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Saturday, August 17, 2019
WND's New Donation Graphic Steals Less From Liberal Website Than Its First One did
Topic: WorldNetDaily

When WorldNetDaily first attempted last year to do a donation box at the bottom of each article, it stole the layout, color scheme, quote from a reader and even the credit card graphic from a similar box used by the British newspaper the Guardian -- ironically, WND's ideological opposite.

Well, WND has a new donation box. If nothing else, it's less blatantly plagiaristic:

The box keeps the gray-and-yellow color scheme and, it appears, the credit card graphics, but the copy has been put in a different font and altered to reflect its longtime narrative that "Google, Facebook and Big Tech" are conspiring against it, and to claim that WND offers "real news" and "accurate information" -- apparently, that's what WND is calling its conspiracy theories now.

For all its begging and touting a paywall-free website, though, WND still has no significant non-advertising revenue stream other than its online store, and the Daily Caller-esque nonprofit journalism outfit to which it was planning to offload its reporting in order to save money is apparently still not up and running.

Even on the business end, WND hasn't quite demonstrated it deserves to live.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:50 AM EDT
Wednesday, August 14, 2019
With Epstein's Death, WND Embraces 'Clinton Body Count' Again
Topic: WorldNetDaily

When Jeffrey Epstein reportedly attempted suicide a couple weeks back, WorldNetDaily couldn't run fast enough to embrace hoary, discredited "Clinton body count" references. Now that Epstein has died apparently from suicide, WND unsurprisingly went to that Clinton-hating well once again. Joe Kovacs cheered in an Aug. 11 article:

This weekend’s mysterious death of wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein at a federal prison in New York has ignited an online war of conspiracy theories, as President Trump retweeted messages suggesting former President Bill Clinton may somehow be involved, and Trump’s own son blasted Twitter for suppressing the the trend of the “ClintonBodyCount,” while prominently displaying “TrumpsBodyCount” as the top trending topic for discussion.

Epstein, who was facing numerous charges of sex trafficking involving underage girls, was found hanging dead in his jail cell about 6:30 a.m. Saturday, with the U.S. Justice Department saying it was the result of an “apparent suicide.”

On Saturday afternoon, President Trump retweeted messages insinuating the Clintons may have had some sort of connection to Epstein’s sudden death.

At no point did Kovacs mention the fact that the "Clinton body count" has been long discredited. Instead, he touted an earlier WND article that "documented the uncanny number of Bill and Hillary’s 'friends' who mysteriously fell off buildings, crashed in planes and died in freak accidents."

Kovacs also failed to mention that WND spread knowing falsehoods about one of the people on that list, Seth Rich, because then-WND reporter Jerome Corsi knew as early as August 2016 that it was Russian hackers, not Rich, who leaked internal Democratic emails to WikiLeaks, yet WND continued to push the false Rich leak angle. While he's at it, Kovacs might want to discuss the fact that Russian intelligence operatives were the ones who planted the Seth Rich conspiracy theories WND so enthusiastically embranced.

Kovacs followed this with an article uncritically repeating speculation that Epstein might not be dead -- mostly coming from Rush Limbaugh. He added that it was "comical" to dispute that the Clintons killed Epstsein, citing conservative Ben Shapiro stating that "If you believe the Clintons crafted a genius plan to murder Epstein you’re going to have to explain why Hillary wasn’t even able to find Wisconsin on a map." That's not stopping WND from suggesting otherwise, of course.

Then, a WND column from Andy Schlafly that, while not quite as conspiratorial as Kovacs, is similarly obsessed with Clinton:

The #MeToo movement takes on the Deep State over the Epstein scandal, and the shadow governmen may have finally met its match. The outrage by feminists against Jeffrey Epstein for evading justice while allegedly providing underage girls to powerful men has even the New York Times demanding answers.

Epstein was apparently protected by the Deep State for more than a decade, receiving extraordinary favoritism right up until his final moments of life in jail. At first the liberal media reacted to his death by calling anyone who questioned the circumstances a “conspiracy theorist,” but the media have since flipped amid pressure by liberals themselves not to let Epstein’s scheme off the hook.

No one can pretend that Epstein “acted alone” all those years, which is the favorite refrain of the Deep State when it wants to close the lid on investigatory failures about other famous crimes. Epstein obviously had powerful allies, starting with Bill Clinton, as well as pilots to fly them and others on the “Lolita Express” staffed by underage girls to serve for their satisfaction.

There are surely dozens, if not hundreds, who must have been in on Epstein’s illicit activities and unexplained accumulation of massive wealth. Bill Clinton himself traveled numerous times on Epstein’s private airplane, which included a bedroom for the pleasure of his travelers.

Schlafly didn't mention that Donald Trump was also a buddy of Epstein's.

Indulging in conspiracy theories is one big reason why WND is in its current financial difficulties, and continuing to indulge in them is one big reason why WND likely doesn't deserve to live.

Posted by Terry K. at 1:23 AM EDT
Monday, August 12, 2019
WND Still Serving Up Biased Coverage Of Right-Wing Legal Attack Against Transgender Teen
Topic: WorldNetDaily

WorldNetDaily has spent nearly three years misrepresenting the facts surrounding the case of a mother who's trying to stop her estranged child from undergoing a transgender medical procedure --largely because it's beholden to the right-wing legal group that represents the mother. It is apparently not going to stop. An unbylined July 25 article states:

A mother whose juvenile son was assisted in sex-change procedures by authorities in Minnesota against her wishes is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to review her case.

The Thomas More Society on Wednesday asked the high court to review the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals’ ruling affirming the decision by county officials to shepherd the boy through a sex change.

The petition to review Anmarie Calgaro v. St. Louis County contends Calgaro’s due process rights were trampled when the county and its referred health providers ended her parental control over her minor son without her permission or a court order.

Erick Kaardal, special counsel for the Thomas More Society, said Calgaro’s right to supervise her child’s welfare, educational and medical care decisions were ripped away by St. Louis County authorities without even parental notice.

“It’s a parent’s worst nightmare,” he said. “Anmarie Calgaro’s child, while a minor, was steered through a life-changing, permanent body altering process, becoming a pawn in someone else’s sociopolitical agenda and being influenced by those who have no legal or moral right to usurp the role of a parent.

As befits an anonymously written article, WND tells only the side the Thomas More Society wants told, that of the mother whose parental rights were purportedly violated -- indeed, this is little more than a rewrite of a Thomas More Society press release. But as we've documented, the legal group ignores the fact that the child had been living apart from the mother for several months, was earning her own money, and the mother made no attempt to bring her home or contact her. The legal group never explained why such a neglectful mother was suddenly demanding that her alleged rights be respected -- or why the child is listed as a defendant in the case, meaning that the mother is suing her own child for acting on her own, which doesn't seem to be a very loving act.

Further, given that the child in question turned 18 in 2017, the lawsuit is moot and parental control is no longer an issue. It seems that either the mother or Thomas More is motived by a certain sense of vengeance.

It seems they're both in this together. The Thomas More Society published a testimonial by Calgaro that misgenders her child, gushing that "The Thomas More Society’s compassion for me and my son, combined with their outstanding legal work, has brought my case all the way up to the United States Supreme Court. Despite the governmental abuse of my family, I am thankful for the gracious work of everyone at this nonprofit public interest law firm."

Uncritrically rewriting press releases is pretty standard WND behavior, but it doesn't mean that it deserves to live.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:06 AM EDT
Saturday, August 10, 2019
WND Gay-Basher Bashes Neflix For Being Too Gay
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Michael Brown -- who likes to pretend he has sympathy for the LGBT community but engages in rampant bashing of them anyway -- served up another entry in that genre with his July 26 column. It starts off by noting that Netflix sent a cease-and-desist order to the organizers of the straight-pride parade that used its logo to falsely portray it as a sponsor. That quickly led to Brown ranting about how there are too many non-heterosexuals on Netflix:

Personally, I have no interest in the Straight Pride parade, and none of my pro-family colleagues are involved with it.

That being said, it is clear that Netflix is the bully here. And it is even clearer that Netflix is proudly queer.


But it’s not just the Netflix legal team which is openly queer. The company as a whole has been blazing an openly queer path for years.

There is not only a plethora of gay-themed movies on Netflix, but a 2018 article pointed to “30 Netflix original shows with LGBT characters.”

Yes, “ Netflix has quite the history with LGBT representation, with two of their earliest shows (‘House of Cards’ and ‘Orange Is the New Black’) featuring queer leads. The company hasn’t shied away from these characters since, with LGBT characters appearing in the main casts of shows like ‘Sense8’ and ‘One Day at a Time,’ to name a few. Dramas, comedies, thrillers – whatever the genre, Netflix has featured an LGBT character in it.”

In keeping with this emphasis, now that “The Designated Survivor” is a Netflix production, it not only introduced the F- word to the show. But by the third episode, it focused on “transgender rights.”

And last year, Netflix released “Super Drags,” an “adult animated series” in which “three gay co-workers lead double lives as drag queen superheroes, saving the LGBTQ community from evil nemeses.” How delightful.

So Netflix, yes, we hear you loud and clear. You are here and you are queer. Quite so.

(Christian families looking for a very wholesome alternative might want to consider Pure Flix.)

That kind of gay-bashing is about par for the course from Brown.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:15 AM EDT
Wednesday, August 7, 2019
WND Revives 'Clinton Body Count' Conspiracy Over Epstein
Topic: WorldNetDaily

WorldNetDaily has long embraced the "Clinton body count" -- a list of allegedly suspicious deaths of people even just tangentally related to the Clintons that can purportedly be blamed on the Clintons themselves -- even though it's been long discredited. Heck, WND even put Seth Rich on the "body count" list, darkly suggesting Hillary Clinton herself was complicit in his death. (She wasn't.)

Because a good -- or bad -- conspiracy theory never dies, WND is irresponsible to bring it up again in a June 25 article:

The news that someone who might have incriminating information against Bill Clinton was injured in jail lit up the internet.

Manhattan financier Jeffrey Epstein, who faces charges of molesting underage girls and sex trafficking, was found in his Manhattan jail cell Tuesday in a semi-conscious state with bruising on his neck. Authorities are trying to determine whether the injury was self-inflicted or the result of an assault.

Newsweek reported “tens of thousands of tweets,” mostly from “right-wing conspiracy theorists,” were “reigniting pernicious, false accusations that former President Bill Clinton and wife, one-time Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, have covered up dozens of murders made to look like suicides.”

At no point does WND act like the responsible news organization it should in order to avoid going out of business and report that the conspiracy theory is discredited. Instead, they fully embrace it:

WND has complied a list of 33 of the “most mysterious deaths.”

They include attorney Shawn Lucas, 38, who helped serve the DNC with a lawsuit claiming then-DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz “rigged the [2016] primary for Hillary Clinton” and days later was found dead in his bathroom. The cause of death wasn’t determined.

Another was former U.N. official John Ashe, founded dead in his New York home. Officials said it was a heart attack, but local police said his throat had been crushed by a barbell.

Another man, an MI6 spy who had illegally hacked secret data on Bill Clinton, was found dead, naked, padlocked and stuffed in a duffel bag in a London hotel bathtub.

Scotland Yard said it was a suicide.

If WND must continue to embrace a bogus conspiracy theory because of its institutional hatred for the Clintons rather than report the "real news" it falsely claims it does, then perhaps it doesn't deserve to live.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:55 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, August 7, 2019 9:13 AM EDT
Monday, August 5, 2019
WND Repeats False Attack on Omar
Topic: WorldNetDaily

WND appears to have brought back its "WND Staff" byline -- those articles are still anonymously written, but now there's an official anonymous byline for them. It doesn't stop WND's record of fake news, of course. A July 25 "WND Staff" article states:

A clip from an Al Jazeera television interview last year has been unearthed showing Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., claiming America should be afraid of “white men” rather than Islamic jihadis.

Because, after all, it’s white men who are causing most of “the deaths,” said the Muslim freshman congresswoman.

Al Jazeera asked her about fear of Muslim terror attacks such as those at Fort Hood and San Bernardino.

“I would say, uh, uh, our country should be more fearful, um, of, of, white men across our country because they are actually causing most of the deaths within this country,” Omar said. “We should be profiling, monitoring, um, and, uh, and, and, creating policies to fight the radicalization of white men.”

But as an actual news outlet documented, the video WND based its attack article on was didshonestly edited, removing Omar's statement qualifying her statement about being fearful of white men, saying that it applied "if fear was the driving force of policies to keep America safe, Americans safe inside of this country."

The anonymous WND article went on to attack Omar over the essentially accurate statement that white men do commit more terrorist attacks in the U.S. than Muslim extremists (since 9/11, anyway), citing anti-Muslim activist Robert Spencer to spin that the tally "ignored the many, many foiled jihad plots, and the fact that jihadis are part of an international movement that has killed many thousands of people, while right-wingers and white supremacists are not," and that some deaths attributed to white nationalists "were perpetrated by people who were obviously deranged psychopaths devoid of any ideology."

Posted by Terry K. at 1:14 AM EDT
Saturday, August 3, 2019
Clueless Kupelian Cries Conspiracy Over WND Being Downgraded In Search Engine Rankings
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Even as WorldNetDaily continues to flounder financially, managing editor David Kupelian is sticking with the conspiracy theories. He wrote in a July 25 letter to WND's mailing list:

Dear WND Reader,

What I am about to tell you is an objective fact.

Google not only censors WorldNetDaily ( It goes further to filter us out of their search results so no one can find us unless they specifically search using our name.

But don't take my word for it.

After you finish reading this quick message and perhaps helping us with a contribution today so WND can continue publishing news and commentary for our many conservative readers free of charge, go to Google and search some of these topics:

"Christian news media" – even though WND is the oldest online journalism organization in America and still one of the most popular, and at the same time is the largest Christian website on the internet, WND isn't mentioned once in the top 100 results.

"Conservative news media" – no results of WND, but plenty for liberal news sites like Politico. . . The Washington Post. . . The Huffington Post. . . and the ultra-radical left Daily Kos.

"Idiot" – President Donald Trump appears as the third result in the search and appears dozens of times in page after page of search results.

"Racist" – All Trump All Day Every Day!

And if you specifically search for "WND" or WorldNetDaily, the results return not only links to our website, Twitter feed, Facebook page, etc., but they also include lots of links from WND-hating anti-Christian publications like the Washington Post, Media Matters for America, Salon, and The Huffington Post...

...Organizations that smear WND in their stories and take pleasure in knowing that we are struggling to stay alive financially now that Google and Facebook have dried up virtually all of our advertising revenue.

What Kupelian ignores is another objective, if inconvenient, fact: WND is not a reliable and accurate news source, and Google searches prioritize reputable and credible news sources.

WND has long published fake news and conspiracy theories, and it still has yet to apologize to Seth Rich's family for its promotion of fake news and conspiracy theories about his death, even as it's been demonstrated to have received a huge boost from Russian meddling. Even as WND has continued to financially flounder, it has remained dedicated to pushing conspiracy theories and anti-vaxxer misinformation.

As we've come to expect, such conspiratorial rants are accompanied by pleas for money, and Kupelian did not deviate from the pattern: "Your gift will allow WND to deliver the news to our readers across the country free of charge, and also maintain our status as our nation's original pioneering online news source for fair, accurate, courageous and insightful "real news" reporting, delivered to millions of pro-Constitution, pro- American, pro-Christian readers like you every day."

WND's fake news is not "real news." Its track record is well established, and it doesn't involve fairness or accuracy. A true Christian "news" operation does not behave the WND does. Kupelian smearing WND's critics as "anti-Christian" is desperate and, like a lot of WND pushes, counterfactual; he can't be bothered to actually prove anything the critics have said to be wrong (and has never done so to us for the 19 years we've been monitoring WND).

Kupelian, quite simply, has yet to prove that WND deserves to live.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:22 AM EDT
Wednesday, July 31, 2019
WND Repeats False Claim About Census Question
Topic: WorldNetDaily

WorldNetDaily still can't quite get facts correct, even though needing to do so is not just essential for a "news" operation but doubly so for one that's been desperately trying to stay alive.

A July 6 article is a repost of an item from the notoriously less-than-factual right-wing website Gateway Pundit  that copy-and pastes the original headline: "2000 U.S. Census asked citizenship question: Obama deleted it in 2010 — Trump wants it back in 2020." In fact, the claim that Obama "deleted" the citizenship question from the census in 2010 isn't true.

As an actual news outlet documented, the last time the census asked about citizenship of all Americans was in 1950, not 2000 as WND and the Gateway Pundit claim. The 2000 long-form census questionnaire did contain a citizenship question, but only one-sixth of Americans received that form. But in 2005, the Census Bureau started collecting citizenship and other information yearly in the form of the American Community Survey; this means that "not only did Obama not remove the question from the census, over the past 10 years it has been asked more frequently than it was before his two terms in office."

WND has shown no interest in correcting the record -- which tells us that it still probably doesn't deserve to live.

Posted by Terry K. at 1:18 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, July 31, 2019 1:27 AM EDT
Monday, July 29, 2019
WND's Massie Joins Peterson In Blacks Sounding Like White Supremacists
Topic: WorldNetDaily

These days, Jesse Lee Peterson is totally crushing Mychal Massie in the WorldNetDaily right-wing black columnist manufactured racism department. As someone who has followed in Peterson's footsteps in sounding like a white supremacist while invoking black-conservative privilege to escape consequences, he knew he had to up his outrage game. Thus, he uses his July 15 column to drop the N-word with impunity to accuse pretty much everyone whose politics he disagrees with of being one, playing off deceased Sen. Robert Byrd's reference to "white niggers":

At the time, I along with many of my colleagues believed Byrd was referencing “poor white trash” in general, and Bill Clinton specifically, and I still believe that today. That said, I’m going to omit Clinton from this conversation, because he’s low-hanging fruit. 

But, when it comes to the “white niggers” the Democratic elder statesman referenced – I’ll get to the black ones later – I’m certain the senator would have agreed that USWNT soccer player Megan Rapinoe personifies the definition of “white nigger/trash.”

Snopes, the left-wing online fact-checker site, can dance around the truth as per their custom, but Rapinoe, the mean-spirited nasty lesbian, stepped on the American flag while it lay on the ground on foreign soil, after the American team won the Women’s World Cup of soccer in Lyon, France. And it did not bother her one bit.

Rapinoe is the loathsome pustule the media have promoted as the face of America. But then, the media fit my late mother and grandmother’s definition of commonality, so it’s not surprising they would gravitate to the lowest common denominator, i.e., poor “white trash.”

Rapinoe refused to honor the American flag before the start of the women’s match, played in France, six days after the world had gathered in commemoration of the World War II D-Day battle that saw thousands of Americans give their lives, so that decades later a spiteful, hate-filled, bitter lesbian who owes everything she has to America could disgrace herself and her team with such rancid insolence.

I will not reference Hillary Clinton as a “white-trash nigger” in this piece, because she, like Bill, is low-hanging fruit. But, I think Joy Behar of “The View” aptly fits the definition, as does Samantha Bee the host of “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.” I’m sure the late Democratic statesman Byrd would have agreed that Cher and Rosie O’Donnell fit the definition as well. When it comes to raw filth and commonality, few surpass these women.

During the interview I referenced, Byrd did not mention “black nigger/trash” – but I will. And I will begin with Rep. Ilhan Omar, the socialist Muslim Democrat (whatever ill-bred concoction that is) from Minnesota. Channeling Byrd, what on earth else can Omar be called, when she “allegedly” married her own brother to perpetrate immigration fraud?

Massie concluded by offering a faux lament:

As I said, nothing in my life prepared me for the somber realization that I would one day agree with the late Robert Byrd, who was admired and loved by those of his party many of whom are alive today.

As long as I’m agreeing with the “Champion figure of the Democratic Party,” he could not have been more correct when he said: “My old mom told me, ‘Robert, you can’t go to heaven if you hate anybody.'”

Massie clearly won't be going to heaven anytime soon, given how filled with hate his column is.

Posted by Terry K. at 1:15 AM EDT
Saturday, July 27, 2019
WND's Peterson Goes Full White Supremacist
Topic: WorldNetDaily

A couple weeks back, we noted that WorldNetDaily columnist Jesse Lee Peterson had cranked up his white supremacist schtick by gushing over how "white men founded and built America, the greatest country on earth" and declaring that "If we lose whites as a majority, we lose America."

Well, Peterson found a bigger crank. Behold his July 21 WND column:

This month of July is my second annual celebration of White History Month. America is great thanks to white people. But it’s so overrun with blind white-hating people that we now have a Muslim woman with a head rag in Congress! Rep. Ilhan Omar, D.-Minn., is an evil, America-hating, Christian-hating “social justice warrior.” But she falsely claims, “I probably love this country more than anyone that is naturally born.” Her kind of “love” is the same emotional, egotistical spirit as angry single black mothers who raise thugs and defend them when they commit crimes.

I’ve been saying for years that if anyone does not love this country, they can leave! If you hate white people, and you believe in so-called “racism,” even though whites let you into this country, go back to Africa or wherever you came from! Same with the white communist antifa members who hate American freedom – get out of my country!

President Trump rightly said the same thing in a few tweets last Sunday. He suggested that these “progressive” Democrat Congresswomen “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.” He’s right. But they won’t, because they’re hypocrites – including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley. Not only will they not fix their own communities, they want to mess up ours! They only offer abortion, immoral socialism, false victimhood and hatred of white people, men and Christians.


There’s nothing more important than rebuilding men. There are no men in the Democrat Party – only weak beta males. Women run the Democrat Party, which is anti-American and of Satan. We saw what happened when men disappeared from black homes. The black community worships “mama” while they kill one another. Now other races, including whites, follow in blacks’ footsteps of self-destruction, by following women. Whites have turned to weakness and surrender, thinking the people of color will love them. That’s not the way.

Watch and learn from this president, who makes evil unwelcome again.

Again: Peterson sounds no different from David Duke, Jared Tayulor or any garden-variety white supremacist. But sounding like a white supremacist is something WND wants in his columnists -- espeically since he can invoke his black-conservative privilege and face no consequences in his shrinking right-wing bubble.

Normal, polite society doesn't accept this kind of talk from white people. Why should Peterson get away with it?

Posted by Terry K. at 12:26 AM EDT
Updated: Saturday, July 27, 2019 12:27 AM EDT
Wednesday, July 24, 2019
WND Columnist Gushes Over Putin's Russia
Topic: WorldNetDaily

A few years back, we noted how WorldNetDaily columnists were demonstrating their love for Valdimir Putin's Russia, what with the anti-gay crackdowns, the squelching of dissent and the ogling over the manly specimen that is Putin. That love affair hasn't really abated.

'Hanne Nabintu Herland devoted her July 3 WND column to gushing over Russia, delcaring that "Over 80 percent in the former atheist USSR now believe in God, >probably constituting the greatest revival of Christianity in our time," while "somehow the left in America got so tired of individual freedom and the Constitution, they now crave to become a socialist state where the elite has total control over national revenues, the media, the public, the universities." She copntinued to gush:

So, today Russia is a traditionalist, religion-friendly, capitalist society that remembers its history and honors its historic heroes: the precise values that makes the American establishment and its mainstream media puke. Russia’s turn from Leninism to Christian Orthodoxy has largely happened under president Vladimir Putin, who is so demonized in the atheist Western press that it is almost impossible to Google his name and find unbiased facts.

In the U.S., very few are even aware of the massive revival that is happening in Russia as millions have turned to their cultural roots in Eastern Orthodoxy in the past years. 25,000 churches all over Russia, Putin on repeated pilgrimages to Mount Athos in Greece and so on.

Actually, Putin's Russia is a crony capitalist system run by oligarchs with Putin's blessing (and profiting off the scheme) that suppresses dissent, sometimes violently, as LGBT activists have discovered. And Herland describing Russia as "religion-friendly" ignores that pretty much the only religion it's friendly to is the Russian Orthodox Church, effectively the state religion, and is hostile to even other Christian religions.

Herland did aver that "Russia is far from perfect, still battling corruption, elitism and its own vices," but she didn't mention Putin's role in said corruption and elitism; she was too eager to return to gush mode over how "an address by President Putin at the 2013 Valdai Summit illustrates the million miles between the borderless relativism most Western politicians seem to promote and the Russian way of thinking."

Posted by Terry K. at 1:41 AM EDT
Monday, July 22, 2019
WND Frames Transgenderism As A Disease
Topic: WorldNetDaily

The LGBT-haters at WorldNetDaily do an interesting but of framing in an anonymously written June 27 article, suggesting that transgender people are "victims" of gender dysphoria, which they "suffer" from:

An organization that monitors the readiness of the U.S. military is opposing an amendment to a defense spending bill that would allow gender dysphoria victims in the ranks.

The military disallowed people who suffer gender dysphoria – defined clinically as persistent feelings of identification with another gender and discomfort with one’s own assigned gender – until President Obama changed the policy with an executive order. President Trump reversed the order, but courts have ruled in favor of military personnel with gender dysphoria.

In keeping with its history of journalistic bias, WND quotes only right-wing anti-gay groups attacking efforts to reverse Trump's ban: Elaine Donnelly's Center for Military Readiness and the Family Research Center, "whose leadership includes experts in military matters." WND repeated unchallenged the FRC's assertion that "People with gender dysphoria should be excluded because it’s a specific medical diagnosis, and 'it is associated with significant mental health problems.'"

Such blatant bias is not the sort of thing that inspires confidence in the integrity of WND's journalism or the idea that it deserves to live.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:11 AM EDT
Saturday, July 20, 2019
WND's Massie Serves Up Another Bad Rant, Plus Thesaurus-Diving
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Mychal Massie's July 8 WorldNetDaily column is purportedly about "why both the left and right lie," though it's suspiciously silent on the five-digit amount of falsehoods spread by the current leader of the right, President Trump. Massie did go to his thesaurus to pull out the term "Erebusic marplots," then goes on this little rant:

Today American politics is about duplicitous dishonesty on an unprecedented scale. Politics is about getting away with committing treasonous betrayals and having others pay the price for your murderous political machinations.

Speaking of which, do you remember Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, a Coptic Christian, who was knowingly falsely accused of fomenting murder and mayhem on a global scale? Nakoula was imprisoned and ultimately reduced to “living in a homeless shelter run by First Southern Baptist Church in Buena Park, California.”

You probably are more familiar with Nakoula as the falsely accused filmmaker whose YouTube video was blamed by Obama, Hillary, Susan Rice and a torrid around-the-clock montage of false claims looped by the mainstream media as the singular primary reason for the Benghazi attack by terrorist Muslims.

Massie offered no evidence that Nakoula was "knowingly falsely accused" of inciting the Benghazi attack through his crappy film; that was a theory initially advanced by the intelligence community that was ultimately proven to be false, though it did apparently inspire (or was exploited as an excuse to engage in) protests that sometimes turned violent.

Massie also falsely portrays Nakoula as having been imprisoned because he made an anti-Muslim film. In fact, Nakoula is a criminal with a long rap sheet who was imprisoned for violating probation by using the internet in the form of uploading his film. Nakoula also deceived the actors in the film by letting them believe they were making something else and not that their performances would be re-dubbed into an anti-Muslim screed.

Further, the "homeless shelter" Nakoula was living in after serving his prison sentence (wher ehe had his own bedroom, not among the general population) was run by one Wiley Drake, an Obama birther who prayed for President Obama's death.

Massie then huffed that "It seems that the only thing the dark evils mentioned above hate more than the truth is President Trump," apparently oblivious to the fact that the real truth-hater here is Trump himself.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:34 AM EDT
Wednesday, July 17, 2019
WND Still Taking Birther Potshots At Obama
Topic: WorldNetDaily

If you played a major role in a fake-news campaign, you likely wouldn't want to remind people of that fact. But then, you're not WorldNetDaily.

WND was the lead cheerleader in the promotion of Obama birther conspiracy theories -- none of which turned out to be true and which likely played a key role in WND's ongoing dire financial situation. Despite the fact that none of its conspiracy theories was ever proven true, WND still can't stop taking shots at Obama about it.

This happened again in a July 1 WND article by Joe Kovacs, which originally carried the scare-quoted headline "Obama cashes in on being a U.S. 'citizen'":

Former President Barack Obama, whose status as a “natural-born citizen” in the United States became a years-long controversy, is now tapping in on his status as a citizen to urge Americans to “take a stand against one of the most critical issues our democracy faces,” specifically voting manipulation.

In an email Monday with the subject line “Citizen to citizen,” Obama issued a fundraising plea on behalf of the National Redistricting Action Fund.

Of course, Kovacs provides no evidence that Obama is personally "cashing in" on being a citizen; he's simply headlining a anti-gerrymandering group's fundraising pitch. Perhaps that's why the headline was changed to the not-much-better "Surprise! Obama suddenluy fighting voting manipulation," even though Kovacs also made no case for this happening "suddenly."

And Kovacs failed to mention that one big reason birtherism because a "years-long controversy" is because his employer fanned the flames and studiously censored evidence that disproved its conspiracy theories.

WND still isn't acting like a "news" organizaton that deserves to live.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:29 AM EDT
Monday, July 15, 2019
Barry Farber's Substitute Pushes Bogus Talking Point on Trump and Charlottesville
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Barry Farber parceled out his July 2 WorldNetDaily column to "friend and associate" Stu Tarlowe, who uses the space to recycle right-wing complaints about coverage of last year's white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va., starting with it being called a "white nationalist rally":

But I have much more than “mixed feelings” about the manner in which the events at Charlottesville were, and still are, reported. I have serious issues with the way almost every mainstream “news outlet” (newspapers, TV and radio) has chosen to report that Fields’ crimes were committed at a “white nationalist rally.” That phrase is repeated over and over to describe the gathering at Charlottesville that day.

But it was not a “white nationalist rally.” The events unfolded in reaction to the city’s plan to yield to the pressures of political correctness and historical revisionism and take down a statue of Robert E. Lee, and to re-name the eponymous park where it stood.

As we've noted, the Washington Post has pointed out that the rally to protest the possible removal of the Lee statue was, in fact, "partly organized by a well-known white nationalist, Richard Spencer, and included both neo-Nazis and white supremacist groups" and, thus, "was clearly not one for your average supporter of Confederate monuments."

Nevertheless, Tarlowe doubled down:

Why do these mainstream “news providers” seem to march in lockstep in the way they choose to characterize the events in Charlottesville? Why are all their stories framed with a common terminology?

They do so for the same reason they’ve hung onto the term “collusion” even long after those charges have been shown to ring hollow. They do it because there’s an agenda at work, and that agenda is to perpetuate and further promulgate a falsehood. But there’s a further agenda, because acceptance of that original falsehood lends credence to the additional, even more deceitful canard that President Donald Trump excused, praised and even endorsed those white supremacists, KKK’ers and neo-Nazis when he remarked that “there were very fine people on both sides,” despite that his words, when reported verbatim, clearly and definitively show that he did no such thing.

This blatant lie, the leftist, anti-American falsity that Trump spoke glowingly of such bad people, and that his remarks prove that he is a racist and anti-Semite, has been utterly exposed as a hoax (see, for example, Joel Pollak’s refutation of it on Breitbart News) to any clear-minded, reasoning person who takes the trouble to actually read the full text of Trump’s remarks that day, in which he was adamant in pointing out, “I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists, because they should be condemned totally …,” and in a later statement he labeled those and related groups as “criminals and thugs … that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans.”

And yet there are still enough who are complicit in furthering its dark agenda to keep that lie rolling merrily along.

But Pollak's column simply repeats the claim that Trump was talking about the protests over the statue -- which, again, was largely organized by white nationalists and neo-Nazis.

Tarlowe also complained that the plot tyo remove Lee's statue was part of "an epidemic of virtue-signaling by way of vilifying and literally tearing down all symbols of the Confederacy, starting with the Confederate Battle Flag (the “Stars ‘n’ Bars”) and going so far as to call for the razing of Stone Mountain, known as “The Mount Rushmore of the South,” adding that if that had happened, "it would have been comparable to the cultural and historical revisionism wrought by the Taliban in the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddha statues in Afghanistan in 2001."

Tarlowe made no mention of the fact that all these Confederate monuments were made in honor of people and institutions that waged war against the United States.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:28 AM EDT

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