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Thursday, July 30, 2015
WND Presents A Year-Old Story As 'News'
Topic: WorldNetDaily

A July 29 WorldNetDaily article by Chelsea Schilling touts how "Former President Bill Clinton is cheating on Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and “has a blonde, busty mistress” code named 'Energizer' by Secret Service agents, according to author Ronald Kessler, a former investigative journalist at the Washington Post."

If that story sounds familiar, that's because it is -- it came out a year ago.

That's something Schilling would have known if she read her employer's website. A July 22, 2014, WND article notes Kessler's claim that "Clinton has a mistress nicknamed 'Energizer' by his security staff."

The original version of Schilling's article, available in Google cache, claims that "Kessler published his claims in his new book, 'The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of the Presidents.'" But Kessler's book isn't new; it came out in August 2014, as the link to the Amazon page for the book in her article demonstrates. The current version of the article deletes the word "new"; the article is noted as being "updated" but not that a false claim was corrected.

The paperback version of Kessler's book came out this week, and Schilling apparently mistook Kessler's rehashing of claims to promote that release as something new. Meanwhile, Schilling is too preoccupied with serving as Kessler's PR agent to note that the salacious claims he makes are anonymously sourced and geared to sell books over imparting verifiable information, or that Kessler's previous book on the Secret Service was disputed by actual Secret Service agents.

Schilling has a long record of making false and misleading claims in her WND articles.

Posted by Terry K. at 7:13 PM EDT
Wednesday, July 29, 2015
Birthers At WND Blame Obama (!) For Bringing Up Birtherism
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Cheryl Chumley actually starts a July 27 WorldNetDaily article this way:

President Obama took time during his Kenya visit to drag out the birth-certificate issue again – just as he did in April and in March – and do some drive-by mocking of those who still question where he was born.

Really? Chumley -- whose employer the day before published a column promoting discredited birther conspiracy theories, and the very same day published an article featuring Sheriff Joe Arpaio responding to criticism o  his "refusal to give up" the (discredited) idea "that President Obama’s birth certificate may have been forged," a discussion provoked when Arpaio discussed the issue with WND reporter Aaron Klein earlier this month -- thinks Obama is "drag[ging] out the birth-certificate issue again" simply by making a joke about it?

Chumley goes on to be weirdly offended that "This is the third time in just a few months Obama has brought up the birth-certificate matter at a very public venue." Apparently she hasn't noticed that her employer has been going birther for the past eight years. Except when it comes to evidence that discredits their birther conspiracies -- WND does a good job of shutting up about that.

Indeed, the unbylined article that accompanied Chumley's asserted that "Arpaio's investigative team concluded [the birth certificate] is a forgery" without any mention of the purported anomalies in the PDF of Obama's BC being easily duplicated by scanning the document using a common Xerox office scanner, or that, as former Cold Case Posse member Brian Reilly points out, the state of Hawaii has officially verified the authenticity of Obama's birth certificate, effectively putting the issue to rest once and for all.

Maybe Chumley should spend less time complaining that Obama is "drag[ging] out the birth-certificate issue again" and more time asking why her employer refuses to let it go despite all the evidence discrediting its conspiracy theories.

Posted by Terry K. at 9:45 PM EDT
Tuesday, July 28, 2015
Christopher Monckton's Massive Birther Fail
Topic: WorldNetDaily

The birther dead-enders are strong -- they're dead (in that they've been utterly discredited), but they don't know it yet. Take, for example, this untethered-from-reality blather from Christopher Monckton's July 26 WorldNetDaily column:

Though the tone was a fine instance of the relentless diplomatic politesse that is a notable hallmark of Kenya’s present president, his remarks were a decisive slap in the face for the bleating Mr. Obama, who traveled from Kenya to Hawaii with his American mother within days of his birth in a village near Mombasa in August 1964.

But don’t rush to find Mr. Obama’s I-94 immigration docket. The National Archives can give you every I-94 card for every person arriving in Hawaii on every single day throughout 1964, except for the week of Mr Obama’s alleged Hawaiian birth. For his alleged birth date and for exactly three days before and exactly three days after it, all of the I-94 records for Hawaii are unaccountably and uniquely missing from the archive.

Monckton doesn't bother to explain it, but an I-94 docket is something the federal government compiled on foreign visitors to America. Since Obama is an American citizen and not a foreigner (along with his mother), there was no need for one to be compiled in his name. Thus, it doesn't matter whether those records for 1964 are missing or not.

Wait, did Monckton say Obama was born in 1964? Strike two: Obama was born in 1961. 

Strike three comes later in Monckton's column when he once again insists that Obama's birth certificate was "manifestly forged ... an in-your-face fraud." Monckton seems to have missed where the purported anomalies in the PDf of Obama's BC are easily duplicated by scanning the document using a common Xerox office scanner, or that, as former Cold Case Posse member Brian Reilly points out, the state of Hawaii has officially verified the authenticity of Obama's birth certificate, effectively putting the issue to rest for everyone ... except birther dead-enders like Monckton.

The fact that Monckton's still out in birther la-la-land is reason enough to not believe a word he writes. We don't even need to get into the anti-gay whining that makes up the bulk of his column.

Posted by Terry K. at 4:23 PM EDT
Saturday, July 25, 2015
WND Embraces (And Possibly Steals From) 'Liberal Media' To Help Trump
Topic: WorldNetDaily

The ConWeb really doesn't hate the "liberal media" as much as they claim -- they're perfectly happy to treat liberals as perfectly credible when it suits their purposes.

Which brings us to the spectacle of the far-right WorldNetDaily enthusiastically reposting from the left-wing magazine The Nation.

WND loves Donald Trump -- indeed, WND editor Joseph Farah calls him "a shot of adrenaline" for "raising issues bluntly and fearlessly." He particularly loves how Trump is shaking up the Republican party: "There’s one guy they really fear. They can’t control him. They can’t intimidate him. He won’t take their advice. He won’t play by their rules. And every day he gets more popular."

In an effort to bolster Trump's attacks on John McCain -- which include claims of McCain purportedly not doing enough to rescue alleged prisoners of war from Vietnam as a senator -- Jerome Corsi did a fine job of serving as Trump's campaign spokesman in a July 21 WND article:

McCain, whose father and grandfather were four-star Navy admirals, has been commended throughout his career in the Senate for enduring five-and-a-half years in the infamous “Hanoi Hilton” prison in North Vietnam.

But various critics, including Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Sydney H. Schanberg, have charged that McCain, working with fellow Vietnam veteran and then-Sen. John F. Kerry, D-Mass., suppressed information about POWs believed to have been left behind by the U.S. government at the end of the Vietnam War.

In a 2008 article published by the Nation Institute when McCain was the Republican nominee for president, Schanberg wrote that the senator, who had risen to political prominence based on his war-hero image, “has, inexplicably, worked very hard to hide from the public stunning information about American prisoners in Vietnam who, unlike him, didn’t return home.”

Corsi's article was accompanied by a reprinting of that 2008 article by Schanberg from The Nation.

Interestingly, while WND does credit The Nation for originally printing Schanberg's article, of which WND's reprinting is apparently an "expanded version," it does not indicate that it obtained permission from The Nation's Investigative Fund or from Schanberg to reprint the article.

While WND may have actually sought and received permission from relevant parties to reprint the Nation article, it has such an extensive record of theft and plagiarism that it has not earned the benefit of the doubt here.

Posted by Terry K. at 10:18 AM EDT
Tuesday, July 21, 2015
WND Columnist Mercer Sneers At Race-Mixing
Topic: WorldNetDaily

As befits someone who's pining for the return of apartheid, South Africa native Ilana Mercer is not a big fan of the mixing of the races, lest they bespoil white folks. Mercer spends her July 16 WorldNetDaily column telling us that Rachel Dolezal, the former NAACP official who portrayed herself as black despite being white, was "racially abused" because her white parents adopted black children, then drags Angelina Jolie into it for adopting non-white children:

Was not Ms. Dolezal displaced for real in her parents’ affections? Rachel’s story should begin with parents Larry and Ruthanne Dolezal, who adopted four children, “three of whom were African-American while the other was from Haiti.”

Does this fashionable adoption not send a message to a vulnerable girl that she and her biological brother are too pale for their pious parents?

Spokesperson for the quasi-black Brady Bunch is Ezra Dolezal. Ezra grew up in the diversity-worshiping, evangelical Dolezal household. He now lectures his estranged sister about her shenanigans in black-face.

The chutzpah!

The once anemic-looking, fair-skinned Rachel was raised with a real sense that she was not black enough for her parents. Why do I say “real”? Because, like Angelina Jolie, Larry and Ruthanne Dolezal kept acquiring kids more colorful than their own.

Kids are needy creatures. Parenting is a complex endeavor. However great their reservoirs of love, sense of fair play and goodwill – two parents do not have enough of the good stuff to spread among six kids. Mark my words: Brangelina’s beautiful, biological offspring will also one day display signs of childhood racial abuse.

Mercer also expounds on other reasons Dolezal might want to be black:

In American society, black is beautiful.

To be black is to be more righteous, nobler; carry the heaviest historic baggage – heavier than the Holocaust – and be encouraged to perpetually and publicly pick at those suppurating sores.

To be black is to have an unwritten, implicit social contract with wider, whiter society.

To be black it to be born with an IOY; it is to be owed apologies, obsequiousness, education and auto-exculpation for any wrongdoing.

Why can’t Rachel have some of that?

Mercer's racism is showing again.

Posted by Terry K. at 3:40 PM EDT
Saturday, July 18, 2015
WND Repeats Discredited ISIS Link to Chattanooga Shooting
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Leo Hohmann writes in a July 16 WorldNetDaily article about the Chattanooga shootings:

An ISIS affiliated Twitter account tweeted 15 minutes before the attack started a “warning” to America with the #Chattanooga hashtag (see screenshot above article). Could this have been the signal that started the attack? Authorities refused to comment on that Thursday, but a similar Twitter message came just before the ISIS attack in Garland, Texas in early May. This pattern suggests ISIS may have sleeper cells it is able to activate within the United States.

Hohmann's article prominently features the alleged ISIS tweet (at right), though it's curiously not captioned as such, identified only later in the article.

In fact, Hohmann is making a false claim. As Media Matters documents, the right-wing activists who initially promoted the false claim that the ISIS tweet came just before the Chattanooga shootings misread the Twitter timestamp by not accounting for time zones. The tweet actually was issued a few hours after the shooting, not shortly before.

There's also no purported "pattern" of ISIS warning of shootings in the U.S. The issuer of the "similar Twitter message" before the Garland shooting was actually issued by one of the gunmen, Elton Simpson, not by someone higher up in ISIS.

Despite this tweet having no actual link to the Chattanooga shooting, Hohmann's boss, WND editor Joseph Farah uses it to illustrate his July 17 column ranting that the shooting was Muslim terrorism despite authorities having yet to even definitively establish that the shooter, Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez, was a Muslim: "Hello? Since when do Christian or non-Muslim Arabs name their kids Mohammad?"

Farah then goes on to repeat the false claim his writer made, stealing it word-for-word: "An ISIS-affiliated Twitter account tweeted 15 minutes before the attack started a 'warning' to America with the #Chattanooga hashtag (see screenshot above article). Could this have been the signal that started the attack?"

If Farah had done even a modicum of research before writing his column, he would have known that the answer is no. 

And that is yet another reason why nobody believes WND.

Posted by Terry K. at 4:02 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, July 18, 2015 4:10 PM EDT
Tuesday, July 14, 2015
WND Columnist: Multiculturalism Is Just Like Having AIDS
Topic: WorldNetDaily

It’s fashionable to promote multiculturalism in the name of diversity.

According to the most avid supporters, “We all just need to get along. We need to get over our differences and live in peace.”

The problem with this is that it assumes there is no right or wrong. It assumes all beliefs are of equal value. Christianity and Islam are equals. Free enterprise and socialism are equals. Everyone just needs to accept that others beliefs are of equal value to their own.

Such thinking is like the AIDS virus.The human body is designed to fight off colds and flues and to heal from various wounds. Attacks on the health of the body are spotted and biological combat commences. The AIDS virus turns off the body’s defense mechanism. AIDS stands for “Immune Deficiency Syndrome.” It tells the body, “You’re OK,” when it’s not OK.

Multiculturalism says, “Don’t worry about a little socialism. It won’t hurt you.” It says, “Don’t be a stickler about God’s laws. Other people don’t believe them, and they’re just fine.” It says, “Don’t harp about traditional families. Be modern. Accept anything in the name of progress and diversity.”

-- Ted Baehr, July 12 WorldNetDaily column

Posted by Terry K. at 8:00 PM EDT
Saturday, July 11, 2015
WND Can't Stop Stringing The Birthers Along
Topic: WorldNetDaily

WorldNetDaily isn't done stringing its faithful birthers along, it appears.

Following Aaron Klein's interview with Joe Arpaio -- in which Klein failed to ask Arpaio any meaningful birther-related questions --  Art Moore interviews cold case posse chief Mike Zullo for a July 9 article. Under the pretense of explaining away Zullo's claim of forthcoming "universe-shattering" evidence he made in late 2013, Moore uncritically lets Zullo declare that "there is no credible evidence of where Obama was born" and doesn't bother to challenge Zullo's claims that the unnamed thing that's keeping his purported investigation "under lock and key"could "prevent me from ever disclosing what this is."

As his fellow WNDer Klein did, Moore fails to ask Zullo about important revelations  that have surfced that discredit his investigation:

The documentation that what Arpaio, posse leader Mike Zullo and other birthers have claimed as evidence that the online version of Obama's birth certificate released by the White House is a manufactured fraud -- the various layers in the PDF document -- are easily reproduced by using a common Xerox scanner to scan in the document.

Arpaio's admission in the documentary "The Joe Show" that the only reason he latched onto the birther movement was to generate donations to his own re-election campaigns.

The statement by former posse member Reilly that Hawaii's verification of Obama's birth certificate constitutes sufficient proof that Obama is a "natural born citizen" -- and puts the lie to any claim by Arpaio that the investigation is fair and designed to clear Obama.

Moore also curiously fails to make any mention in his article of another fellow WNDer, Jerome Corsi, even though Corsi not only was (and may still be) a member of the cold case posse, it was his presentation to the Surprise Tea Party that, as Moorepoints out in his article, spurred Arpaio to set up the cold case posse in the first place.

Corsi's books on the issue aren't even promoted in Moore's article -- just a category list of "the resources you need to understand the critical constitutional issue ignored by Washington and establishment media — the essential qualifications for the person responsible for the nation’s security." And, yes, WND is still trying to desperately unload copies of Corsi's "Where's the Birth Certificate?" for 99 cents.

It's almost as if Corsi and WND now ashamed of their role in forwarding the birth certificate issue or something.

Nevertheless, Moore tries to demonstrate his own birther bona fides:

Some scholars point to the Naturalization Act of 1790, passed shortly after the Constitution was issued, as a guide. It defines a natural-born citizen as the offspring of two U.S. citizens, regardless of the place of birth. While the law was repealed by the Naturalization Act of 1795, which removed the term “natural born,” some argue the 1790 law, passed only three years after the Constitution was signed, represents the intent of the Framers.

Regardless of his place of birth, Obama would fail the 1790 Naturalization Act test, because his father was a Kenyan visiting the U.S. as a student.

Of course, given that the Naturalization Act of 1790 was repealed in 1795, it does not have the force of law. Moore avoids mentioning another inconvenient fact WND doesn't want to talk about: WND's favorite presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, would also fail Moore's test.

We've written Moore to ask for an explanation of his omissions. We'll let you know if he responds.

Posted by Terry K. at 6:39 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, July 11, 2015 6:44 PM EDT
Thursday, July 9, 2015
NEW ARTICLE: Silence Equals Assent
Topic: WorldNetDaily
WorldNetDaily has so far refused to respond to our documentation of how its racially charged rhetoric may have influenced Charleston shooter Dylann Roof. Is that an admission that we're right? Read more >>

Posted by Terry K. at 8:12 PM EDT
Wednesday, July 8, 2015
Gay Marriage Derangement Syndrome, Mychal Massie Edition
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Anyone one who believes homosexuals do not have an end game that has yet to be accomplished “have eyes and see not,” and “have ears and hear not.” Homosexuals are not after equality; they, not unlike Muslims, are after conquest – and just like all terrorists, they have carefully conceived a plan they’ve been carrying out by any means available. But unlike Muslim terrorists, they are not patient, and that may well be their downfall – but I get ahead of myself.

The recent Supreme Court ruling dictated that regardless of one’s faith or personal convictions, we must now accept homosexuality. But therein is the bastardization of the truth. The homosexual agenda is not about just forcing America to embrace homosexuality. It is much more insidious than that – and your federal government not only knows this, but they are complicit in this Erebusic agenda.


The evidence and research show that the lesbians and transgenders are the useful idiots pursuant to the true homosexual agenda. I further believe that their use of the civil rights struggles of blacks was nothing more than an ends to a means.

My contention is that the true homosexual goal is a nation of male sodomites. If I am right, it is one of the greatest insipid and draconian acts of treachery perpetrated against a civilized society since the beginning of time.

Satan never comes to the table without an end game beyond that which is clearly visible. From my reading of the homosexual manifesto and “Redeeming of the Rainbow,” I have reached the conclusion that the homosexual agenda is 100 percent about homosexual men. It is not about lesbians and the transgendered as such, and it most certainly has nothing to do with concern for blacks.

It is much more sinister than that. I believe the homosexual agenda’s secretive end game is a country of homosexuals – not lesbians and not the transgendered. They are not unlike the mythical “purebred” vampires of celluloid fame, who look down upon all who are not singularly homosexual.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Read their manifesto, the book and the articles I referenced above in totality and see for yourself.

-- Mychal Massie, July 6 WorldNetDaily column

Posted by Terry K. at 2:24 PM EDT
Tuesday, July 7, 2015
WND Dances to Arpaio's Birther Tune Again
Topic: WorldNetDaily

WorldNetDaily and Sheriff Joe Arpaio have long been in cahoots when it comes to promoting birther conspiracy theories. After all, it was a birther lecture by WND's Jerome Corsi to a tea party group in Arizona that was designed to manipuate Arpaio into launching a "cold case posse" to examine Barack Obama's birth certificate -- a posse that included Corsi as one of its members, thus guaranteeing it could never be fair or comprehensive.

While both WND's birtherism and the posse's activities have dropped considerably after Obama's re-election -- which WND's birther obsession was intended to prevent -- It's never stopped completely, WND has never admitted its birther conspiracies have been completely discredited, and the posse's incompetence has been demonstrated by former posse member Brian Reilly.

WND has no problem playing up the birther conspiracy when it feels like doing so, and a radio interview with Arpaio by WND re[porter (and birther) Aaron Klein provided the perfect opportunity, as a July 5 WND article documents:

In a radio interview broadcast Sunday, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio affirmed he is “pretty well convinced” President Obama’s birth certificate, as released by the White House in 2011, is a “fraudulent, fake document.”

“I’ve been in law enforcement 55 years,” stated Arpaio. “I think I know a fraudulent, fake document. I’m not a computer expert. I rely on my people. But I’m pretty well convinced it’s a fake document.”

The famous sheriff was being interviewed for “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” broadcast on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and Philadelphia’s NewsTalk 990 AM.

The clip Kelin and Arpaio accompanying the article is a short one, so we can assume that Klein couldn't be bothered to ask Arpaio about the following:

  • The documentation that what Arpaio, posse leader Mike Zullo and other birthers have claimed as evidence that the online version of Obama's birth certificate released by the White House is a manufactured fraud -- the various layers in the PDF document -- are easily reproduced by using a common Xerox scanner to scan in the document.
  • Arpaio's admission in the documentary "The Joe Show" that the only reason he latched onto the birther movement was to generate  donations to his own re-election campaigns.
  • The statement by former posse member Reilly that Hawaii's verification of Obama's birth certificate constitutes sufficient proof that Obama is a "natural born citizen" -- and puts the lie to any claim by Arpaio that the investigation is fair and designed to clear Obama.

But Klein, being the birther that he is, is sticking to WND's policy of not admitting the birthers were ever wrong, even as the evidence continues to pile up. And he no doubt helped Arpaio convince a few more suckers to donate to Arpaio's campaign.

As always at WND, agenda supercedes the truth.

Posted by Terry K. at 7:34 PM EDT
Sunday, July 5, 2015
WND Still Doesn't Want To Talk About Dylann Roof's Manifesto
Topic: WorldNetDaily

If WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah was an honest journalist, he'd be reflecting on how the views promulgated by his website have apparently influenced more than one mass murderer -- first Anders Breivik, now Dylann Roof -- and his website would be accurately reporting on its contents.

But he's not, so he isn't. And WND keeps trying to make sure discussion of Roof involves anything other than the closeness of the racial views in Roof's manifesto to WND's editorial agenda.

The latest attempt to change the subject comes in a July 3 WND article by Leo Hohmann in which he falsely suggests that liberal professor Juan Cole is somehow anti-Semitic for pointing out that the Islamophobia promoted by WND faves like Pamela Geller and Daniel Pipes is reflected in Roof's manifesto. Hohmann plays up a reference by Cole to Geller and Pipes as "right-wing Jews." But Hohmann takes the phrase out of context; in the blog post Hohmann is attacking, Cole points out that it's ironic that Geller and Pipes are Jewish because Roof "went on heartily to hate Jews, as well. Many American Jews, he held, are pro-African-American, and so he abhorred them, as well."

Hohmann makes no mention of the details of Roof's manifesto in which he reflects WND's concerns about black-on-white violence and the Trayvon Martin Case. Instead, he contacts Geller and Pipes for predictably outraged quotes that anyone would link them to Roof.

If Leo Hohmann were an honest journalist, he'd get into the details of Roof's manifesto. But he isn't, and Farah isn't paying him to be one. So unless one or both of them mans up and faces the truth (or at least do better than Jack Cashill), our take on WND and Roof will remain the accurate -- and damning -- one.

They say silence equals assent. Should we take WND's silence as assenting that its editorial agenda contributed to Roof's mindset?

Posted by Terry K. at 10:34 PM EDT
Wednesday, July 1, 2015
Gay Marriage Derangement Syndrome, WorldNetDaily Edition
Topic: WorldNetDaily

One has to ask what caused Roberts, as he has done before, to trash his own professed conservative principles, that we are a nation of laws and not men and that no branch of government can be permitted to subvert the Constitution?

Perhaps the answer to this and a number of the chief justice’s other aberrant rulings and statements can be explained by the coercive intelligence practices of the NSA and CIA. These criminally minded agencies, as disclosed by Edward Snowden, have “harvested” the confidential secrets of even Supreme Court justices. According to another whistleblower, Chief Justice Roberts was at the top of the list.

So the big question is this: Did the NSA and/or the CIA, working in concert with their Supreme Leader Obama, blackmail Roberts into submission?
Even the potential for this to happen, given the unconstitutional surveillance of the spy agencies on nearly all Americans, underscores why the nation is again on the verge of revolution. If evil despots have compromised even our Supreme Court, the ultimate protector and “decider” of our rights, then what choice is left to us?

-- Larry Klayman, June 26 WorldNetDaily column

There will be consequences for this decision. Don’t expect everyone to put aside their most deeply held religious convictions and live happily ever after. Don’t expect the cultural anarchists who put this movement in place just a decade ago to stop here. This is the beginning of their revolution, not the endgame.

As a Christian, I also believe we will be hearing from the author of marriage soon.

I don’t know what form that message will come, but it is certain to be heard sooner rather than later.

America’s elite leadership have taken the side of the enemies of God, and He will take notice.

It could come in the form of an economic crash. It could come in more civil and racial strife along the lines of what has been building in recent years. It could come in the form of an attack on our country from foreign power or terrorist group.

I suspect it will something big. I take no comfort in passing along this warning. It’s just the pattern that God uses to bring His people to repentance for their own good.

Read the Bible. It’s unmistakable.

And while you’re reading the Bible, be sure to see what it says about marriage.

-- Joseph Farah, June 26 WND column

The horrific nature of this illegitimate decision cannot be overstated. It makes a mockery of the institution of marriage, something of which God alone has the authority to design and define. It represents a level of judicial activism unmatched since Dred Scott, Buck v. Bell or Roe v. Wade.

Man-woman marriage, as He designed it, is the metaphor God uses for the relationship between Christ and His Church. In addition to mocking marriage, this decision mocks God.

Which is by spiritual design.

Satan is laughing himself silly right now. His demonic minions, both above and below, are popping the bubbly and clinking the champagne flutes.

Evil has triumphed.

For now at least.

But not in the end.

Because God will not be mocked.

And victory is His.

-- Matt Barber, June 26 WND column

Soon, public school textbooks throughout the country will be re-written and re-illustrated to conform to today’s ruling. It matters not that these revisions will contradict the beliefs and convictions of their parents. It will soon become the law of the land.

Many more vulnerable kids will grow up in homes with same-sex parents, obviously lacking either masculine or feminine role models. They are the real victims of the Court’s ruling.

Adults will suffer, too. I believe a barrage of court cases has already been planned against those who hold to politically incorrect views of marriage. Many of us will be dragged into court to be prosecuted or subjected to civil judgments. Some will lose their jobs, while others forfeit their businesses. Some will be persecuted and ridiculed and fined. Some may go to prison as the years unfold. Since same-sex marriage has now been determined to be a universal human right by the highest court in the land, it will trump religious liberty, churches, seminaries, Christian schools, businesses and a host of individual liberties. I also fear that judgment will befall this once great nation.

-- James Dobson, June 26 WND column

Further, the United States now must recognize the validity and legality of what is called “gay marriage” – but which really is a bastardization of the word “marriage” – both in definition and in practice.

Toss the dictionaries – the 1,000-year-plus understanding of marriage as the union of a man and a woman – the foundation of a family, which provides stability for the birth and raising of children.

The definition has been changed on the whim of five people on the high court influenced by massive and incessant pressure by the homosexual movement.

Now, two men or two women can “marry” – can have children as long as someone donates sperm or an egg or, in some cases, carries the child to term. Who’s mommy? Who’s daddy? Who knows?

God help children.

-- Barbara Simpson, June 28 WND column

God is giving America over to her lusts and pride because, like ancient Israel, she has turned away her heart from Him, though He was like a faithful husband to them both.

America is, indeed, getting justice, but not the way Obama and the moral anarchists think of it. They are getting their just deserts, as are the rest of us who have not been the salt and light needed to hold back judgment.

Judgment isn’t just coming. It is here. This is it. It could get worse, but the Supreme Court ruling on marriage was, in fact, itself a form of divine judgment on America.

Let me risk prosecution for “hate thoughts” by raising what the Bible says about homosexuality, the behavior that opened this spiritual Pandora’s box.

-- Joseph Farah, June 29 WND column

Congress should formally recognize the dignity of opposite-sex married couples and resolve to protect that dignity in our laws. A joint resolution should recite the many reasons why the special union of husband and wife has been honored for “millennia,” as Justice Kennedy admitted.

Only the union of husband and wife was recognized in the foundational texts of Western civilization, including the book of Genesis as well as the classical writers of ancient Greece and Rome. The union of husband and wife was singled out for special recognition in the words of Jesus, as recorded in the gospels of the New Testament.

Only the union of husband and wife is honored in our cultural heritage – depicted in thousands of works of art and chronicled in thousands of works of literature – which have inspired and ennobled people over millennia. Only the union of husband and wife can provide the biological connection that attaches a child to its parents and, through them, to other members of the human family.

The union of husband and wife is the only means of tracing history over generations. Royal dynasties, such as the family that has ruled Great Britain since 1066 – the same family that chartered the North American colonies beginning in 1607 – would have been impossible without it.

Only the union of husband and wife can provide a stable home as a self-supporting economic unit suitable for rearing and educating children. That is why Karl Marx, in his Communist Manifesto of 1848, called for “abolition of the family” as a necessary step toward a revolutionary communist utopia.

-- Phyllis Schlafly, June 29 WND column

Recently, we have seen judicial activism on steroids at the Supreme Court. That is especially true in their hubris-laden decision to set aside “the laws of nature and of nature’s God” and say that same-sex marriage is now the law of the land in all 50 states. Period.

We-a-slim-majority-of-the-Court have spoken. And there it is. To me the big issue boils down to authority. By what authority did a majority do this?

As Chief Justice Roberts himself said, you can celebrate this decision if you want to, but the bottom line is it had nothing to do with the Constitution.

-- Jerry Newcombe, June 30 WND column

Posted by Terry K. at 3:56 PM EDT
Saturday, June 27, 2015
WND Can't Prove Us Wrong
Topic: WorldNetDaily

My blog post on how WorldNetDaily's black-bashing and pro-white-South African content may have inspired Charleston shooter Dylann Roof  -- which was updated for the Huffington Post -- got a significant number of likes and pageviews.

Response from WND has been, shall we say, tepid. Colin Flaherty, in an email to readers, merely notes that the Huffington Post says my new book my be responsible for the Charleston murders." Of course, I didn't say that at all; we simply noted that Flaherty and Roof appear to share the same obsession with "black mob violence."

Jack Cashill devoted part of his June 24 WND column to a response of sorts:

The Martin reference inspired the Huffington Post’s Terry Krepel to publish an article Monday headlined, “Did Right-Wing Media Influence Dylann Roof?”

In the article, Krepel quotes Roof on Martin and then asks the twisted, defamatory question, “Where have we heard before that the death of Trayvon Martin was justified and blacks are nothing but thugs and criminals?”

The answer to the first part of that phrase, Krepel insists, is here on the pages of WND. As to second part of that question – the “nothing but thugs and criminals” part – one has to wonder whether the cash-strapped HuffPo has fired all its editors – and lawyers for that matter.

Yes, two years ago, WND published my book on the George Zimmerman case, “If I Had A Son.” Yes, the WND editors and I believe it is wrong to send an innocent man to prison for 30 years. Krepel slams us for so thinking.

Gotta love the subtle threat of a legal action against me and the Huffington Post, even though Cashill identifies nothing false that I wrote. Indeed, Cashill confirms my claim that his book portray Cashill as a thug in training,stating that "Had Zimmerman not shot Martin, it is likely that Martin would be in prison today."

The rest of Cashill's column is dedicated to rather lamely trying to prove that Roof didn't actually write the manifesto attributed to him, dismissing him has nothing more than "a drug-addled, ninth-grade dropout" who was incapable of having the "style, syntax and vocabulary" used in the manifesto and articulating his racist thoughts as well as he did.

Cashill also suggested that the website the manifesto was found on is a fake, designed to "set [Roof] up and/or discredit the political right." He conveniently ignores the fact that the Washington Post article he cites as proof of the "far-left" leanings of the people who discovered also points out that Roof's website "been confirmed by law enforcement as legitimate."

Meanwhile, conspicuous by his silence thus far is WND editor Joseph Farah. If there was a way he could have proven me wrong, he would have done so by now. And even if he couldn't prove me wrong, he would have still tried to publicly denigrate me in his usual thin-skinned manner -- after all, his reaction to my 2008 history of WND (also published at HuffPo) was to call me a "talent-challenged slug." (And, no, he couldn't prove me wrong then, either.)

Then again, Farah may simply be keeping uncharacteristically quiet ito keep from calling attention to it and hoping that the thing will blow over. Near as we can tell, the only reference to Roof's manifesto in a WND "news" article is a June 20 article featuring a few stolen paragraphs from the Daily Mail website.

UPDATE: Cashill targets me more specifically in a June 23 column at American Thinker -- which, ironically, is the same level of right-wing commentary outlet his fellow race-baiter Colin Flaherty can only get published at these days. He again hints that I've libeled him but again can't prove it. He also hurls more names around, calling me a "veteran propagandist" who "forced [his] hand" in commenting on the Charleston shootings.

Cashill claims that my noting the indisputable fact that WND has published writers like Cashill and Flaherty who are so quick to demonize blacks is evidence of my having a "pathology." One might respond that Cashill's record of aggressively defending murderers who kill those he considers a blight on society -- gays, abortion doctors, black teens -- is pathological as well.

Curiously, Cashill repeats the statement in Roof's manifesto about how he was "truly awakened" by the Trayvon Martin death and how "It was obvious that Zimmerman was in the right" without reflecting on how close those statements coming from a mass murderer come to his own views. If this does give him pause, Cashill makes sure not to show it.

Cashill also takes my description of Zimmerman as a "habitual criminal" out of context, deliberately ignoring the fact that I was pointing out that Zimmerman now has a longer criminal record that Martin did.

Cashill appears to be so outraged at being called on his track record that he has no intention of reflecting on why that is -- or why a mass murderer is echoing his own views.

Posted by Terry K. at 11:28 AM EDT
Updated: Saturday, July 4, 2015 10:17 PM EDT
Monday, June 22, 2015
Michelle Obama Derangement Syndrome, WorldNetDaily Edition
Topic: WorldNetDaily

I know, I know. We’re not supposed to criticize Michelle or the girls.

I don’t know where that came from, but it’s about time we’re relieved of the “emperor has no clothes” rule.

And forget that the kids are off limits.

If the parents take the children with them on official travels and include them in virtually every public event, then what they do, look like and wear are fair game for comment.

If I see another picture of Michelle, Sasha and Malia trooping up or down the steps to their plane with their legs hanging out, I think I’m going to throw up.

What’s going on with the short, short skirts?

It’s bad enough when we’re treated to Michelle’s knees, but with the girls – who are growing into lovely young women – their above mid-thigh skirt lengths are ridiculous. Keep in mind, they’re 14 and 16 years old, yet wearing dresses and skirts short enough for a 4-year-old.

I know it’s summer, but their casualness in skirt length is more suitable for a beach, not when they’re representing our country.


Michelle Obama is 51 years old. She’s the wife of the president. She’s traveling as a representative of our government and our country.

Why doesn’t she dress her age and status?

I’m not saying dowdy. I’m suggesting some top-notch designs for a woman of substance – smart, classy, and chic.

Did you see her wardrobe in the current trip? Look at the pictures, look at the designs.

Clearly Michelle Obama is very “high-waisted,” and for some reason, which is beyond me, she insists on emphasizing that.

She wears clothes that have waistlines snuggled just below her breasts. Remember all her outfits with enormously wide belts in front? Those only emphasize the problem and make her look heavier.

-- Barbara Simpson, June 21 WorldNetDaily column

“Girls like you inspire me and impress me every single day,” she said. “When I look out at all these young women, I see myself. In so many ways, your story is my story.”

In saying this, Michelle Obama was implying that both she and the Muslim girls she was addressing faced oppression, discrimination and disadvantage. She was, in other words, advancing the false Muslims-as-victims narrative that Islamic advocacy groups such as the Hamas-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, work so hard to cultivate in the U.S.

Michelle Obama did not, of course, address the fact that the primary source of the oppression and discrimination that these Muslim girls face and will face in the future is their own families – primarily their fathers and husbands.

The first lady could have called upon these girls to reject the Shariah misogyny that devalues women’s testimony and inheritance rights, reduces women to commodity status via polygamy, sanctions their beating and makes them vulnerable to genital mutilation and honor killing. But she didn’t dare say anything about any of that.


Tell us, Mrs. Obama, about your oppression and disadvantage, from your position emanating from the highest and most powerful office in the free-est country in the world.

Tell us how wronged you were in between your multiple daily wardrobe changes of the most expensive designer clothes in the world. Tell us how awful it was for you to get accepted and attend Princeton University (along with your brother) in your youth and make your own choices to live your life any way you wanted.

Vicious hypocrite.

-- Pamela Geller, June 21 WND column

Posted by Terry K. at 11:36 PM EDT

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