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Tuesday, September 9, 2008
Kincaid Endorses Misogynist's Views
Topic: Accuracy in Media

In a Sept. 9 Accuracy in Media column, Cliff Kincaid approvingly cites Marc Rudov, who claimed that women who are critical of Sarah Palin are "fascist feminists." Kincaid described Rudov's column, posted on right-wing, an "insightful article"; of Rudov's claim that Palin "has achieved success while expressing love and admiration for her husband, anathema to the misandrist underpinning of fascistic feminism," Kincaid added: "Palin can never be forgiven for this. That is why she must be destroyed."

But Kincaid avoids posting the parts of Rudov's article that are, shall we say, less than insightful:

Feminism, which took root in the late 19th century as an equality movement for women’s suffrage, has evolved into a militant, totalitarian train of entitlement, misandry, superiority, and privilege. To maintain the façade of pursuing equality, the National Organization for Women, self-designated voice for the “slighted” gender, presents a neverending, monolithic image of female victimhood. To achieve this monotony, NOW mandates that its badge-wearing acolytes talk, think, and act according to the the NOW playbook. I’m sure that Mussolini is smiling, wherever he is.


Women have amassed such unequal power since getting the right to vote in 1920 that they will destroy anyone attempting to remove said power or expose its fraud.


Joe Biden is the candidate who appeals to women? Gee, why is that? Could it be that Joe Biden is the father of VAWA, the unconstitutional Violence Against Women Act, the passport for female-on-male violence and false claims of male violence? Yes, that’s the same Joe Biden. The same Joe Biden who admitted in a 1990 Senate Judiciary hearing (Serial No. J-101-80; pp. 171-172), the precursor to VAWA, that he grew up with an abusive sister who was permitted to hit him with absolute impunity — no retaliation allowed, even in self-defense — and he still has the bruises to prove it.  Sounds like Stockholm Syndrome to me. This is the VP candidate who appeals to women?


Considering that NOW is a fascist organization, a so-called feminist like [Sen. Barbara] Boxer portraying Palin as a dictator is laughable.


Plenty of conservative women have benefited from the handiwork of liberal feminists. Joe Biden could not have succeeded in his mission to villanize American men, via his unconstitutional VAWA, without the overwhelming support of his Republican colleagues in the Senate and House — both genders — and in the Oval Office, both Clinton and Bush.

Finally, it is ludicrous to think that only liberal women falsely accuse men of rape and domestic violence, fraudulently get their husbands to raise and support children fathered through extramarital affairs, and exercise their Roe v. Wade rights. In fact, conservative women do all of those things.

Additionally, Rudov is on record as:

  • Claiming that "that most American women are as shallow as" the characters on "Sex and the City."
  • Asserting that if "the woman is complaining that the man doesn't work enough around the house," it may be because "she said 'I do' at the altar and 'I don't' in the bedroom."
  • Said of Hillary Clinton: "The woman is not called a B-word because she's assertive and aggressive; she's called a B-word because she acts like one."
  • Described the downside of a woman president: "You mean besides the PMS and the mood swings, right?"
  • Claimed, against statistical evidence, that "women are equal-opportunity domestic abusers."

Does Kincaid think these misogynistic attitudes by Rudov are "insightful," too?

Posted by Terry K. at 5:16 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, September 9, 2008 5:19 PM EDT

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