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Sunday, August 31, 2014
WND's Unruh Hides Latest Offense By Supposedly Wronged Marine
Topic: WorldNetDaily

WorldNetDaily's Bob Unruh has long done the bidding of the right-wing Rutherford Institute in promoting the case of former Marine Brandon Raub, portraying him as an innocent victim of overzealous officials while hiding the violent, threatening nature of the Internet posts that got him in trouble in the first place.

Unruh does Rutherford's biddingh yet again in an Aug. 26 article in which he highlights how Rutherford is "asking an appeals court to reinstate his lawsuit for damages." As expected, Unruh presents only the view of Raub's attorneys at Rutherford, playing up how "a psychotherapist hired by the local county said he believed the military man might be a danger – even though the two never had met and never had even talked on the telephone" while vaguely writing of Raub's writing:

The officers had contacted Raub mostly because of song lyrics he had posted on social media sites expressing distrust of the federal government and calling for the jailing of, for example, former Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush.

As we detailed, one of those "song lyrics" stated "Sharpen my axe; I'm here to sever heads," from a song by the obscure Canadian hip-hop group Swollen Members. Raub also penned a rant in which he rails against the Federal Reserve and the income tax and invoked 9/11 trutherism, concluding, "WE MUST TAKE OUR REPUBLIC BACK."

Unruh is also silent about the latest spot of trouble Raub has found himself in, which suggests he might not be the saint Unruh and Rutherford portray him to be. In July, Raub was arrested on charges of indecent liberties with a child, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Investigators said Raub and his brother, Brently, gave alcohol to two teenage girls. Later, Raub is accused of exposing himself to one of them and attempting to have her touch him inappropriately.

Those charges were dropped earlier this month after it was ruled that Raub was not in a "custodial or supervisory relationship" at the time one of the teenage girls performed oral sex on him. Raub's brother, meanwhile, pleaded no contest to two misdemeanor counts of contributing to the delinquency of one of the girls, who was 13, and was sentenced to six months in jail.

A real reporter would have told the full truth about Raub. But we're all too aware that's not what Unruh is.

Posted by Terry K. at 5:22 PM EDT
Saturday, August 30, 2014
Obama Derangement Syndrome Watch, Supersize WorldNetDaily Edition
Topic: WorldNetDaily

There used to be a popular radio show, followed by an equally popular TV show, called “The Amateur Hour.” Singers, comedians and musicians, including even accordion players, would seek fame and fortune by competing on the show. These days, that notion has morphed into any number of similar shows, the most successful of which is “American Idol.”

What led me to think about all this is the realization that by the time the next president is inaugurated, Barack Obama will have held office for 2,922 days. (Don’t forget to count leap years before writing to question my math.) Or in other words, we will have suffered through the equivalent of 70,128 amateur hours.

-- Burt Prelutsky, Aug. 14 WorldNetDaily column

When was the last time We the American People heard President Barack Hussein Obama comment on the death of a white man at the hands of a black man? Indeed, in my native city of Philadelphia, alone, at least six white police officers have been slain by black men over the last few years. Not a peep from our Racist in Chief or his equally bigoted attorney general, Eric Holder, both of whom are not coincidentally black.

-- Larry Klayman, Aug. 15 WND column

Despite the fact that Obama has continuously proven to be either directly or indirectly responsible for years of atrocities, it’s as if the universe sprayed PAM all over Barack Obama. Nothing sticks, and it probably never will.

-- Ann-Marie Murrell, Aug. 15 WND column

What’s worse, the Obama faction has shown its disposition to exploit a violent domestic crisis (such as the riots in Ferguson) as an excuse for the establishment of a dictatorial regime, using military-style police tactics if necessary. This forces us to confront the distinct possibility that any foreign-made threat to American lives here at home now has its counterpart in the Obama faction’s pursuit of its domestic goal: to erase the our nation’s constitutional self-government.

All this raises a simple but deeply troubling question: For how much longer will America survive the possibility that the command center for the onslaught on our way of life may well be located in Obama’s White House?

-- Alan Keyes, Aug. 21 WND column

I almost overturned my little bowl of Brunswick stew when Obama was leading the nation in recoiling from the beheading of American James Foley. I thought it was pusillanimous even by Obama standards. I honestly thought he was just getting to the point, namely what America was going to do, when he promised we would be “relentless,” and then thanked everybody and left.
-- Barry Farber, Aug. 25 WND column

The reality is that Obama could not have done any more to help ISIS if it were his intent.

And that raises the unavoidable and uncomfortable question: Was it his intent?

-- Joseph Farah, Aug. 27 WND column

The elephant in the room, of course, is the fact that for Obama, taking action against ISIS would be fundamentally self-defeating. He has facilitated the group’s rise, both overtly and covertly, whether through clandestine arms shipments via the CIA operation in Benghazi, conning Congress into approving funds for groups of “moderate” Syrian rebels, or unilaterally claiming the authority to waive provisions of the Arms Export Control Act, which was enacted to prevent the supply of arms to terrorist groups. His long association with Islamist groups (anti-American by definition), his insinuation of Islamist operatives within our government and his facilitation of their objectives speak for themselves.

-- Erik Rush, Aug. 27 WND column

Incoherence. Stupidity. Malfeasance. Who can put a muzzle on this guy and stop him from talking? Let him golf instead. He does less damage to the country when he’s driving and putting than when he’s ad-libbing about national security matters and military strategy to the whole world.

-- Joseph Farah, Aug. 29 column

As millions of Americans returned from their Labor Day vacations, they found a few things had changed during their absence. President Obama had been hard at work and had issued these new executive orders:

1) Effective this Labor Day, the national religion of the United States of America shall be Islam.

2) The president is granted all necessary authority to “make it so.”

3) In accordance with my authority, the following changes are to be implemented forthwith by all three branches of the federal government:

3.1) Christians, Jews and all peoples of other religious faiths shall have 30 days to announce their conversion to Islam and present themselves at the nearest mosque in their city.

3.2) Shariah law shall become the law of the land. All nine Supreme Court justices have been sent to Syria, where they will be observing firsthand the proper procedures for implementation of Shariah law.

3.3) I have appointed Lois Lerner to a newly created position as chief of religious conformity within the Internal Revenue Service. She will determine the disposition of Christian, Jewish and other religious houses of worship.

-- Craige McMillan, Aug. 29 WND column

Posted by Terry K. at 10:11 PM EDT
Wednesday, August 27, 2014
WND's Cashill Hides The Truth Of Activists' Fraudulent Liens
Topic: WorldNetDaily

In his Aug. 20 WorldNetDaily column, Jack Cashill tries to besmirch Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon by recounting a story from his past:

For Heather Johnson* and 14 other Missouri citizens, there is no forgetting and no forgiving. Allow me to explain.

On March 30, 1996, the 22-year-old Heather happily shucked her apron at the suburban Kansas City McDonald’s where she worked and headed out with her fiancé to a potluck dinner at a Knights of Columbus Hall in mid-Missouri.

The potluck was organized by a group of folks who took the state and federal constitutions as seriously as fundamentalist do the Bible.

That evening they were holding what they called a “common law grand jury” to assess certain police actions in the area. They were one short of the necessary 24 and cajoled the apolitical babysitter into sitting in.

One fellow appeared before the jury to protest a judge’s treatment of his 17-year-old daughter after a traffic stop. The grand jury had also invited the judge to come explain his action.

Not surprisingly, the judge blew the constitutionalists off, and the grand jury decided in the plaintiff’s favor. They told the plaintiff that under Missouri law he had a right to file a lien against the judge’s property. He promptly did just that.

Bad move. Nixon, eying a Senate run, was looking for an opportunity to strut his anti-terror stuff, a then-fashionable strut among the party faithful.

Some months passed before Heather learned of Nixon’s ambitions, and she learned the hard way. The state police came to her home late one night, handcuffed her and hustled her off to jail.

The frightened burger-flipper would soon learn that she had “tampered with a judicial officer by engaging in conduct reasonably calculated to harass [the judge], namely, filing a lien with the Lincoln County Recorder of Deeds on the property of [the judge.]”

The fact that the lien had been immediately expunged did not deter Nixon. Nor did the fact that Heather had not signed the lien or filed it.

At the time of the incident, in fact, Heather did not know what a lien was. She would tell me later, in a St. Joseph prison, “The word had yet to come into my vocabulary.”

This was a real prison, by the way, a Show-Me Guantanamo with coiled razor wire on the tops of the walls and big fat mommas in orange jump suits wandering the halls.

Heather had already served one year of a two-year sentence when I interviewed her for a local TV station. (I still have the tapes.)

She had been tried as a group with 14 others in Lincoln County. Curiously, the two men who actually filed the lien were not charged.

Another curiosity was that the lien was technically legal at the time it was filed – the legislature would not ban common law liens until August of that year.

Given the thinness of the charges, Heather and the 14 others fully expected to be exonerated. They chose to defend themselves.

“We range from ages 23 to 78,” a Vietnam vet told the jury in his opening statement. “We are farmers, mechanics, carpenters, truck drivers, equipment operators, a cross section of America.” But they were also all white. So no one in the media gave a damn.

Nixon had no pity on these “paper terrorists,” the preferred media term of the day. Before a jury pulled from a well poisoned pool, Nixon and his crack team of assistant AGs hammered the 15.

All of them were convicted. Thirteen received two-year sentences. The two presumed ringleaders were given seven years each and denied bail, all for inconveniencing a judge.

This being Cashill, he's hiding the facts of the story that don't conform with his agenda.

This "group of folks who took the state and federal constitutions as seriously as fundamentalist do the Bible" are better known today as soverign citizens who believe they are above the law. And the "inconveniencing" of the judge for which they were sentenced was, in fact, the filing of a malicious, fraudulent multimillion-dollar lien on the judge's property.

The Associated Press reported in 1996 that the group of 13 men and two women Cashill is writing about "were part of a common-law court group that filed a $10.8 million claim in Lincoln County Circuit Court against Associate Circuit Judge Patrick Flynn. Prosecutors called it an attempt to harass Flynn, who was scheduled to preside over a traffic charge against another member of the movement."

Malicious, fraudulent liens against government officials are a common tactic by "soverign citizens" to take revenge on a government they reject. Far from being the mere inconvenience Cashill claims they are, they can tie up property and keep rightful owners from doing anything with it until the lien is dealt with. The New York Times reports that  one couple who lost their home to foreclosure filed more than $250 billion in liens against local officials. One sheriff who was victmiized by a lien says, "“It affects your credit rating, it affected my wife, it affected my children. ... We spent countless hours trying to undo it.” The FBI has labeled the strategy “paper terrorism.”

Cashill's benign description of  the malicious, fraudulent lien being a noble protest of "a judge’s treatment of [the protester's] 17-year-old daughter after a traffic stop" also belies the facts. Here's what really happened, according to a court proceeding:

The record viewed in the light most favorable to the verdict reveals that on February 3, 1996, Highway Patrol Officer David Flannigan (Flannigan) issued two traffic tickets to Amanda Brook Lenk (A.Lenk), which were assigned to the Honorable Patrick S. Flynn, Associate Circuit Judge of Lincoln County.   On February 28, 1996, A. Lenk's maternal grandfather George Castle and Charles Detmer informed Judge Flynn in his chambers that it would be in his best interest to dismiss the case against A. Lenk and if he did not do so “․ they would have to proceed with their proceedings in their court.”   Sometime on February 28, Judge Flynn received a document entitled “Caveat and Demand to All Public Officials” from Castle and Detmer informing Judge Flynn that he and all public officials would be violating her constitutional rights under 42 U.S.C. Sections 1983-1986 and 18 U.S.C. 41, 242, 2381, if they proceeded in the case of State of Missouri v. Amanda Brook Lenk. Judge Flynn did not dismiss the case.

On March 12, 1996, A. Lenk appeared with her father, Melvin Lenk (M.Lenk), Castle, Detmer, and Hobbs before Judge Flynn.   A. Lenk stated that she represented herself and moved that the charges against her be dismissed because she had chosen not to live under the laws of the United States through a Declaration to Quiet Title.   Hobbs informed Judge Flynn that he was there as A. Lenk's “counsel” but was not allowed to represent her because he was not a licensed attorney.   Hobbs informed Judge Flynn that he had no jurisdiction, the case should be dismissed and Judge Flynn would be brought before “their court” if he did not dismiss the case.

On or about March 25, Judge Flynn received documents entitled “Order to Appear,” ordering him to appear before “Our One Supreme Court ․ at the Knights of Columbus Hall in St. Clement, Missouri at 7:00 p.m., March 13th․   If you do not appear at the time, date and place so ordered[,] a default will be entered on your behalf and judgment entered against you in the sum ․ of ten million eight hundred and four thousand dollars of United States of America currency.”   Judge Flynn received two of these “orders,” one on behalf of A. Lenk and the other on behalf of Hobbs, each of which had affidavits attached from M. Lenk and Hobbs and a list of “jurors” who entered the order.

In other words, the protester was taking revenge on the judge for not dismissing a minor traffic ticket against his daughter. No evidence was offered that the events resulting in the ticket did not happen; rather, it was claimed that the judge had no jurisdiction and would be tried in the protester's own made-up court as punishment.

As for Cashill's claim that "Heather," his pseudonymous so-called victim, "had not signed the lien or filed it," the court proceeding notes that 24 members of this "sovereign citizen" group were "jurors" that signed the order authorizing the lien against the judge. "Heather" is in all likelihood one of them. The order rather laughably stattes that the order is "not reviewable by any other court of the United States as set forth under the 7th Amendment, nor subject to trespass upon the case, by the Judicial Power of the United States, per 11th Amendment, our national Constitution."

Cashill noted that "I have changed Heather’s name to protect her but no other detail." Given the the names of the defendants' names are all a matter of public record as a result of the court proceedings and were reported in contemporaneous news accounts, it's rather silly for Cashill to hide her identity. All were identified by name in a 1996 St. Louis Post-Dispatch article (retrieved via Nexis); given that we know two of the 15 defendants were women and one of them is identified in the article as a grandmother, we can deduce that the other named woman is Cashill's mysterious source: Ima D. Conklin.

Cashill has a habit of siding with criminals while whitewashing their crimes, and this is just another example.

Posted by Terry K. at 7:21 PM EDT
Tuesday, August 26, 2014
NEW ARTICLE: The Medicine of Fear
Topic: WorldNetDaily
WorldNetDaily gives AAPS-affiliated doctor Elizabeth Lee Vliet plenty of space to fearmonger about disease-ridden immigrants and how Ebola will kill us all. Read more >>

Posted by Terry K. at 8:46 PM EDT
Sunday, August 24, 2014
Feminist Derangement Syndrome Watch
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Honestly, it boggles the mind why any male employer would hire a feminist. They are walking, talking, breathing lawsuits. They are harassment litigation with hairy armpits.. They are, in short, Trouble with a capital T.


Feminists carry a burden of hatred everywhere they go. While they are scornful of women who don’t fall in line with their cause, they save their most lethal contempt for men. Feminists gleefully strip men of their masculinity, their livelihood and often their children … and call it progress.

Feminism long ago left the realm of admirable and entered the realm of evil. No longer does feminism claim to correct the powerlessness too many women suffered through history. The movement has been hijacked by those who merely long to demonize half the population. This, more than anything else, is worthy of mockery.

Feminists can keep their menstrual activist gear, their love of murder (aborting five-month fetuses?), their hatred of men, their “feminist biology” and their disgusting tampon earrings.

Decent women will earn respect by their words, behavior and attitude. Feminists will earn dislike and resentment, even hatred, of men and women alike.

People don’t have to look very far to find feminists to mock. They invite it so readily.

-- Patrice Lewis, Aug. 22 WorldNetDaily column

Posted by Terry K. at 6:46 PM EDT
Saturday, August 23, 2014
WND's Unruh Can't Stop Writing Misleading Articles
Topic: WorldNetDaily

The byline of Bob Unruh on a WorldNetDaily article pretty much guarantees a biased, one-sided view of whatever he's writing about, while ignoring inconvenient facts that conflict with his far-right Christian worldview.

And so it is with Unruh's Aug. 17 WND article designed to fearmonger about a long-existing law that prohibits ministers from making partisan political endorsements from the pulpit:

Imagine uttering the words “pro-life” in your church and finding yourself targeted by an investigation from the feared and reviled Internal Revenue Service.

An expert on the First Amendment conflict between pastors and the federal agency, which says it is investigating speech delivered from pulpits, confirms that’s possible.

As per usual with Unruh, he quotes only right-wing sources who are all to happy to join in the fearmongering, and he makes no effort to talk to anyone at the IRS about the regulation.

And it's not until the final paragraph that Unruh concedes, although somewhat obliquely, that the regulation in question has existed since 1954. Which means that, far from imposing new impositions, the agreement the IRS made with the Freedom From Religion Foundation is about enforcing existing law. As the FFRF has pointed out, the IRS has not been enforcing the regulation (known as the Johnson amendment) with regard to churches.

Even though the FFRF press release can be easily found on the Internet, Unruh couldn't lift a finger to find it and quote from it to provide some semblence of balance to his article. But then, WND isn't paying him to be fair and balanced.

Posted by Terry K. at 11:09 PM EDT
Friday, August 22, 2014
WND's Massie Still Hates Black People
Topic: WorldNetDaily

WorldNetDaily columnist Mychal Massie doesn't particularly like black people, despite the fact that he is one himself. That animus comes through atain in his Aug. 18 WND column:

It is long past time to speak the truth. The blacks rioting and looting in Ferguson, Missouri, are not oppressed, frustrated people. They are a pernicious and hardly secretive camorra. The rioters and looters didn’t steal food, or medicine for sick children; they stole televisions, clothing, DVDs, CDs, jewelry, cigarettes and the like. There exists no acceptable excuse for their behavior. Ergo, there remains only the truth: They are an ungodly, stiff-necked lot given over to rage and evil behavior.

Even more egregious is the fact that they are encouraged and given emotional sanctuary for their condemnable actions by those who benefit from their animus. These blacks, those like them and those who sympathize with them, are equivalent to toxic allergens making blacks allergic to civilized behavior.

Suppose the Ku Klux Klan went on a murderous rampage burning and destroying cities every time blacks murdered, raped, or viciously assaulted an innocent white person. Speaking of the KKK, I say it is time for blacks to be treated as the KKK have been, i.e., let rioters, their families and those who support/encourage their malevolent and destructive behavior be held financially responsible for the damage they inflict.

Then, for some reason, Massie starts ranting about abortion:

Approximately 1,876 unborn black children are murdered by abortion every day. How many of those 1,876 black children are murdered at the Planned Parenthood abortion mill located in St. Louis? Ergo, who is really feasting on the blood of innocent blacks?

When blacks aren’t killing one another they are being murdered by abortionists. And all Obama, Holder, Jackson et al. can find to condemn is that a black thug was shot and killed by police. Why weren’t they upset about the 80 people (nearly all black) who were shot, 12 of whom died, in Chicago the Fourth of July weekend alone? The black population in America has been decreased by well over 25 percent. Black women may be only 13 percent of the child-bearing population, but they are responsible for over 35 percent of the unborn children murdered by abortion.

Blacks are being encouraged to riot about the wrong issues. They riot over a “gangsta’ wannabe” but express no outrage whatsoever as their population is being systematically eliminated by abortionists with the approval and applause of Obama.

You'd think that Massie would approve of abortion since they apparently get rid of the kind of black people he despises so much.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:21 AM EDT
Thursday, August 21, 2014
Obama Derangement Syndrome, Wayne Allyn Root Edition
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Obama Derangement Syndrome victim Wayne Allyn Root has a new book out, and he's making the rounds of the ConWeb spreading more Obama derangement.

In an Aug. 5 WorldNetDaily column, Root declared that the economy was not recovering, citing as evidence that "40 percent of American workers now earn less than the minimum wage in 1968."

Of course, one way to do something about that is to raise the minimum wage to its 1968 equivalent. But Root opposes that. He's quoted in an article from just two months earlier:

"The truth is, forcing millions of small, medium and large U.S. businesses to artificially raise wages will end up costing everyone more money - but it will especially hurt lower and middle income families by raising consumer prices via the 'hidden' tax of inflation - which is anti-growth, anti-economic and un-American," warns Root.

"Politicians love playing Robin Hood, but lack real concern for America's poor. Instead they want wealth redistribution costs to be passed onto business owners and customers as an 'invisible' tax."

"Free markets thrive on competition, not regulation," explains Root, "and raising the minimum wage is a proven formula to further crush the U.S. middle class, which is the true goal of the Obama Administration, as explained in my new book, THE MURDER OF THE MIDDLE CLASS (July 2014, Regnery).

Leave it to Root to turn an attack into a book plug.

Meanwhile, Root's Aug. 19 WND column goes full on into Obama derangement (with added book plug, of course):

The unrest and rioting is getting worse in Ferguson. Get used to it. More unrest is on the way … soon to a street near you. Obama never lets a good crisis go to waste. For Obama, this is the perfect crisis.

August 9. That was the day that a young black male was shot and killed by police in Ferguson, Missouri. That was 10 days ago. The situation has smoldered for 10 long days. Monday night two people were shot, 31 arrested.

This situation could have been defused 10 days ago with an appearance by the president. Barack Obama isn’t just any president; he’s the first black president. The young man killed by police was a black male. The smoldering town is predominantly black. The angry crowds are black Americans. A few words from Obama while standing on the ground in Ferguson could have put this smoldering fire out days ago.

Obama could have stopped this fire from getting out of control at any time of his choosing. So where was Obama? Why doesn’t he want to put the fire out?

My new book, “The Murder of the Middle Class,” is all about the accelerating decline and destruction of America under Barack Obama. Nothing Obama does is by mistake. Everything has a purpose. Everything fits an agenda to “fundamentally change America.” Obama never lets a crisis go to waste. He uses every crisis to distract the people. Don’t look now, but Ferguson is the perfect crisis, at the perfect time. This one came on a silver platter!

Just as Obama never lets a crisis go to waste, Root never lets an opportunity to shill for his book go to waste.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:35 AM EDT
Wednesday, August 20, 2014
WND Can't Stop Trying To Perpetuate Its Birther Delusion
Topic: WorldNetDaily

WorldNetDaily's increasingly sad and desperate -- and discredited -- birther crusade continues in a Aug. 15 article by Bob Unruh, in which he touts "a friend-of-the-court brief submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court by the constitutional experts at William J. Olson, P.C. and the United States Justice Foundation" designed to establish legal standing to challenge Obama's "eligibility" by setting up a man who had to pay $90 more in fees at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as the result of an act “purportedly enacted into law in September 2011 by Congress and the president.”

As he has done in the past, Unruh simply rehashed once again all of WND's birther evidence without mentioning that it's all been debunked.

Meanwhile, the evidence against the birthers keeps piling up, and WND continues to pretend it doesn't exist. Another recent piece of birther news WND won't tell its readers about comes from Brian Reilly, who was heavily involved in the Surprise Tea Party group that talked Joe Arpaio into having his Cold Case Posse investigate the birth certificate. Reilly explains his role in the birther scheme and how central to it WND's Jerome Corsi was:

As a Surprise Tea Party Patriots member, in July of 2011, I developed and initiated the plan to petition Sheriff Arpaio to investigate the authenticity of the Barack Obama PDF birth certificate. The plan was mine and mine alone. Dr. Jerome Corsi was just a part of my plan. My wife and I invited Dr. Corsi to present his findings to an August 17, 2011 meeting of the Surprise Tea Party to discuss his newly released book, “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” My wife, Denise and I paid for all of Dr. Corsi’s travel expenses. During our meeting we obtained 242 signatures on a petition that I had written to Sheriff Arpaio. 

But as the so-called investigation ground on, he became disillusioned: "I worked with Dr. Jerome Corsi, Commander Mike Zullo and Sheriff Joe Arpaio until June 30, 2012 at which time I chose to resign and I hung up my spurs." Reilly also dishes on a falling out between Corsi posse leader Mike Zullo:

It was shocking to watch Zullo verbally unload on Corsi in the MCSO conference room in front of Arpaio. Corsi had made a video report from Hawaii on the Internet without Zullo’s knowledge or approval during Zullo’s first Hawaii trip. I’ll never forget Zullo screaming at Corsi, Zullo’s freaky, bulging red eyes, and Arpaio asking me to do something about the conflict. Corsi sat at the conference table looking at his laptop sheepishly saying, “I’m fired…I’m fired.” At one point, Corsi didn’t want to be left alone in the same room with Zullo and Corsi accompanied me out to the parking garage to find his glasses on top of the patrol car. It was a memorable Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde moment in the conference room. 

Reilly highlights more erratic behavior by Zullo, but the final straw was Zullo disregarding Hawaii's verification of Obama's birth:

The Hawaii Verification of Birth verifies that Barack Obama was born within the jurisdiction of the United States and, according to Mr. Zullo’s own November 9, 2012 affidavit, Mr. Obama is therefore a “natural born citizen.”
Game. Set. Match.

Strangely -- or perhaps not so strangely -- WND has been utterly silent on Reilly's renouncing the birther conspiracy, even though in 2011 WND published a fluff article on a car Reilly owns that was once used in the original "Hawaii Five-O" series. (The article curiously carries no byline or any identifying information about Reilly.)

It appears that WND will never admit it was wrong about its birther obsession -- and that's just one more reason nobody believes WND.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:48 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, August 20, 2014 9:34 AM EDT
Tuesday, August 19, 2014
WND's Vliet Goes Doctor-Shopping To Help Her Fearmonger About Ebola
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Elizabeth Lee Vliet's schtick these days is to fearmonger about Ebola, as befits a WorldNetDaily columnist and a doctor affiliated with the far-right-fringe Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. Just one problem, though: American public health officials aren't playing along with her fearmongering.

What's a fact-averse doctor to do? Find a country whose health warnings about Ebola are somewhat closer to her own. Thus, an Aug. 8 WND article by Leo Hohmann quotes Vliet bashing the U.S. Centers for Disease Control for not fearmongering and praising Canadian health officials for more closely aligning to her agenda:

[Vliet] also pointed to a 2012 Canadian study in which healthy and infected monkeys were housed side by side in cages but had no physical contact. The healthy monkeys contracted Ebola.

And, according to a Canadian public health advisory, airborne spread of the virus among humans is “strongly suspected, although it has not yet been conclusively demonstrated.”

Generally, it takes far more than one to 10 organisms to transmit a virus.

“That’s one reason the virus is so out of control, is it takes so few particles,” Vliet said. “Dr. Hatfill, and the Canadian public health advisory, which is more detailed than the CDC, they talk about airborne transmission in much more specific terms than the CDC does.”

Ebola virus also stays active longer in body fluids such as blood and semen than most other viruses.

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada fact sheet on Ebola, the virus remains communicable “as long as blood, secretions, organs, or semen contain the virus.”

The Canadian alert also states that Ebola virus can remain active in a man’s semen 61 days after the onset of illness, and transmission of the disease through semen has occurred up to seven weeks after a man has recovered from the illness.

“This is why I’m concerned, as a physician, that perhaps our hospitals are not as well prepared as we would like to think. Because if other doctors don’t know this and if the CDC is not saying anything, if somebody recovers from Ebola and 60 days later the man ejaculates, he could infect his partner,” Vliet said. “I just think it’s huge. I think they are really underestimating the risk. I understand they are not wanting to create panic, but if doctors are not used to treating Ebola and they’re not getting the same information from the CDC as the Canadian doctors are getting … I’m not trying to create a panic. I’m just saying let’s get the information out.”

Hohmann also quotes Dr. Jane Orient doing more fearmongering, but he fails to identify how both Vliet and Orient are associated with AAPS and its politics-driven medicine.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:07 AM EDT
Monday, August 18, 2014
WND Zombie Lie Watch
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Many zombie lies roam the earth at WorldNetDaily. Here are a couple more.

Alan Keyes writes in his Aug. 14 WND column:

Obama himself supped with and strongly supported Kenya’s Raila Odinga, whose partisans went on a rampage of atrocity in Kenya in order to force Odinga’s savage ambitions on those who opposed him.

As we wrote in 2012, there's no evidence Obama supported Odinga -- PolitiFact pointed out that Obama remained neutral in Kenyan politics during his 2006 visit to the country. While Odinga attended some of Obama's events while Obama was in Kenya and clearly wanted to associate himself with Obama, there's simply no evidence that Obama "strongly supported" Odinga.

Ann-Marie Murrell took her own stab at perpetuating a zombie lie in her Aug. 15 WND column, claiming that "Obama sent billions of taxpayer dollars to Brazil to fund Evil Big Oil and ultra-deepwater drilling."

As and Media Matters detailed, the loan to Brazil was made by the Export-Import Bank, not by the Obama administration, and it was made at a time when the Ex-Im Bank was controlled by Bush appointees and when none of Obama's appointees to the bank had taken office.

Joseph Farah almost proudly claims that WND publishes misinformation, which pretty much guarantees that Keyes and Murrell will not be held accountable for publishing lies.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:23 AM EDT
Sunday, August 17, 2014
WND Publishing Book By Contributors To Abortion Doctor's Murder
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Scheduled to be published on Oct. 2 by WorldNetDaily's WND Books subsidiary is "Abortion Free" by Operation Rescue's Troy Newman and Cheryl Sullenger, which claims to be a "practical manual" that teaches people "what you can do to help close your local abortion clinic and make America abortion free."

WND won't tell you, however, Operation Rescue's role in the murder of an abortion doctor.

As we've previously noted, Scott Roeder -- who murdered Kansas abortion doctor George Tiller in 2009 -- had contacted Sullenger and Operation Rescue several times seeking information about court hearings involving Tiller, and Sullenger's phone number was found on a note inside Roeder's car when he was arrested. Roeder has also claimed he ate lunch with Newman and Sullenger several years before he murdered Tiller.

Sullenger has been linked to anti-abortion violence before. In 1988, she was sentenced to three years in prison for conspiring to bomb a California abortion clinic. The indictment says she procured gunpowder and other material for the bomb, then gave another conspirator a wig to wear as a disguise in the plot.

Newman has denounced violence and claimed no association with Roeder. But before Tiller's death, the Operation Rescue website featured a graphic showing Tiller surrounded by fire with the words "America's Doctor of Death."The button linked to Operation Rescue's archive of stories on Tiller. The graphic was removed after Tiller's murder.

Why is WND publishing a book by anti-abortion extremists -- one of whom has an existing criminal record -- who appear to have played a role as accessories in a murder? Perhaps they would like to explain.

Posted by Terry K. at 2:01 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, August 18, 2014 12:25 AM EDT
Saturday, August 16, 2014
Meanwhile ...
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Media Matters catches WorldNetDaily promoting an tasteless article in the wake of Robin Williams' death claiming that Williams used the help of "demonic powers" that "aided him on stage" and these "insidious forces" eventually "drove him to suicide."

Richard Bartholomew has been on the WND Gaza prophecy beat, noting that WND has touted dubious self-proclaimed prophet Joel Richardson's claim that the current Israel-Gaza conflict somehow ponts to the return of Jesus, and that WND repeated a dubious claim from the Christian Zionist publication Israel Today that the hand of God was sending Hamas missiles into the sea.

Finally, Bartholomew highlighted the special guest on Joesph Farah's latest tour of Israel: disgraced televangelist Jim Bakker.

Posted by Terry K. at 11:14 PM EDT
Thursday, August 14, 2014
Ferguson Tension Gives WND Opportunity To Bash Black Mobs And Police
Topic: WorldNetDaily

The tension in Ferguson, Mo., following the shooting of an unarmed black teen by police has proved to be a boon for WorldNetDaily. Since two of the things it hates most are black mobs and overactive police, it has been attacking both sides.

An August 13 WND article by Bob Unruh was quick to race-bait, repeating a claim that "a New Black Panther Party member is advocating violence against law enforcement in response to the shooting of Michael Brown." Unruh also claimed that "Multiple Twitter posts said the looting was a negative for the community and should have been done in 'white' neighborhoods."

Jerome Corsi tried to join the race-baiting parade with an Aug. 14 article attacking the Justice Department for having "dispatched its Community Relations Service to the scene of racially charged unrest in Ferguson, Missouri." Corsi uncritically quoted Judicial Watch's Tom  Fitton claiming that the CRS "intervened in the Trayvon Martin case in Florida, helping organize protests that pressed for the prosecution of George Zimmerman, who later was acquitted by a jury of murder."

In fact, PolitiFact found that the CRS went to Florida "with the idea of keeping the situation peaceful and calm, not to instigate or condone protests or violence." 

Because Corsi can't be bothered with basic fact-checking, he privileged Fitton's falsehood.

Meanwhile, an unbylined Aug. 13 article (though a tag at the end of the article credits it to an intern) claimed the situation in Ferguson "has put on display the country’s increasingly militarized local police force." WND quoted WND-published author Cheryl Chumley saying, "Armored vehicles on patrol, Kevlar-wearing, camouflage dressed officials carting high-powered rifles, tear gas wafting through the air – sounds like something right off the streets of Iraq. But it’s not. It’s actually the scene that’s playing out in Ferguson right now, with SWAT-type police taking to the residential streets for crowd control duties."

This was followed by a column by Chumley in which she denounces police tactics in Ferguson:

The camouflage battle-dress uniforms are simply part and parcel of the intimidation factor that’s trending among local law enforcers. Police are with ever-increasing frequency dressing and behaving more like battlefield soldiers.

What ever happened to the old “serve and protect” model and mantra of civilian policing?


More than lives are being lost from this alarming police militarization trend. Our Constitution, and its specific rights to be safe and secure in one’s home and possessions, and to be considered innocent until proven guilty – two ideals that a shoot-first policy doesn’t uphold – are being rapidly scratched from our legal process. The spotlight of SWAT-type tactics may now be on Ferguson. But it really belongs on the backyards and residential streets around our nation – on the thousands of communities that serve as home to these same type of police agencies that are currently commandeering St. Louis.

WND seems to have found itself on the horns of a dilemma. It's bashing both sides, and it can't back off either one lest it be accused of condoning either black mob violence or heavy-handed police tactics.

Posted by Terry K. at 9:27 PM EDT
Wednesday, August 13, 2014
WND's Massie Blames Clinton For 9/11, Thinks Dick Morris Is A Foreign Policy Adviser
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Mychal Massie writes in his Aug. 11 WorldNetDaily column:

In factuality, the blood of the Americans who were murdered Sept. 11, 2001, is on the head and hands of Clinton. Clinton was offered bin Laden on a silver platter, but he refused the Sudanese President Bashir’s offer to arrest, detain and hand over Osama bin Laden to the United States. The Bashir government had intelligence of OBL’s daily activities and detailed intelligence concerning his finances; but, as Steven Simon, then-director of counter-terrorism on Clinton’s National Security Council, told the Washington Post: “I [we] really only cared about one thing, that was getting [OBL] out of Sudan, not the accepting of responsibility for taking him into custody.” Former Clinton adviser Dick Morris said, “[Clinton] didn’t do a single thing of the stuff that I recommended on terror” (“Hannity & Colmes,” Dec. 20, 2001). Had Morris’ suggestions been heeded, Mohamed Atta would have been deported before 9/11. As Morris put it, “In each of these areas he [Clinton] fell asleep at the switch.”

First: The 9/11 Commission found no reliable evidence that Sudan offered bin Laden to the U.S.

Second: Dick Morris, seriously? The guy who's wrong about everything all the time should have been trusted to advise Clinton on foreign policy?

We know Massie is a depraved liar, but trusting Dick Morris can never go well.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:17 AM EDT

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