of their credibility." Given that Kupelian's own website is outright lying about Obama, how much credibility could he and WND possibly have?

Which makes Kupelian and WND setting themselves up as moral arbiters of media behavior so roll-on-the-floor hilarious -- that is, if it wasn't so utterly dishonest and pathetic.

If a "mainstream media" outlet lied as much as WND, it would have died a painful death a long time ago. Yet WND remains in business. Where's the justice?

Posted by Terry K. at 9:12 AM EDT

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