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Tuesday, July 22, 2008
Aaron Klein Anti-Obama Agenda Watch (Plus, Obama Death Threats At WND)
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Aaron Klein's 44th anti-Obama article versus just one anti-McCain article) obsesses over the alleged replacement of an American flag on Barack Obama's campaign plane with the Obama logo. Klein offers no evidence to support his suggestion that this is a big deal.

Meanwhile, the WND poll of the day asks, "What do you think of Obama's removal of the American flag from his aircraft?" The lead answer as of this writing, with 45 percent of the vote, is: "Obama is an anti-American fraud, and this is the proof." Here are some choice comments on the poll thread:

  • "Obama is a Judas like. leader. ... America as a Nation is too far gone and God is about to turn us over to Obama and those who will lead the nation into perdition. The time is short keep warning others and look for the rapture."
  • "Well, it seems one more time our so-called change oriented candidate has done exactly that, change. He nor his wife, who I would hate to have as First Lady is AMERICAN. They are here to destroy America and everything it stands for. He no longer bears allegiance to this country, but instead to the Islamic States of the Mideast. He hates the Constitution and will destroy it if, god forbid, he becomes president. The terrorist do not have to take over the country it will happen from within. Obama is the within. He will raise taxes to help HIS people not the American people. He does not care about AMERICANS."
  • "I don't believe we should be suprised at all that Obama is not flying the Flag anymore. The people of this country, if they elect Obama, will be getting what they ask for."
  • "I have to agree with all of the anti Obama sentiment posted here today and with the Born Again Christian perspective. I was planning a long post. But no need to. Obama does not have the best interest of the United States in his heart or plans. Obama is a globalist need I say a One World proponent. He has more love and regard for The Interationalle Anthem (Communist Socialist Workers) then he has for The Star Spangled Banner for which he has none. "
  • "Obama's removal of the flag from his lapel and now from his plane shows clearly that if elected President he will not be able to swear allegiance to this country and its Constitution. He is without a doubt unfit for any office in this country."
  • "Alibama's logo is representative of the new age, the 'change' he has been vomiting forth. The new world order is reflective of that insipid circle emblem. The US flag is reflective the old order for these marxist puppets."
  • "Simple logic should tell us that Obama is making every effort to pacify the Muslims of whom he is one. It is strongly suspected that middle eastern muslims have poured millions into his campaign."
  • "Obama's promise of "hope and change" can only be compared to the mantra used by Hitler. It's also the same sales pitch Obama used when campaigning for his murdering Muslim cousin Raila Odingo in Kenya. And the ONLY people in this country that would benefit from his becoming President are the same kind of people that benefited from Hitler's rise to power and would have benefited if Odingo had been able to conquer Kenya. That is NOT better, it's beyond disgusting."
  • "This Guy is a racist joke, Him, his wife and friends all haste the USA. Why is he running. It makes me sick that people would consider him for janitor. He is a disservice to all black Americans!!!"
  • "Quite frankly, anyone who votes for Obama will likely join him in the lake of fire."
  • "Certainly, the absences of the American Flag indicates Obama's desire to bring about America's decline and his desire to make a one world government."
  • "The grand 'O' is just a brush stroke away from the hammer & sickle - which is what Barack Obama is really all about anyway."
  • "Perhaps it's because I'm just finishing a re-reading of the "Left Behind" series, but the description of Sen. Obama's plane truly reminds me of the description of the plane used by the AntiChrist in the series."
  • "I wonder if some Islamic group has paid his campaign a huge amount of money for him to remove the American flag from his plane. Whoever is in charge of his security detail must have the easiest job in the world. I can't imagine any Muslim extremist who would even think of harming B. Hussein. Osama bin Laden probably has a picture of B. Hussein on the wall of his cave. We need to pray for our country. I believe the Antichrist may be an election away."
  • "You left out arrogant, conceited and reprobate in your colorful words to describe B. HUSSEIN Obama. I would rather have an hour in the boxing ring with him than a debate."

The thread also includes a couple of death threats against Obama that WND is apparently not bothered enough by to remove:

  • "Well the OsamaBama logo looks a lot like a stylized target. Hopefully someone will interpret it as one soon."
  • "I say if the plane does not have a countries identification marking on it, consider it a terriorest aircraft and have a f-16 shoot that sucker down. If we let this slid, the terriorests will have a upper handd, so we cannot tell who is flying that plane, and it should be shot down before it reaches the U.S, coast line."

Does Joseph Farah and the rest of WND endorse these death threats on its website? Do they understand that WND's vehemently anti-Obama reporting policy helps to incite such death threats? Will they ever denounce such threats?

Posted by Terry K. at 4:45 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, July 22, 2008 4:50 PM EDT

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