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Wednesday, August 20, 2008
Savage's Boss Has Wackier Ideas About Autism Than Savage Does
Topic: The ConWeb

Remember Michael Savage's comments about autism, how "[i]n 99 percent of the cases, it's a brat who hasn't been told to cut the act out"? Ever wonder where Savage got such an idea? It may have come from his boss.

Savage's syndicator, Talk Radio Network, is operated by the Roy Masters family (Masters' son, Mark Masters, is TRN's CEO). As we've detailed, Masters heads the Foundation of Human Understanding and has been accused of being a cult leader who sways disciples through hypnosis and meditation. (Masters also has ties to WorldNetDaily, which, among other things, hosts Savage's website.) Masters hosts a TRN-syndicated overnight radio show.

ConWebWatch has discovered an audio clip of the July 22 edition of Masters' show, in which he addressed the controversy over Savage's remarks. Masters not only declared that "Savage is dead right," he claimed autism is caused by "[b]ad parenting" and cited the pursuit of "the benefits the parent gets for having their children pronounced with autism." He also appears to blame dominating moms and weak dads: "And you, sir, who just sit on the fence crying like a rooster. Well, one of these days you’ll wake up, you’ll cackle like a hen and become a homosexual or something because you’re not a man to let this happen to your children."

From the July 22 edition of Talk Radio Network's "Advice Line Overnight With Roy Masters":

MASTERS: So, I will discuss autism with -- the kind of induced autism, the one that is induced by inoculations and, of course, people are born that way, which is a very small number indeed, but most of them are made that way by the school, by parents, and I -- I’ve seen some awful things in my life, how parents treat their children, especially the bright ones. They demoralize their own children. And those are the parents, possibly, who misunderstood what Savage says, the parents who destroyed their own children. And don’t you think parents don’t destroy their own children? Most parents do to some degree. Some of them are just simply practicing Munchausen by proxy. They create the problem and then -- unconsciously create the problem and yet -- and if you’re bright enough, you can actually see some of those people when they’re interviewed on television, you can see the mother -- I’ve seen one where the mother was degrading this boy right in front, talking to him like he was a stupid idiot. The kid was as bright as he could be, and the silly little stupid old father sat there and let it happen. And -- but the trouble is if don’t look at it right because we’re all kind of nuts in some way. We’re all sympathetic for the mama to put up with this poor little kid, but she’s created it. She created it, and the father, well, he just lets it happen. He sits like a rooster on the fence. And so therefore, whatever happens, he don’t get any blame. So, that’s how he thinks anyway.
So, anyway, we can talk about that if you want to, but there’s very few cases of real autism. It’s all created. And the medicine, medical people -- I told you about medicine, and I told you the other night about the VA, that the country -- don’t you get it? The country is infected. It’s infiltrated with our enemies. This is not paranoia. It’s a fact. They go for the health – the healthcare system. They go for the social services and healthcare system, so they can decide what disease is, and what common sense it is and what it isn’t. And that’s what’s wrong with the schools. I heard one of the politicians running for president, I just heard him say -- I’m not going to give any credit to any one of them, but you can guess which one it is if you like. Just -- I just want to say what he said. He said “I know there’s something wrong with the school system” -- this is not his words exactly, but my interpretation of it. He says, “But the problem with the school system, the worst place you can find this is in the inner city, the black schools.” Now, how did black schools get the worst share of the system? Is it the Republicans? No. It’s always the left that have degrading, always degrading, always degrading. The people always demoralizing and robbing us of our -- our -- our sovereignty. And the school system, you won’t find any -- hardly any normal people there. You’ll find all these lef- wing people who are on a payroll and they’re programmed to demoralize your children. And then, of course, it’s Munchausen by proxy again. See, so the children don’t do well in school, so they get drugs so they can pay attention to the crap they give them -- excuse me for saying that. They’re not learning anything, they’re being brainwashed, socialized, sensitized to their environment so they can’t think for themselves. That’s what’s happening.
So, what do you do with seven million children -- someone want to correct me? It’s bad enough if it’s three million, I’m just hoping someone correct -- no, it’s not seven, it’s only three. So, in my day it wasn’t like that at all. We didn’t have that much of problems at school, it was halfway decent. Wasn’t the greatest education in the world that I came from, but it wasn’t like it is today. And in England it’s even worse. We’re not far behind them. And there’s the -- these pharmaceuticals, they’re having a heyday on the demoralization of our children. And all the sick parents are out -- yeah, you want to call me? You call me. Now, I understand, and I give it to you, some children are born that way, but most of them are made that way. Bad parenting, see, and the benefits the parent gets for having their children pronounced with autism. Actually, Savage is dead right. And you have a problem with me? You call me. I’ll show you who has autism. It’s you, sir, you, ma’am -- mostly you, ma’am. And you, sir, who just sit on the fence crying like a rooster. Well, one of these days you’ll wake up, you’ll cackle like a hen and become a homosexual or something because you’re not a man to let this happen to your children.
OK, now, I’ve said all that, I feel better. I hope you feel worse, but remember, I’ve got no sponsors, I don’t need -- it’s just you. Look, if you have an autistic child, I’ll show you how to fix him if you’ve done it. So why don’t you own up to it? It could be you. It could be you, sir, letting your wife do it while you’re away. It could be that you have a bright, beautiful kid there and you can’t tolerate his brightness, any more than you can tolerate Savage’s brightness, or mine for that matter. And you won’t dare to pick up the phone and call me or him for that matter. All you can do is get together like a big bunch of cowards you are.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:37 AM EDT

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