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Friday, October 31, 2014
WND's Dumbest Columns Of The Week, Starring Matt Barber and Mychal Massie
Topic: WorldNetDaily

WorldNetDaily is so chock full of extreme opinion that it it takes a special kind of insanity to stand out from that deranged pack. But over the past week, two WND columnists managed to reach that level of facepalming WTF-ness.

First up, here's Matt Barber trying to convince us that Planned Parenthood is just like ISIS:

Now this: It has come to light that, under the Obama administration, the U.S. government has been subsidizing, to the tune of billions, another sect of militant extremists who, likewise, are, with an equally religious zeal, torturing, dismembering and beheading children en masse. The only material difference is that, according to officials within the U.S. government, and as per formal U.S. policy, this second batch of terrorist monsters are somehow considered to be “freedom fighters.”

Multiple reports have come in proving conclusively that these fundamentalist fanatics are coaxing families away from relative safety with beguiling talk of freedom and a better life, and then abruptly turning on them like the godless sociopaths they are. It’s almost too horrific to describe, but I think I must.

These “freedom fighters” are then callously torturing to death terrified children in the very presence of their parents. Reams of evidence reveal, for example, that these barbarians are, in many instances, brutally sawing off the arms and legs of innocent children as they writhe in excruciating pain, only to finish them off with an unceremonious beheading.


Whereas ISIS, the fundamentalist Muslims in Iraq, behead children and, in so doing, consider themselves freedom fighters for Allah, America’s fundamentalist allies behead children and, in so doing, consider themselves freedom fighters for Aphrodite.

While the former don black masks, wave black flags and, even as I write, are driving their caravans to Baghdad, the latter don medical scrubs, wave the banner of “reproductive freedom” and, even as I write, are driving their Mercedes’ to your local Planned Parenthood.

Not to be outdone in the ridiculous-hyperbole department, Mychal Massie -- a black man who's racist against his fellow blacks -- declared that blacks are worse off now than at any time in U.S. history. No, really:

At the signing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, 87 percent of black homes were married, two-parent homes, and 40 percent of blacks were business owners. But 50 years after the signing of the Civil Rights Act, 49 years after the introduction of the Great Society initiatives and 46 years after the introduction of race-based affirmative action, blacks disproportionately represent practically every undesirable category.

Unlike before bigoted neo-Leninist liberals convinced blacks that they couldn’t make it without their help, blacks today have the highest percentage of out-of-wedlock births and the highest percentage of abortions. They have the highest percentage of single-parent homes and the highest percentage of children being raised by a family member other than their biological parents. Blacks comprise the highest percentage of incarcerants, the highest percentage of high school dropouts, the highest percentage of college dropouts, the highest percentage living in poverty and the highest percentage of unemployed.

Before neo-Leninist liberals decided to punish all of white America for the evil white Democrats had perpetrated, blacks took pride in positive accomplishment and the pursuit of modernity. Today, the majority of blacks have more disdain for modernity than an agoraphobic has for a sold-out football stadium.


In the final analysis, blacks are worse off today, morally and spiritually, than at any other time in their history in America. Over the past 50 years, as other Americans have progressed, blacks as an aggregate have regressed in a horrific way.

Apparently, Massie is unfamiliar with that whole slavery thing. Or does he think that slavery is better than freedom?

Posted by Terry K. at 12:16 PM EDT
NEW ARTICLE: WorldNetDaily Keeps The Lie Alive
Topic: WorldNetDaily
WND made up a quote from Houston's mayor that the city's new non-discrimination ordinance was all about her. It's so invested in the blatant falsehood that even Joseph Farah is repeating it. Read more >>

Posted by Terry K. at 11:32 AM EDT
Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Birther Corsi Wants You To Trust Him On Ebola
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Jerome Corsi is the face of the birther conspiracy theory. He peddled it on behalf of his employer, WorldNetDaily, he got himself appointed to a highly biased "investigation" that had no intention of finding the truth about President Obama's "eligibility," and he has steadfastly refused to acknowledge the existence of all the evidence that discredits his conspiracy theory.

Now, Corsi wants you to believe he's an expert on Ebola.

The URL takes you to a website promoting a "continuously updated e-book" by Corsi, "Ebola: Battling the Crisis." The site is hosted at something called 48 Bricks, which "leverages social networks to help spread the word about your campaign; driving qualified and measurable leads."

Let's look at Corsi's recent track record as a WND reporter, beyond his fact-ignoring birther obsession. He can't read a simple chart, he plagiarizes from Wikipedia, and he has fearmongered to baselessly blame an enterovirus outbreak on undocumented immigrants.

And yet, Corsi wants us to trust him as a self-proclaimed expert on Ebola. Really, Jerome?

Posted by Terry K. at 1:17 PM EDT
Tuesday, October 28, 2014
WND Pushes Discredited Ballot-Box-Stuffing Story
Topic: WorldNetDaily

An unbylined Oct. 22 WorldNetDaily article hyperbolically states:

The chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Committee in Arizona says he used to wonder about whether ballot-box stuffing and other voting offenses actually happened, but no longer.

“America used to be a nation of laws where one person had one vote,” he said in a report in the Arizona Daily Independent. “I’m sad to say not anymore.”

His comments came after he reported witnessing a man stuffing hundreds of ballots in a ballot box during the Aug. 26 primary election in Arizona.


LaFaro said the man was “a vulgar, disrespectful, violent thug that has no respect for our laws.”

“I would have followed him to the parking lot to take down his tag number but I feared for my life,” he said.

“I believe it’s inconceivable, unacceptable and should be illegal for groups to collect hundreds, if not thousands, of voter’s ballots and return them to the elections offices or poling locations,” said LaFaro.

In fact, that's not what happened at all, and WND's source appears to be lying.

As the Phoenix New Times explains, a group called Citizens for a Better Arizona was dropping off early voters' ballots , a practice it has conducted for several years and which is perfectly legal.

As is usual for WND, it couldn't be bothered to investigate the story -- it just repeats LaFaro's false accusations and treat them as fact, then go on to fearmonger about vote fraud (which, again, was not happening here).

As is also usual for WND, its false story stands uncorrected.

Is it any wonder that nobody believes WND?

Posted by Terry K. at 6:15 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, October 28, 2014 6:22 PM EDT
Dishonest WND Article Smears Muslims, Ignores Provocations
Topic: WorldNetDaily

An Oct. 27 WorldNetDaily article by Bob Unruh carries the urgently worded headline "Stone-throwing Muslims bloody Christians in MICHIGAN."

It's not until you start reading Unruh's article that the fraudulent nature of the headline quickly becomes clear: The incident in question happened two years ago, and the story is about a proceeding in a lawsuit related to the incident.

That's not to say Unruh isn't dishonest in the article -- this is Bob Unruh, after all. As usual, he reports only one side of the story, heavy on criticism of the "rock-throwing Muslim mob," and curiously disappears all information on why the Muslims might have been throwing rocks at them in the first place.

As we've previously documented when WND last failed to tell the truth about this incident, the "Christian" group was headed by inflammatory street preacher Ruben Israel, who was carrying a severed pig's head because, he told police, Muslims are “petrified” of pigs and so it “keeps them at bay.” The supposedly Christian group was also shouting at the Muslims that they are going to hell and their religion is a lie.

Unruh's article includes a heavily edited video of the incident that conveniently omits Ruben Israel's pig's head and other provocative behavior of the so-called Christians. 

The lawsuit pushes the views of the lawyers for the "Christians," the  right-wing American Freedom Law Center, claiming that law enforcement personnel "stood by" while the incident occurred. But as one blogger who observed unedited video of the entire incident points out, police intervened several times and that Muslims tried to calm the incident.

Unruh also uncritically forwards the Law Center's claims that this is a First Amendment issue. Not only doesn't Unruh mention that members of Israel's group were shouting things like "You’re a disgusting Muslim. You’re on your way to the devil’s hand" and "You're a wicked Muslim," we weren't aware that a severed pig's head was a form of speech. Perhaps the Law Counter would like to explain how that can be.

(Photo: Ruben Israel's website)

Posted by Terry K. at 2:24 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, October 28, 2014 3:35 PM EDT
Monday, October 27, 2014
WND's Farah Perpetuates His Reporter's Lie About Houston Mayor
Topic: WorldNetDaily

We wondered if WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah would ever hold his reporter Bob Unruh for spreading the blatant lie that Houston Mayor Annise Parker said that the city's non-discrimination ordinance is "all about me."

Turns out that Farah is helping Unruh spread the lie.

In an attempt to hyperbolically claim that a discovery request by the city in a lawsuit filed by right-wing activists over that non-discrimination law somehow means Christianity is being criminalized, FArah writes in his Oct. 26 column:

Today, Kahnh [Hyunh] is a U.S. citizen and Christian pastor whose sermons and communications about homosexuality are being subpoenaed by the lesbian mayor of Houston under the city’s “non-discrimination” law Mayor Annise Parker says was all about her.

Farah is lying, as he does so often. Parker actually said that "the debate is about me," pointing out that opponents of the law are personally attacking her over it -- as demonstrated by the made-up quote Farah and Unruh are promoting.

The fact that the leader of a so-called news organization would actively promote a lie is just one more reason nobody believes WND.

Posted by Terry K. at 2:05 PM EDT
Sunday, October 26, 2014
WND's Farah Chooses The Bible Over Science
Topic: WorldNetDaily

One thing we know for sure: Science can never prove the age of the Earth. Because science requires a methodology of observation and empirical testing that could never be done on an event that occurred thousands of years ago, millions of years ago or billions of years ago. God can, however, prove the age of the Earth because He was there. And someday, when He returns to judge His creation, He might just do that.

Until then, we have the detailed historical record He left us with in written form – the Bible.

I know what some of you are thinking: “Farah, what about the dinosaurs that were tens of millions of years old? How do you explain that?” Quite simply, I don’t believe it. Throughout man’s history, in every culture, we have stories, pictures and sculptures depicting dragons and leviathans and sea serpents. Are we to believe these were all concocted in man’s imagination? Even the Bible references such observations. If behemoths like the one described in chapter 40 of the Book of Job somehow threatened the Bible account of history, I don’t think it would be there.

But here’s the bottom line: Is it crazier for me to believe the world is around 6,000 years old than it is to accept as scientific fact that it is actually millions or billions of years old?

Where’s the proof? Either way.

I like what the Apostle Paul had to say in Romans 1:20-25: “For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things. Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves: Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.”

Amen, indeed.


Have you ever considered the fact that there is no reliable history of man before 6,000 years ago?

Why would that be?

I know there are ancient myths that suggest man is older than 6,000 years. But there is no reliable human history.

What could explain that?

The Bible explains it. Man can’t. He can only speculate, imagine, fantasize and proselytize.

-- Joseph Farah, Oct. 22 WorldNetDaily column

Posted by Terry K. at 7:58 PM EDT
Saturday, October 25, 2014
Obama Derangement Syndrome Watch, Supersize WorldNetDaily Edition
Topic: WorldNetDaily

I do not believe it was empty rhetoric when Dr. Ben Carson told Fox News host Chris Wallace that “there might not actually be elections in 2016. …” Carson did not specifically mention a pandemic of disease as the reason for same, stating instead the possibility of economic disaster and ISIS. I say, what could be more economically devastating than a disease pandemic and martial law to prevent a run on banks and to allow government-controlled media blackouts?

My questions are still on the table. Why is Obama providing safe harbor for those he has to know are infected disease carriers? And why is Congress letting him?

-- Mychal Massie, Oct. 13 WorldNetDaily column

WND columnist Erik Rush gives insight into the Ebola crisis. In his recent column, Rush expertly breaks down the scientific complexities surrounding Ebola and drives home the point that protective gear isn’t enough to protect American military personnel and aid workers from contracting the deadly disease. Rush refers to such activity as “criminal.”

Under the guise of helping humanity, Obama trades protecting our military for protecting Ebola victims, throwing our military to almost certain death. I agree with Rush; this is criminal.

-- Selena Owens, Oct. 14 WND column

Who was it who said in 2012 that foreign policy was Obama’s “strong suit”? Sure, just like synagogue architecture was Adolf Hitler’s strong suit!

-- Barry Farber, Oct. 14 WND column

Common sense dictates that since scientists and regulators working for the federal government quite literally wrote the book on Level 4 biocontainment protocols, they know how dangerous Ebola truly is. Thus, their refusal to prudently address the threat leads to one of two conclusions:

1. They have determined that political expedience trumps public health concerns, or

2. They want Ebola to spread in the United States.

Given how manifestly diabolical I know this president and his administration to be, I don’t doubt that the latter is a possibility. It certainly would fall within the scope of concerns some analysts have expressed pertaining to various escalating crises in America being orchestrated by the White House in order to ultimately “legitimize” a declaration of martial law in America.

-- Erik Rush, Oct. 15 WND column

As if we did not have enough to worry about with Ebola, Sharyl Attkisson reported last week that the surge in enterovirus cases may well be related to the infusion of young illegal immigrants throughout the United States.

Although the correlation between the dispersal of these youths and the spread of this deadly disease is not fully established, what is established is that President Barack “Typhoid Barry” Obama made this all happen.

-- Jack Cashill, Oct. 15 WND column

When it comes to anything Muslim, our fraudulently elected president – himself one-half Muslim by birth and totally Muslim by mentality and deed – has a tin ear at best.

These words sound harsh, and by uttering them I have received a fair number of hate emails from our leftist friends, who would run interference for Obama at all costs. But I am not a racist, and neither are you! It is time that we all stood up and exposed the president for what he is: a reverse racist whose actions, not just with regard to Ebola but across the board, are skewed toward feathering the nest of “his” people, and calculated to harm the rest of us if not destroy the entire country.

Does anyone doubt that former Alabama Gov. George Wallace was a racist, after he banned blacks from attending the state’s university in the 1960s? So too can anyone refute that Obama’s not even temporarily banning West Africans from entering the United States is also as least de facto racism, as this high risk caper puts whites and others at risk at the expense of not even temporarily “inconveniencing” his fellow Africans. Wallace and Obama are both despicable and both to be condemned to the trash heap of history for their actions.

-- Larry Klayman, Oct. 17 WND column

How many American lives is the president willing to sacrifice before admitting he doesn’t have a clue how to fight Ebola and has no intention of placing the protection of American lives at the top of his agenda?

Maybe the place to start is for the president to learn the name of the disease. In an Oct. 2 news conference, he pronounced it, “Ebolee.” You can experience that embarrassing moment for yourself here.

-- Tom Tancredo, Oct. 17 WND column

Reuters had a photo showing Obama in one of his staged meetings, this time with his Cabinet agencies, “depicting” him/them coordinating his Ebola response. The truth is that Obama has no Ebola response, unless we are to consider playing golf tantamount to same.

-- Mychal Massie, Oct. 20 WND column

Of course women feel “unsafe.” All of the promises out of Obama’s mouth were just empty. He told us what we wanted to hear, and now we are finding out that he was all “razzle dazzle” with no substance. Everything has been a lie, and now we are realizing that if someone threatens us, he will hide behind our skirts!

Women can now see that Obama has made their lives more difficult with less opportunity and more fears for the present and the future. This is not a sexist comment, but women want to feel secure. They want to know that they can go to bed at night and feel that there is someone in control who is looking out for them. The general feeling among women right now is that no one is in control, and worse, no one knows what they are doing.

-- Morgan Brittany, Oct. 21 WND column

The Jews who had emerged from cattle cars, alarmed because they’d just been ordered to remove their clothes, were also reassured by the Gestapo. They’d had a long, hard trip, they were told, and were only being stripped down for a “common shower.” Of course, the “shower” was a gas chamber, and the rest is history.

This is a hell of a psycho-dynamic Obama is using, in my humble opinion. Telling a population that has every reason to be alarmed not to be alarmed and to trust him and his minions when everything they’ve said to date has been a lie (or at least inaccurate, to those who aren’t fully awake yet) is not only audacious, but it smacks of the subtle manipulation one might encounter from a seasoned domestic abuser or crack interrogator.

-- Erik Rush, Oct. 22 WND column

As Election Day approaches, I thought it might be helpful in this respect to follow Christ’s example by inviting my readers to think about Obama’s actions in the context of some intriguing observations by the first and most meticulous modern cartographer of unrighteous thinking. In light of Machiavelli’s observations, Obama’s plans for exploiting the Ebola crisis appear to combine the virtues of colonization – already at work in his efforts to increase and legitimize illegal immigration into the United States – with the deadly aim of utter destruction Machiavelli recommends as the only sure way of suppressing the liberty of people who are accustomed to living in freedom.

The Obama faction’s plan to import Ebola-infected persons into the United States maintains the outward appearance of and unarmed invasion while in fact introducing into the country what amounts to specialized “armies of one,” each of them carrying a biological weapon of mass destruction. If and when the resulting infections get out of hand (which seems to be happening despite repeated, apparently erroneous, possibly deceitful, assurances of effective containment) what will be made of the resulting health crisis? When, by way of this sly biological warfare, “Obamacare” morphs into “Ebolacare” what will become of the (always suspect) commitment of Obama’s ostensible opponents in the GOP’s elitist faction leadership to roll back the government takeover of the health sector?

-- Alan Keyes, Oct. 23 WND column

Posted by Terry K. at 9:20 PM EDT
Friday, October 24, 2014
David Limbaugh Pushes Factually Deficient Claim About Ministers And Same-Sex Marriage
Topic: WorldNetDaily

David Limbaugh rants in an Oct. Oct. 20 column appearing at WorldNetDailiy and

It seems that with each passing month, this senseless tyranny advances. The latest is that two Christian ministers in Idaho, Donald and Evelyn Knapp, have allegedly been ordered to perform same-sex wedding ceremonies at their chapel or face fines or jail sentences.

This nightmare began Oct. 7, when the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals invalidated Idaho’s marriage laws and legalized same-sex marriage in that state, which allowed Idaho county clerks to begin issuing same-sex marriage licenses a week later. On Oct. 17, the Knapps declined a request to perform a same-sex wedding ceremony.

According to a lawsuit filed by the Knapps, the city of Coeur d’Alene is “unconstitutionally coercing” them to perform these weddings at their Hitching Post Wedding Chapel in violation of their religious beliefs, their ordination vows and their consciences. City Ordinance Section 9.56 bars sexual orientation discrimination in public accommodations, which forces the Knapps to choose between betraying their religious convictions and following them and facing up to 180 days in jail and up to $1,000 in fines. According to their complaint, they arguably commit a separate and distinct misdemeanor each day they refuse to perform such ceremonies, with the potential criminal penalties piling up cumulatively.

Let's count Limbaugh's falsehoods and misdirections, as detailed by Media Matters:

  • The city of Coeur d’Alene has taken no legal action against the Knapps, nor has it threatened any.
  • Limbaugh glosses over the fact that the Knapps' wedding chapel is a for-profit enterprise, not a church.Indeed, the Knapps have performed secular wedding ceremonies in the past.
  • The Knapps hastily rebranded themselves as an explicitly religious corporation with help from the Alliance Defending Freedom, which filed the lawsuit for the Knapps, prior to the ADF filing the lawsuit.
  • If the Knapps are truly now operating as a legitimate religious corporation, they are exempt from being forced to perform same-sex marriages.

In other words, Limbaugh is simply regurgitating the ADF's talking points without bothering to do any actual research. Still, Limbaugh rants about "the left’s militancy."

Posted by Terry K. at 12:36 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, October 24, 2014 12:38 PM EDT
Thursday, October 23, 2014
NEW ARTICLE: Editorial Reruns For A Political Rerun
Topic: WorldNetDaily
As long as Art Robinson keeps running for Congress in Oregon, WorldNetDaily's David Kupelian will keep recycling his deceptive, truth-avoiding endorsements of the candidate. Read more >>

Posted by Terry K. at 4:48 PM EDT
Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Will WND's Farah Fire His Lie-Peddling Reporter?
Topic: WorldNetDaily

In what's becoming a trend at WorldNetDaily, Garth Kant devotes an Oct. 20 WND article to doing his best to clean up after Rep. Michele Bachmann after Politico pointed out her suggestion that she urged the U.S. to declare war on Islam:

From the text of her speech, it appears Bachmann is clearly calling for war on the Islamic State.

She does cajole President Obama to recognize how a “radical ideology” that comes from Islam motivates jihadis such as the Islamic State, also called ISIS.

But she never calls for a war on Islam.


While she does say, “It is about Islam,” she clearly appears to be referring to such statements by Obama as his declaration in his speech to the nation on Sept. 10, that the Islamic State terrorists “are not Islamic,” and for refusing to take radical ideology into account when formulating a response to the threat.

From the context of her speech, Bachmann’s call for war appears to be clearly directed at the Islamic State terrorists, in saying “[T]he Islamic State has declared war on the United States of America. You kill their leader, you kill their council, you kill their army until they wave the white flag of surrender. That’s how you win a war.”

And in saying, “You declare war on it, you don’t dance around it,” the congresswoman appears to be referring to what she and many critics believe to be the president’s tepid response to the great gains the jihadist army has made in Syria and Iraq. Many critics have likened it to the unsuccessful approach of incremental escalation used in Vietnam.

Then, Kant quotes his boss opining on the situation:

WND Editor and CEO Joseph Farah said, “The Politico reporters should be fired immediately for so blatantly misrepresenting Michele Bachmann’s comments – especially given the threats from ISIS.”

If that's the standard that must be followed, then Farah must immediately fire one of his WND reporters, Bob Unruh, for his own blatant misrepresentation of the words of another.

As we've documented, Unruh claimed in at least two WND articles that Houston Mayor Annise Parker said that the city's new non-discrimination ordinance is "all about me" -- a quote Parker is not on record as ever making. Unruh simply made it up.

While Unruh dropped the quotes in later articles, he's still falsely misrepresenting her remarks, portraying them as narcissism instead of the admission it really is that the ordinance directly affects her.

This is Farah's test: Will he apply the standard he wants Politico to follow to his own reporter? We shall see.

Posted by Terry K. at 10:55 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, October 22, 2014 10:56 AM EDT
Tuesday, October 21, 2014
If You Want To Live, Ignore WND (And The AAPS)
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Dr. Richard Amerling writes in an Oct. 18 WorldNetDaily column, hilariously headlined, "If you want to live, ignore the CDC":

I almost feel sorry for Tom Frieden, director of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). So many of his pronouncements have been eviscerated by events within hours or days. He has become a punchline and should resign for the good of the country.

Unfortunately, the Ebola crisis is no joke. Two Dallas nurses (who are special people in my book) have now become infected after taking care of an Ebola-infected patient who illegally flew to the U.S. when he knew he had been heavily exposed to the deadly virus.

To maintain, as does Dr. Frieden, that stopping travel to the U.S. from the few countries where Ebola is running rampant would somehow harm us is illogical to the point of absurdity. And it is now clear to every other sentient being that Ebola is far more contagious, and deadly, than AIDS, to which Dr. Frieden compared Ebola.


Michelle Malkin describes how the CDC has been diverted from its original role into one of political “transformation.” Rather than fight disease, the CDC now pushes for mandatory motorcycle helmet laws, and studies playground accidents, video games and violence, and “social norming” in schools! No wonder it can’t handle Ebola.

This perversion of an organization is par for the Obama golf course. It resembles the transformation of NASA into a Muslim outreach group, or sending our military men and women to fight Ebola in Liberia. This latter is an outrageous abuse of our already beaten-down military. There should be generals resigning over this suicide mission.

Amerling, by the way, is president-elect of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, a fringe right-wing website that opposes mandatory vaccinations and promotes conspiracy theories.

This is the guy who is telling us to ignore medical experts and trust his own dishonest organization? Really?

Given WND's propensity for fearmongering about medical issues, it's the last place anybody should turn for the truth on health matters.

Posted by Terry K. at 2:08 PM EDT
Monday, October 20, 2014
WND Now Baselessly Blaming Undocumented Immigrants For Enterovirus
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Not content with fearmongering about Ebola, WorldNetDaily is branching out to fearmonger about enterovirus -- specifically, trying to blame undocumented immigrants for spreading it.

Aaron Klein writes in an Oct. 13 WND article that enterovirus "could have been carried into the U.S. by illegal-alien minors from Central America." But he offers no evidence to back it up, only speculation from factually challenged right-wingers like Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage.

Klein noted 12 states where "laboratory-confirmed cases of EV-D68 were reported," but he didn't mention that one state not on that list was Texas, where many of those "illegal-alien minors from Central America" entered the country. That would seem to shoot a large hole in his conspiracy theory.

It's not until the very end of his article that he grudgingly admits the Centers for Disease Control reports there is no demonstrated link between the unaccompanied minors and the enterovirus outbreak.

A day later, WND's Jerome Corsi took his own shot at fearmongering, claiming that despite the CDC's statement, the enterovirus outbreak is "widely suspected to have a direct connection to the Obama administration policy of placing across the U.S. tens of thousands of minors who have been allowed to enter without a health screening."

The first source Corsi cites in support of his conspiracy theory is Jane Orient of the fringe Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, who is prone to spreading fear about Ebola.

Corsi also wrote:

The link between EV D-68 and Latin American children was established in a peer-reviewed medical article published in Virology Journal on Oct. 11, 2013, titled “Human rhinoviruses and enteroviruses in influenza-like illness in Latin America.” It was co-authored by a team of virologists headed by Josefina Garcia, U.S. Naval Medical Unit 6 in Lima, Peru, who worked with the Fogarty International Center at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.

In the 2013 study, Garcia and her medical associates collected 3,375 nose and throat swab samples from subjects under 8 years old, with a median age of 3 years. They found that human enteroviruses (HEV), including EV-D68, was discovered in 3 percent of the samples while the related human rhinoviruses (HRV) was found in 16 percent of the samples.

The study concluded: “In Latin America as in other regions, HRVs and HEVs account for a substantial proportion of viruses identified in young people with ILI (Influenza-like Illness), a finding that provides additional support for the development of pharmaceuticals and vaccines targeting these pathogens.”

But as Snopes points out, that the study did not specifically address a higher prevalence of the illnesses in Latin America, and that many readers of that study have mistakenly conflated the location of the study's participants with a predeliction for contracting and transmitting the virus.

The determined insistence on putting fear before facts is just another reason nobody believes WND.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:27 AM EDT
Sunday, October 19, 2014
WND's Unruh Evolves His Lie about Houston Mayor
Topic: WorldNetDaily

In addition to feeding false hysteria about a request for documents in a lawsuit filed on behalf of Houston pastors over an anti-discrimination law, WorldNetDaily's Bob Unruh has perpetuated a lie about Houston Mayor Annise Parker (whom he always makes sure we know is a lesbian). Over the past week, however, he has moderated his attack on Parker to make it slightly less of a lie, though still false.

As we've documented, Unruh has asserted that Parker claims the non-discrimination ordinance is "all about me," with those words in quotes. But Parker has never been quoted saying "all about me." From the Houston Business Journal:

"This is personal. It is not academic. It is my life that is being discussed," said Parker, the first openly gay mayor of a U.S. city. "It applies to the range of protected groups ... but the debate is about me. It is about two gay men at this table. It is very intensely personal."

In other words, it's not the narcissistic statement Unruh's fraudulent misquote of Parker suggests it is, but an admission of how the non-discrimination ordinance directly affects her.

Unruh repeated the false "all about me" quote in his Oct. 13 article, but two days later he adjusted it slightly, stating that "Parker, a lesbian, has admitted the anti-discrimination ordinance is 'all about' her and her lifestyle." The quote is still wrong -- she never said "all about."

On Oct. 16, Unruh dropped the fraudulent quotes altogether, claiming that Parker "has said the issue is all about her own lifestyle choice." But that's a lie too -- Unruh offers no evidence that Parker has ever referred to homosexuality as a "lifestyle choice."

Unruh reverted to his previous lie in an Oct. 18 article, claiming Parker "admitted" the ordinance "was all about her."

Perhaps instead of making up quotes and falsely paraphrasing Parker, Unruh could try something journalistic and, you know, quote what she actually said. But then, Unruh isn't really a journalist, is he?

Posted by Terry K. at 7:02 PM EDT
Friday, October 17, 2014
WND's Unruh Can't Stop Misleading About Houston Non-Discrimination Lawsuit
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Because WorldNetDaily's Bob Unruh has an anti-gay agenda, he has no interest whatsoever in accurately or fairly reporting on LGBT issues (which is just the way his employer likes it). Unruh keeps up that un-journalistic tradition in his coverage of a lawsuit over a Houston non-discrimination ordinance -- something he has spread lies about in the past.

In an Oct. 13 WND article, Unruh dishonestly portrays a city request for copies of sermons delivered by pastors who oppose the ordinance -- which Unruh maliciously describes as "allow[ing] 'gender-confused' people to use public restrooms designated for the opposite sex" and portrays as part of "the transsexual agenda" -- as a threat to religious freedom. Unruh quotes only pastors and their legal representatives fearmongering about the action and misleading about the ordinance, and he made no apparent effort to contact city officials for their side of the story. Unruh also repeats his lie that Houston Mayor Annise Parker "has acknowledged the ordinance is 'all about me.'" As we've documented, Parker said no such thing.

But as Media Matters points out, the request is part of a normal discovery phase in response to a lawsuit filed by ordinance opponents and are meant to gather information about possibly improper church behavior.

Had Unruh bothered to contact Houston officials about the controversy, he wold have found that they concede the documents request may be overbroad.

But, again, the facts don't matter to Unruh. His Oct. 15 follow-up article repeats all the one-sided smears and Unruh's refusal to tell the other side of the story. And in an Oct. 16 article kept up Unruh's lazy reporting: He fails yet again to contact Houston city officials for their side of the story, instead noting an article from the right-wing Washington Times about the city narrowing the scope of their demands.

Most real journalists would be ashamed to write such ridiculously biased and misleading -- if not outright false -- screeds and passing them off as "journalism." Unruh clearly has no shame about this, which is just another reason why nobody believes WND.

UPDATE: Unruh's Oct. 17 article on the issue, like the others, ignores the other side of the story. Despite writing four articles about this, Unruh has never reached out to Houston city officials for their response. Talk about lazy reporting.

Posted by Terry K. at 11:59 AM EDT
Updated: Friday, October 17, 2014 4:07 PM EDT

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